Be the Recruiter Who Stands Tallest in the Silicon Prairie

Be the Recruiter Who Stands Tallest in the Silicon Prairie

by Montage Talent on February 10, 2016

I’ve been in the Midwest most of my life, and I have to say, I was tickled to find out that we’re now living in the “Silicon Prairie.” It turns out we even have our own newspaper,  WANTED Analyticswasn’t the first to coin this phrase, but they did come out with a noteworthy bit of recruiting data analysis for the region, “…Savvy IT recruiters have discovered that the cities of the Silicon Prairie tend to have lower average salaries, lower posting periods, lower rankings on WANTED Analytics’ hiring difficulty index, and larger numbers of more qualified IT candidates for each job posting than perennial tech recruiting hotspots like California.”  Interesting, yes? If I were a tech recruiter, I’d be looking for ways to jump on this hay wagon as soon as possible. With video interviewing technology, recruiters can do that and more, like making an impression that will have talented IT candidates eager and ready for a job offer.

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How Far is it to Nebraska?

According to WANTED, “Lincoln ranks 15 points lower than the U.S. average on WANTED Analytics’ tech job hiring difficulty scale, averages twice as many candidates per job opening, and its average IT salary is $74,800, over $30,000 less than the national average.” With strong data points like these and a purpose-built video interviewing solution, it doesn’t really matter how far it is to Lincoln or Omaha or Des Moines. Recruiters can easily reach out to IT candidates with an invite to a prescreening on-demand video interview, then follow up on the most promising talent via live video interviewing. There’s no travel involved until you feel sure of your candidates’ fit. For candidates, there’s no cost to explore the potential new opportunity, even if they’re pretty satisfied with their current job.

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Be the Stand-Out Employer of Choice

That is the rub in tech recruiting – finding and engaging qualified IT candidates in the midst of a serious talent shortage.  The good news is video interviewing offers multiple means for recruiters to highlight their employer brand and other attributes of a job and organization that might appeal to IT candidates. Get them engagedright away with a visual of the work environment, a video from their potential new manager, and videos from potential colleagues. You can easily tailor the information you want them to have, while they get access to key points that will help them decide on you as a new employer. Video interviewing is an efficient way to show IT candidates why you’re the best cultural fit for them, and the best choice in potential employers.

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Win on a Key Metric: Quality of Hire

In LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report, 3,900 talent acquisition professionals around the globe identified quality of hire as the most valuable Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Video interviewing gives recruiters an edge with this metric. With video, recruiters can use visual cues like facial expressions and body language as they prescreen and interview candidates, and these additional data sources can help recruiters be more confident in their choice of candidates to forward to their hiring managers. And, how great would it be to say to a hiring manager, “I’ve met every one of these candidates face-to-face.”? Video interviewing technology frees recruiters’ time and eliminates logistics barriers so they can do what they do best: Engage the qualified IT candidates their organization desperately needs.

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It’s a candidate’s employment market these days, even here in the Silicon Prairie. Video interviewing can help recruiters capture and hold the attention of top IT talent, even when they’re many miles away.

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