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Video Interviewing Helps Create Candidate Engagement

The latest job seeker research out by ERE Media about, the website that lets people share their job experiences and salary information to help others make better job decisions, should highlight the importance of companies' online presence and branding. According to the report, 48% of job seekers use, and nearly all of these candidates are in income brackets between $25K and $74,999K.

48% of job seekers use this!

Glassdoor | Candidate Engagement

One of the most interesting revelations is how job seekers use the site’s information: Nearly 50% visit before they start looking for top employers, and about 22% use it after they’ve viewed an employer’s job posting. That means a good majority of your candidates already have some ideas in mind about your company before they even apply. Getting and keeping them engaged right from the start is critical. Easier said than done? Not when you have purpose-built video interviewing technology available to power up your talent acquisition.

Nearly 50% of job seekers visit before they view top employers.Tweet this! 

3 Ways to Build Engagement with Video Interviewing

Whether you take advantage of live, on-demand or both, online or digital interviewing helps you build a close connection with your candidates early on in the hiring process. Here are three ways to do it:

  1. Get face-to-face right away. With live video interviewing, dialog with candidates wherever you take your smart phone or tablet.Tweet this! You make eye contact, you read each other’s body language, you ask and answer questions back and forth.  There’s nothing like having a face-to-face conversation with someone to interest them in working for your organization.
  2. Provide a branded candidate experience. On the video screen, in emails, and through conversations with current employees, your employer brand will come through clearly with video interviewing technology.  Use it to make a strong impression on candidates about your desirability as an employer that will carry forward throughout the hiring process.
  3. Use video interviewing to “sell” your open positions more effectively.Tweet this! When you invite candidates to an on-demand interview, include a video by you or your hiring team explaining more about the position and talking up the benefits of working for your organization.  Help candidates get enthused even before they’ve completed their own interview, and chances are that enthusiasm will help them present themselves in an even stronger light.

Candidates Can Be Picky

There’s no question that in today’s job market, candidates have more choices than ever before.  Employers who achieve “talent magnet” status are those that put themselves in their candidates’ shoes in order to provide an engaging hiring experience.

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