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HCI's STA Conference: WOW!

Wow. Really wow! That about sums it up for me after the last two days in Boston at HCI's strategic talent acquisition conference. We had a band of clients and partners in close proximity throughout the event, and it was a great opportunity to build on some strong relationships, and enjoy spending time with these folks. The theme was Reinventing Talent Acquisition for Business Alignment, and it was a valuable experience for all who attended.

For Montage, there were three main parts to the event:

The Booth Presence. One of our sales people said it best: We are either educating or differentiating. IMG_3580Most attendees we spoke to fell into one of those two camps.  They were either interested in learning what we do and what video interviewing is in general (educate), or they wanted to know what made us stand out from others who have a similar offering (differentiate). Luckily we have a good story and method for doing both, so our presence on the event floor was quite productive. We met a lot of wonderful, interesting people who were genuinely interested in the category.

The Panel. Our presence on the main stage with four amazing companies definitely helped us out at the booth. Our partners at Humana, ESPN, Robert W. Baird, and Ferguson joined us on stage to tell their stories of reinvention. Each had a unique twist on how they leveraged the Montage technology to reinvent a TA process for the better. You can view the panel discussion now. Many of our clients have found that sometimes a small change becomes a catalyst for thinking differently about an old process. Once a team gets comfortable adding video technology into talent acquisition, it often spurs on a rash of creativity, leading to a new way of doing things. 

A potential obstacle turned into an opportunity with one of our panelists throwing a curve ball at the last minute and not being able to travel to Boston. But, hey, we're a technology company with specialization in virtual things, right? So we piped him in using a little Montage magic and we got our fourth panelist thereIMG_3602_1-1 through Montage video.

The Dinner. Capping off the first night, we hosted a large group dinner for an interactive, hands-on cooking and eating extravaganza. This venue was fun, casual, and the right spot to gather good people who know how to relax and have fun together. Our panelists were still flying high from their on-stage stint, and acted as co-hosts for the evening.

All in all, it was a fine gathering of TA practitioners who came to network and learn together. We heard our other clients on stage talking about our services and other practitioners talking about video technology as a part of their strategy. Highly educated and savvy attendees heard video mentioned over and over again, reinforcing the more mainstream nature of this technology in today’s talent acquisition functions.

Our thanks to the team who executed at the event. And, we send a very special thank you to our panelists.IMG_3551 They came together to form a tight-knit cast of characters and extension of our own Montage family.

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Michele Ellner is the Director of Marketing for Montage and has worked closely with recruiters and talent acquisition professionals throughout her career. She markets for the most mature video interviewing solution available, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time. Michele has focused her career on talent acquisition technology, staffing, HR services and outsourcing for over 20 years. Reach Michele at or follow her @ellnerellner. 


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