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Using Your Digital Employer Brand to Bring in Top Candidates

Yesterday I tried to wrap my brain around this headline from a local employment ad: “We’re always working to work better. If that works for you, we’d like you to work for us.”  Yes, this is a real ad, but I doubt it’s getting real results. Never mind that it was in the printed newspaper – what struck me (beyond the tongue-twisting text) is that any candidate who sees this cannot get any sense of what it means to be employed at this company. It’s a very vanilla headline in a place where employers need
to differentiate themselves. Many of our clients are doing this right, communicating their brands digitally to engage top talent. Video interviewing plays a vital role in giving their candidates an authentic look at their employment experience.

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Show Off Your Collaborative Side

If you doubted the existence of the collaboration revolution happening in today’s workplace, it's time to become a believer. Research data released by Randstad reveals that young employees place a high value on collaboration. According to the Gen Z & Millennials Collide @ Work report, employees ages 22 to 34 prefer to communicate with co-workers and managers in person rather than by email or phone. And, 41% of Gen Z respondents said corporate offices are their workplace preference.  

To attract young workers with the greatest potential, companies want to highlight their collaborative work environment during the hiring process. That’s been easier said than done, until now. With purpose-built video interviewing technology, TA professionals can show candidates their collaborative workplace instead of just talking about it.

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Why Your Job Candidates Lose Interest (and What to Do About It)

New research indicates nearly one quarter of candidates (23%) lose interest in a potential employer if they don’t hear back from that company within a week of their initial interview. Wait more than two weeks, and you’ve lost the attention of another 46%.  This is a hard truth for TA teams doing their best to cope with talent shortages and high-pressure hiring demands. Still, it is the reality. In a candidate-driven market, hiring processes have to align closely with candidate expectations to keep them engaged.

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CandE Data Gives Voice to Candidates

Last week Talent Board Co-Founder and Chairman Elaine Orler revealed some lessons learned from the most recent CandE research. This annual research and awards program aims to help employers improve the candidate experience by evaluating how companies and candidates engage during the hiring process. The data for North America is comprised of confidential survey responses from more than 200 companies and 130,000 candidates. Montage has been a program sponsor for several years now.

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Hit All 3 Cs to Captivate Millennial Job Candidates

There’s so much out there these days on millennials in the workforce it’s hard to know what is real and what is just plain conjecture! As a parent of two millennials and a frequent teammate with younger employees, I’ve seen these guys in action. In my experience, they are earnest, well-meaning and capable of incredible things. So why do companies find it hard to “get” them? It could be because traditional hiring processes don’t address their perspective and priorities. In the ongoing time crunch in TA, it’s easy to forget the hiring process itself sends a message just by the way it makes candidates feel.  Organizations could create better relationships with their millennial candidates right from the start by addressing what I call the 3 Cs – Credibility, Contribution, Connection.

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Real Users. Real Quotes.

As part of every live or on-demand Montage video or voice interview, job candidates are asked to take a brief, anonymous survey about their experience using our technology. The survey is a critical source of data and insight into the candidate experience, and you can be sure that data feeds our product development process. We’ve been fortunate to have a great response rate over the years.video_interviewing_engaged_employees.jpg And, not surprisingly, many candidates take the time to provide feedback above and beyond the close-ended questions. Now, here’s your chance to see what real Montage users have to say about….

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Video Interviewing Helps Create Candidate Engagement

The latest job seeker research out by ERE Media about, the website that lets people share their job experiences and salary information to help others make better job decisions, should highlight the importance of companies' online presence and branding. According to the report, 48% of job seekers use, and nearly all of these candidates are in income brackets between $25K and $74,999K.

48% of job seekers use

One of the most interesting revelations is how job seekers use the site’s information: Nearly 50% visit before they start looking for top employers, and about 22% use it after they’ve viewed an employer’s job posting. That means a good majority of your candidates already have some ideas in mind about your company before they even apply. Getting and keeping them engaged right from the start is critical. Easier said than done? Not when you have purpose-built video interviewing technology available to power up your talent acquisition.

Nearly 50% of job seekers visit before they view top employers. 

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When Job Interviews Become Painful.....

I used to consider myself pretty lucky.  About a year ago, I found myself in the role of job candidate – again – after back-to-back layoffs. My employers? Two large technology companies that were reorganizing themselves, again. This time, I thought to myself, I will take my time and find a company where I can be part of the team and feel like I’m contributing to the bottom line.  After some pretty painful interview experiences, I did find the right company. Even better, they made me a job offer. Here’s the best part: I thought this role and this company would be a good fit for me, and it’s proving to be true.  I know that for many job candidates, the ending is not so happy, so I do feel lucky. It’s been an interesting journey….

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Confessions of a Hiring Manager-Turned-Job Candidate

Just the other day, I had coffee with a friend of mine who’s in the midst of a job search. He’s been in software sales for as long as I can remember, and was let go during a company re-org late last fall. Because Mike’s served as a hiring manager for many years, I couldn’t resist quizzing him on his recent experiences as a job candidate. And, knowing he’s an observant and witty individual, I expected juicy stuff. What I heard were some smart insights any talent acquisition team might be interested to learn:

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Video Interviewing Meets Recruiters’ Dream: No More Scheduling

A lot of recruiters today are thanking their lucky stars that their company chose Montage’s video interviewing solution, as our engineering team has developed some cutting-edge features to make their lives easier. Always striving to understand the recruiter’s world, our product innovation and development team focused on one of the most burdensome parts of the recruiter’s day: scheduling. Leaving messages, playing phone tag, shuffling and reshuffling interview times as they try to squeeze every possible minute out of every day – could scheduling interviews get any more time-consuming?

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