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The Latest Pickle for Healthcare IT Recruiters

Nurses aren’t the only professionals on healthcare recruiters' Most Wanted list. Requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean many healthcare organizations must update various IT systems, and they need skilled IT professionals to do it.  According to WANTED Analytics, 80% of healthcare providers plan to hire IT staff in the next year. Tweet this! And, 33% of the current healthcare IT job postings online are for “healthcare IT project manager,” a role rated 89 (with 100 being the hardest) on WANTED’s Hiring Difficulty Index. Recruiters will also have a hard time filling the 25% of healthcare IT job postings online that require video_interviewing_benefits_hospital_recruitingSQL experience.

Hiring Between a Rock and a Hard Place

For healthcare recruiters responsible for IT positions, now there’s another factor adding to hiring complexity. New research commissioned by Montage reveals there’s a double standard in healthcare hiring. The research found that 68% of active job seekers surveyed expect better treatment from healthcare organizations than from other companies during the hiring process.  

Tweet this! 68% of active job seekers expect better hiring treatment from healthcare than other organizations.

The recently released data also indicates:

  • Millennials hold healthcare employers to a higher standard than other age groups
  • Men expect better treatment in healthcare hiring more often than women
  • City dwellers have different expectations than suburbanites when applying for healthcare positions

Recruiters must take these heightened expectations into account or they risk alienating needed talent.  Yet, few TA professionals have extra time or resources to devote to special treatment that goes above and beyond the branded candidate experience they’ve already created.  To read the full report, download here.  

Easing the Trade-Off between Efficiency and Engagement

Many healthcare organizations are integrating video interviewing technology in their company's hiring process to ease that trade-off between time efficiency and personalized attention for candidates. While candidate engagement has always been a top priority, it’s even more critical for healthcare recruiters whose performance may or may not keep their organizations on track for compliance with ACA requirements.

A purpose-built voice and video interviewing platform can help drive fast yet high-touch hiring for recruiters in several ways:

  • Snap up talent before anyone else. Same- or next-day face-to-face interviews are possible with video interviewing technology. Recruiters can get top candidates into their hiring work flow immediately upon first contact, giving the competition less of a window to lure candidates away.

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  • Focus more time on wooing top talent.  With the time efficiencies created by video interviewing technology in terms of candidate self-scheduling and also more efficient screening, recruiters can put more of their energy into engaging right-fit candidates. It’s a battle for these skilled IT professionals, and the winners are the TA teams which succeed in developing that emotional connection with candidates early on in the hiring process.  Video interviewing also offers innovative ways for recruiters to use their employer brand for a hiring advantage.
  • Vet candidates more effectively.  There are literally hundreds of new IT platforms as well as unique legacy systems in healthcare organizations today.  Who’s in the best position to evaluate candidates’ proficiency with a specific system? The hiring manager. With video interviewing, recruiters can get their managers working more collaboratively for better hiring without asking for significant additional time on their part.  Hiring managers can do a further screen of a recruiter’s slate of candidates at their convenience with on-demand video and voice interviewing. They can also join in a live video interview from their desk PC, tablet or mobile phone. With the specialized skills required for IT positions, hiring goes better when hiring managers can weigh in sooner on the candidates.

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As one Montage client explains about her department’s adoption of video interviewing, “This wasn’t about cutting our travel costs, but about efficiency, promoting our brand, and focusing on the great candidates. Not all candidates, the great ones.” Healthcare IT recruiters face a difficult hiring environment. Video interviewing technology is up for the challenge.

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