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The Most Mature Video Interviewing Solution Available

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Recently, I overheard a marketing professional groan as he was starting some small talk with a group of people. He was reacting to the usual polite question, “So what does your company do?” He actually said, “I hate when I get that question. It’s so hard to explain what my company does, and no one ever gets it.” So, of course I perked up and wanted to hear the rest of the conversation. What could this company do that is so confusing? If this marketing professional can’t articulate his own company’s value proposition, then how in the world do they sell? I listened in to his explanation, and I have to say the guy was right: I didn’t understand what his company did at all. Was he selling a service? Consultation? Technology? It was really unclear to me.

Clarity in the Marketplace

The experience makes me think of Montage and how we have taken great care, time and investment to make sure we - every single employee - all understand our offering and can articulate it clearly to anyone who asks. We are comfortable with the content, and confident in the delivery.

Here’s how we say it: Montage offers the most mature video and voice interviewing solution available. We are purpose-built to transform the hiring process one smile at a time. We want everyone to understand very quickly that we are a video and voice interviewing technology company and that our area of focus and expertise is transforming the hiring experience for large enterprise clients. There are really three key parts to this statement: purpose-built (defined in this past blog post), maturity, and the notion of ‘smile.’ Let me dig into the maturity part now and cover smile in a future blog.

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Maturity Defined

We don’t say we’re ‘mature’ because of our age. Montage has been around since 2007, but others in the space pre-date us by a few years. And we don’t say we’re ‘mature’ because we’re always super-serious and have no fun. In fact, this group loves to work hard and play hard - a clichè, yes, but in our case, very true.

Maturity is multi-layered for us:

  • Enterprise-strength technology. It’s really quite amazing that the Montage technology is used across so many different hiring scenarios. Huge, global companies and small executive search firms, manufacturers and high finance, call centers and sales teams all utilize our technology for sourcing, hiring, onboarding and more within their corporations. With our application available in over 18 languages and gloabally used in over 180 countries, our suite of applications has matured with staffing solutions to handle any hiring challenge.
  • Leadership/Partnership approach. We have learned that technology is just one aspect of our client relationship. Alone, it is not enough to propel success. When paired with our partnership approach though, we have the right components for success. Our attention to implementation and change management is a huge part of our organization's success.  Our client-success team is well-known for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure success for each and every client.
  • Constant Innovation. Montage technology is constantly - and I do mean constantly - being improved, updated, and innovated to meet and exceed our clients' needs. Our development team consistently delivers timely releases to address new needs and trends. In addition, we've expanded from simply live video interviewing, to on-demand video interviewing, to live and on-demand voice interviewing, to live in-person interviewing - and we're certainly not done there. Our self-scheduler application excites recruitment teams across our platform for its simplicity and genius in solving an every-day problem. We recently partnered with Traitify to bring its capabilities directly to our platform. We're never done innovating our technology, and our maturity in knowing that the HR space is ever-changing sets us apart.

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Our Clients Appreciate Our Maturity

When it comes to the business of hiring, our maturity is critical to our clients. Tweet this! They trust Montage can and will support their hiring goals by providing a positive, professional candidate experience to their VIPs – talented candidates who may one day lead their business success. Our video and voice interviewing solutions provide a hiring advantage. We articulate our purpose and our value proposition because it’s so closely aligned with the needs of our market. It’s right where we want and need to be!


Is your business ready for a mature, purpose-built video and voice interviewing solution? Read our article on The Four-Stage Maturity Model to find out. 

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