What are the Recruiting Metrics That Matter to Your Candidates?

recruiting metrics

Have a love/hate relationship with your metrics? Metrics can indicate new initiatives are working well, but they may also reveal when recruiters need to work harder for results. In this digital age, recruiting metrics matter. They’re an important tool for analysis and improvement of your hiring process. They can also generate hard evidence of TA’s... read more

How Do Your Employment Assessments Stack Up?


Digital technology is changing everything about employment assessments — when they are used, how they are delivered, and what it’s like to participate in one as a candidate. They’ve been modernized, and the transformation seems to have escalated their value. According to 2018 research commissioned by Montage, 77% of large-enterprise organizations (5,000+ employees) use employment... read more

Brown-Forman Shares Their Secret for a 2017 CandE Award Win

cande award winners

2017 marked Brown-Forman’s first entry into TalentBoard’s Candidate Experience Awards and Benchmarking Program – and its first win. The American-owned global spirits company was the top-rated company, earning the highest positive candidate experience ratings. Brown-Forman employs more than 4,700 people worldwide, with about 1,300 located in Louisville. On average, 4,000 candidates go through its hiring process in... read more