Montage Reinvents Video Interviewing

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Across the world people are talking about talent. Talent is the one thing every business needs. It’s the key driver of innovation and growth. The company with the best people wins. Hiring the right talent starts with a better candidate experience. And, the way businesses acquire talent is being changed forever, by Montage. We’re not just innovating video interviewing technology. We’re reinventing the way businesses engage, interview and hire candidates—we are transforming the hiring experience.

100% Focused on Problem-Solving in Hiring

In our short history, Montage has grown into a position of market leadership in the interviewing space. Today, 100 of the Fortune 500 are our clients. While others in the market have constantly changed their focus, we’ve purposefully stayed true to who we are and what our clients expect from us.

We are 100% focused on solving our client’s hiring challenges – that is why we innovate. Montage continues to anticipate the evolving needs of talent acquisition teams and listen closely to our clients’ pain points. Over the years, we haven’t gone wider with our offerings. Instead we’ve chosen to go deeper into purpose-built technology, uniting on-demand voice, video, text and live interviewing, and intelligent scheduling. Our commitment to applicable science has led us to where we are today: The single solution for engaging, interviewing and hiring better candidates.

Staying True Even as We Innovate

Last month, the entire company came together for our annual kickoff meeting. It was a great day where we celebrated the accomplishments of 2017 and shared our 2018 plan to win. Everything we celebrated, shared and planned centered around two things: our commitment to transforming the hiring experience and our commitment to our clients.

Montage is the pioneer of video interviewing, purpose-built for hiring. Our investments and success allowed us to expand our capabilities and, essentially, outgrow our current brand. While we are still Montage and remain committed to transforming the hiring experience, you will begin to notice we have a new message to the marketplace and a new visual identity.


We believe it, prove it every day, and now we are saying it: Montage is “The Better Candidate Experience.”

The Year Ahead

We know that the difference between finding talent and finding quality talent begins and ends with the candidate experience. Whether talent acquisition teams are challenged with handling large volumes of candidates or trying to land that key hire before their competition does, when 78% of candidates report their candidate experience is an indicator of how the employer values its people1 companies need to pay closer attention. Investment in a better experience has been directly tied to better hires, better speed, better decision making and a better employer brand.

Don’t believe me? Learn more from our clients.


1. 2017 CareerBuilder report

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