Is the Thought of Deploying AI in HR Keeping You Up at Night?

Is the Thought of Deploying AI in HR Keeping You Up at Night?

by Melissa Bissing on August 21, 2019

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When’s the last time you read an article on recruiting that didn’t mention artificial intelligence? Find out how you can deploy AI in HR within your team!

When’s the last time you read an article on recruiting that didn’t mention artificial intelligence? AI has become the underlying technology for so many activities and processes in our lives, both personal and professional. That puts the pressure on HR leaders to take on strategic AI transformation in their business units, but 50% say they’re unprepared for the challenge. Here are some ideas for deploying AI in HR by implementing the digital shift in technology, process and people in your talent acquisition.

Deploying AI in HR Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

One low-barrier strategy for easing into AI is to leverage it in a solution your team is already using.  HR tech companies are integrating AI in many types of solutions for the hiring cycle. Advanced interviewing platforms are a good example: The platform you’re using for on-demand and live interviews may also offer an AI-enabled recruiting assistant that can chat with candidates to complete interview scheduling, and automatically advance candidates to the next hiring step after text interviews. Using a platform that’s already embedded in your workflow has so many advantages, from the big-picture budget and implementation perspectives to your team’s day-to-day comfort with the tech and efficiency. For more about the advantages of single-solution technologies, have a look at this Montage resource, The Truth About What’s Hurting Your Candidate Experience.

As you consider deploying AI in HR, many options for solving challenges and innovating your hiring will emerge. For example, if your team handles a lot of high volume hiring and your pain point is slow, inefficient candidate screening, AI in a mature interviewing platform gives you multiple ways to change and enhance your process:

  • Replace manual review of resumes with text interviews and automatic candidate advancement using the integrated, AI-enabled recruiting assistant.
  • Use the recruiting assistant for automated interview scheduling, and enable your recruiters time to expand a more strategic part of your hiring process.
  • Instead of a manual, candidate-by-candidate checks on their progress through your hiring process, recruiters can use the dashboard to quickly see where candidates are and prioritize their communication and engagement tasks each day.

The right process improvements will become clearer, and your team will find more ways to innovate once you’ve identified your AI solution.

Squaring Up Your Team

Implementation of any new technology requires some training for users to get up to speed – that’s nothing new. AI in HR is no different in that respect, but there are some additional elements you’ll want to consider. The efficiencies gained via AI mean your team will have more time to allocate to other activities. Many organizations are taking advantage of this to transition their recruiters into the talent advisor role, and that can require some professional development beyond the training on new AI tech. 

In addition, as recruiters are able to spend more time on candidate engagement, administrative proficiency takes a backseat to interpersonal communication and soft skills – another shift. Maybe they’d like to do more conversational recruiting, and need some training in social recruiting strategy. Depending on the AI you choose, your team may have need for experience design skills or expertise with predictive analytics. AI in HR opens the door to new and interesting opportunities for your team as well as your business unit. Strategies for empowering your recruiters are an essential component of your plans for adopting and deploying AI in HR.

How to Learn More

Not sure how AI-enabled text interviewing could fit into your hiring process? Download Don’t Get Buried in the Candidate Crush, a white paper that will help you better understand the power of AI in landing top talent. 

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