Montage Earns 2016 Tech Excellence Awards from Brandon Hall

Montage Earns 2016 Tech Excellence Awards from Brandon Hall

by A Montage Resource on December 20, 2016

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Renowned research firm Brandon Hall Group has honored Montage with two Excellence in Technology Awards, one Bronze and one Silver,

Renowned research firm Brandon Hall Group has honored Montage with two Excellence in Technology Awards. This marks the third year in a row Montage has won multiple awards from Brandon Hall.  Montage’s 2016 entry earned both a Bronze Award in the category of Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology, and a Silver Award in the category of Best Unique Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology.

Montage’s Event Manager Handles Scheduling Challenges

This year, Brandon Hall recognized Montage’s event manager, an innovative capability within our purpose-built interviewing software that helps recruiters elevate their efficiency and hiring results through automated scheduling.

Scheduling interviews is one of the most time-consuming tasks for recruiters. In a third-party independent survey of TA leaders commissioned by Montage, 75% said it took 15 to 60 minutes to schedule and complete just one phone interview, with nearly half reporting it took a minimum of 30 minutes. Even a simple 1-on-1 interview can lead to multiple rounds of phone tag. With complex events with multiple candidates, interviewers and roles, the scheduling challenges and frustrations for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers are magnified.

Event manager helps eliminate these challenges through automated scheduling which surpasses other purpose-built software through its tremendous configurability:

  • It applies to any hiring event, including live video, live phone, in-person interviews and other hiring events like an on-campus job fair.
  • It accommodates a vast array of hiring parameters so all required functions or seniority levels or departments are accommodated.


Client Use of Event Manager Skyrockets

Since the launch of Montage’s event manager in June 2016, we’ve seen quick, widespread adoption across our client base. Nearly 33% of our client base has already used it to schedule at least one interview in numerous industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and tourism, as well as RPO and staffing. Across all clients, 73% of invited candidates move forward with scheduling an interview.

More and more clients are gravitating toward this new functionality each week to leverage its significant, proven benefits:

  • Reduced time per hire
  • Increased accuracy in scheduling
  • Greater candidate engagement
  • Improved candidate experience

See Our Event Manager

Montage’s event manager is a standard capability within our leading video interviewing software. If you’d like to see it in action, please contact us today to schedule a live demo.