5 Ways to Use Recruiting Automation for More Candidate-Centric Hiring

Want to create a more candidate-centric hiring process for your organization? Try recruiting automation that’s embedded in an advanced interviewing platform. Here are five ways to transform your candidate experience with tech: #1. Give candidates more control. The two best reasons to do this? Today’s candidates like having more control, and it takes administrative burden... read more

With Video Interviews, One Size Doesn’t Fit All


All over the world, at all hours of every day, job seekers are participating in video interviews. The technology has spread widely as TA leaders recognize it improves their candidate experience and accelerates quality hires. But, here’s a little secret: Video interviews aren’t always the right choice. TA Leaders and Recruiters Have Options Video interviewing... read more

4 Ways HR Technology is Changing Recruiting Best Practices

Recruiting Best Practices

HR’s digital revolution is expanding what’s possible in talent acquisition. With modern HR technologies, TA teams can overcome the stranglehold of skill and talent shortages in exciting new ways. They’re setting the bar higher for speed in hiring and a more candidate-centric experience with innovative recruiting best practices. Get on board with these changes or... read more