Real Montage Application Users. Real User Quotes.

Real Montage Application Users. Real User Quotes.

by Montage Talent on May 18, 2016

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Here’s your chance to see what real Montage users have to say about Montge's live, on-demand video and voice interviews, and candidate experience.

As part of every live or on-demand Montage video or voice interview, job candidates are asked to take a brief, anonymous survey about their experience using our technology. The survey is a critical source of data and insight into the candidate experience, and you can be sure that data feeds our product development process. We’ve been fortunate to have a great response rate over the years.  And, not surprisingly, many candidates take the time to provide feedback above and beyond the close-ended questions. Now, here’s your chance to see what real Montage users have to say about….

… live Montage video interviews…

It felt more personable and I was able to open up more, which contributed to the overall success of the interview.

It was nice to see the reactions of the individual I was interviewing with.

The Montage Interview allowed me to be myself and have a personable conversation with the recruiter.

I think it was helpful to the relationship between candidate and interviewer.

I liked being able to express myself through hand gestures and facial expressions.

This was an easy way for both parties to communicate face-to-face. It was easy to accommodate my interview into my schedule.

Candidates like being able to express themselves with face and hands in video interviews.Tweet this!

 ….and Montage on-demand video interviews…

I feel like I was able to present my personality a little more than with just a resume.

This was a very novel and interesting way in which to provide a first impression to the potential employer.

This seems to the wave of the future as an initial interview saving the HR department time.  As an added benefit, the video can be shared with the department hiring manager as well.

It allows me to give a good first impression.

It is a good method for the application process. It works easy and very convenient.

I absolutely love this aspect of the selection process, because I was provided a chance to show my personality. I am a person in which my personality far outshines my GPA and resume.

Tweet this!On-demand video interviews let candidates present their personalities better than just a resume.

….and Montage on-demand voice interviews…

An excellent way of interviewing. It saves a person from driving to and from the company.

I could pick the best time to complete the interview depending upon how my day is progressing.

This was a very innovative technique to hold an interview.

Job candidates appreciate the convenience of video interviewTweet this!s.

“Video Technology Speaks Volumes About an Employer”

With nearly a decade of client service under our belt, more than a million candidates have completed a Montage interview, and candidates’ impressions of our technology continue to hold strong. One of the interesting things that stands out is the positive impression candidates form about the employer company just by that company’s use of video interviewing technology:

Candidates often form a positive impression of employers that use video interviewing.Tweet this!

Montage made me feel like a part of the company already.

Montage showed me that the company was more technologically advanced than others.

The use of Montage makes me feel that the employer would be open to new ideas.

This kind of interview shows that the company is really interested in knowing the candidates.

If you’d like to learn more, get the compiled report on our brief candidate survey by downloadingCandidate Feedback: The Purpose-Built Video Interviewing Experience.  You’ll get the real scoop by hearing directly from actual users of our video hiring technology.

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