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Smile: Living the Brand. Supporting the Promise

One of my responsibilities here at Montage is to orient every new employee with our messaging certification process. That's right: every new employee. Not just the sales or client-facing parts of the team, but everyone, and we have not wavered on this commitment as we have grown.

At Montage, we believe that no matter what role you have – whether you are building a new feature for video interviewing or voice interviewing, helping a candidate at 2 a.m., selling the technology solution to a Fortune 500 buyer – we all need to be anchored in the same core content and messaging. I begin by sharing the history and evolution of our messaging and why we take it so seriously. It solidifies who we wish to be to the outside world and constantly reinforces to ourselves the Montage mission: to forever transform the hiring experience. Being consistent about our messaging and core value proposition is important as we differentiate ourselves in this living, growing business segment called purpose-built video and voice interviewing.

A good brand promise solidifies a company's external image and reinforces its mission with employees.

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Be the Recruiter Who Stands Tallest in the Silicon Prairie

I’ve been in the Midwest most of my life, and I have to say, I was tickled to find out that we’re now living in the “Silicon Prairie.” It turns out we even have our own newspaper,  WANTED Analytics wasn’t the first to coin this phrase, but they did come out with a noteworthy bit of recruiting data analysis for the region, “…Savvy IT recruiters have discovered that the cities of the Silicon Prairie tend to have lower average salaries, lower posting periods, lower rankings on WANTED Analytics’ hiring difficulty index, and larger numbers of more qualified IT candidates for each job posting than perennial tech recruiting hotspots like California.”  Interesting, yes? If I were a tech recruiter, I’d be looking for ways to jump on this hay wagon as soon as possible. With video interviewing technology, recruiters can do that and more, like making an impression that will have talented IT candidates eager and ready for a job offer.

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Get More from Your College Recruiting with Video Interviewing

It’s that time of year again: HCM departments are in college recruitment mode. 2016 graduates will be looking for work very shortly, and TA is ramping up efforts to recruit these young, fresh graduates. College hiring last year was up 9.6% over the previous year, according to NACE’s most recent college hiring survey. And, nearly 2,000 HCM leaders met in Anaheim last summer at NACE’s 2015 conference and expo on innovation in college recruiting. Montage was there, helping employers learn how video interviewing can elevate their college recruiting program and hiring results.

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Video Interviewing Helps Office Depot Connect with Candidates

When you are recruiting for everyone from retail store associates to e-commerce experts to finance professionals, figuring how to attract and engage each candidate pool can be a challenge. The Senior Director of Talent Acquisition for Office Depot shared her team’s approach to these challenges at two industry events this year. For the Office Depot team, video interviewing technology has provided a unique point of differentiation to help them attract and engage external candidates, as well as retain and promote their current employees. 


 Video interviewing technology helps the @OfficeDepot TA team attract and engage candidates. 

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New Research: Employer Branding Shifts into High Gear

Harvard Business Review recently reported on a shift in organizational responsibility for the employer brand. In the analysis of a survey of more than 2,000 senior executives, HBR concludes, “One of our main findings was that many leaders now place primary responsibility for the employer brand with the CEO or marketing, rather than with recruiters and HR. In fact, 60% of the CEOs we surveyed said this responsibility lies with the CEO (40% of marketing leaders agreed) — which is a strong indication that employer branding is expected to gain greater strategic importance.”

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Be An Employer of Choice: How Video Interviewing Elevates Your Employment Brand

Proactive organizations pay attention to their employer brand and the candidate experience to escalate their wins in the war for talent. It’s not enough anymore to simply have a strong brand name or attractive offer – a less-than-ideal experience can turn off top candidates. Can you afford to have an employer brand that doesn’t differentiate you from the pack?

WilsonHCG recently published an infographic on 6 Key Employer Branding Strategies, which was tied to its Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands Report. Two of the top strategies that companies should be employing - Candidate Experience and Recruitment Marketing – can be directly and positively affected with a purpose-built video interviewing solution.  

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Is Your Culture Magnetic Like This?

I really believe that strong culture creates personalities within businesses. And, just like people are drawn to one another or not, employers and potential employees have to discover whether or not they are going to mesh. If they do, it’s the beginning of that all-important goal: Engagement. If they don’t, well, that’s a
colossal waste of time, effort and resource. Especially if they become part of the actively disengaged workforce, undermining every effort and every ounce of happiness from the rest of the workforce.

Right Fit Evolves with the Culture

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Montage Video Interviewing Joins The Good Jobs

What do a pioneering video interview solutions company and an innovative new website have in common? Answer: Some core beliefs about hiring. The Good Jobs website is a culture directory and consulting services geared toward one goal -- helping clients turn their workplace culture and employer brand into competitive advantage.   Montage has directed the design and function of its video interviewing solutions with this same goal in mind.  

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College Hiring: Handle the Flood with Video Interviewing

For most companies, developing a well-recognized employer brand is an ongoing objective. For those few who’ve achieved it, a popular employer brand presents a different kind of challenge: The flood of applicants at college graduation time. 

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The Candidate Experience Starts WHEN??

New research from Montage indicates that for 75% of active job seekers, the experience they have when applying or interviewing for a job influences their decision to work at that company. That sentiment affirms talent acquisition professionals’ close attention to the candidate experience during hiring.  But what if this experience is just one piece of the puzzle?  What if the candidate experience actually starts long before the application or interview?

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