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Is It Time to Set SLAs with Your Hiring Managers?

Are you in a rule-setting, by-the-book type of organization? Or recruiting for the type that relies on open communication and a verbal commitment to deliver on promises? Though it may seem like Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for talent acquisition naturally fit well with the first scenario and not at all with the second, that’s really not the case.

Wherever your company falls on the formal-informal culture continuum, if you’ve dismissed the idea of using SLAs in hiring, it’s time to reconsider. SLAs have been catching on with in-house talent acquisition teams (i.e. your competitors) in the last few years after their debut as a recruitment process outsourcing best practice.

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Making Good on a 5-10X ROI Promise

For most of our clients, the decision to adopt a video and voice interviewing solution is made only after thorough research and much consideration. In many instances, they’ve built a business case that demonstrates the value of our technology and expected return on investment to their leadership. We may have even provided some resources they used for that business case. So once the partnership is inked, our role with our clients’ success is just beginning. In fact, helping clients maximize ROI is a never-ending process at Montage.

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Webcams Lend Insight into Video Interviewing Trends

Part of our service commitment at Montage has always been to ship a webcam to any candidate, recruiter or hiring manager who needed one. Twelve months ago, we shipped webcams for about 20% of our interview activity.  Now we’re distributing webcams to less than 1% of our interview participants, even as our interview volume continues to grow multifold, and adoption of this innovative technology is escalating. So what’s driving these inverse trend lines? The answers give us an interesting snapshot of what’s current with video interviewing in talent acquisition:

  1. More people are going mobile. Montage’s video interviewing solution has been mobile for a few years now; what’s changed is the explosion of mobile use within the general population. Last year the number of mobile-connected tablets doubled to 36 million; by 2017 mobile device subscriptions are projected to reach 10 billion1. More people are using these video-equipped devices for video interviewing rather than a PC and webcam. Needless to say, the ongoing evolution of mobile capabilities in video interviewing is an ongoing priority for Montage’s product development team.
  2. Use of video interviewing is expanding internally. As companies see different ways video interviewing can fit into their hiring process and workflow, they’re realizing they have powerhouse technology already in their wheelhouse. It’s creating a natural increase in video interviewing use. Many are also putting incentives in place to encourage employees to utilize it even more. As a result, there’s increased use of video interviewing by people who already have a webcam.  
  3. Video interviewing is being applied in multiple hiring scenarios. As video interviewing becomes a more common practice, companies are utilizing it for many kinds of hiring. A single organization may employ it for both high volume retail or call center hiring as well as C-level positions.  From time to time, our clients find that certain roles and parts of the hiring process are better suited to Montage Voice, our pre-recorded audio interview application. Though our live and on demand video interviewing applications are still the most widely used in talent acquisition, use of Montage Voice is expanding, and no webcam is needed.

Driving Hiring Results Enterprise-Wide

One large insurer uses the breadth of Montage’s video interviewing platform to produce better hiring outcomes across its organization:

High-level corporate positions – Recruiters conduct some of the initial interviews with these candidates through live Montage Interview prior to bringing them on site.

College recruiting – Recruiters travel to specific campuses each year but often do not have enough time to meet with all of the candidates. They’re using Montage View to capture on demand video interviews from candidates at their booth, which frees their time to focus on meeting more candidates and marketing the organization. Candidates who show the most potential are then invited to a live Montage Interview before being brought on site.

Claims – Recruiters use Montage Voice to eliminate the first two phone screens with candidates for claims positions.  By integrating Montage Voice into their workflow, recruiters save an average of 30 minutes per phone screen in scheduling and interviewing time.

It’s not unusual for companies to try video interviewing in a targeted way. Many pilot it with Montage View or Montage Interview for a specific hiring need or business line. When they begin to experience the benefits, their use of Montage View, Montage Interview and Montage Voice often grows in a variety of hiring scenarios across the different levels of the organization. Though their webcam needs may go down, enterprise-wide adoption of video interviewing drives up the company’s ROI and elevates its talent acquisition.

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Sarah Doughty is vice president of client success at Montage, where she leads client partnership development and supports clients in maximizing their video interviewing ROI. She enjoys helping recruiters and hiring managers achieve a true hiring advantage. Contact Sarah at

1. "This is (Still) the Biggest Tech Trend Ever," Wall Street Daily, March 12, 2013.


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Companies Find Multiple Uses for Video Interviewing Technology

Ever notice how innovation tends to trigger even more innovation? That’s just what’s happening inside some organizations that have engaged Montage. They’re finding innovative ways to leverage the best of what a purpose-built video interviewing solution has to offer – high quality, candidate-friendly video connectivity and professional-grade talent acquisition functionality. Impressed with video interviewing’s positive influence on their talent acquisition outcomes, several companies have asked themselves, “What else can we do with this versatile technology?” The answers may surprise you.

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