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5 Tips for Recruiting Millennials

Recruiting Millennials

There’s a growing segment in the workplace today that recognizes the value the millennial generation brings. For years, many worried that three generations in the workforce would be a challenge. Articles in the space painted negative pictures of young and green workers. In 2018, as Baby Boomers continue to retire, millennials make up an increasing percentage of... read more

3 Ways Hiring Managers Are Hurting Your Candidate Experience


When working with hiring managers to locate talent, coordinate applicant screens and interviews and follow up with candidates, it can be difficult to make progress when managers are not cooperating with the process. Due to time constraints and heavy workloads, collaborating with hiring managers may be extremely stressful, resulting in a lower quality candidate experience when talent... read more

Keep up the Momentum: How to Recruit during the Holidays

recruiters during the holidays

As we return to work after a long holiday weekend, many talent acquisition professionals might be preparing for a slower season. Although November and December are often slower times for some businesses, it marks the end of the year, making it very busy for others. In talent acquisition, you might think the slow season is... read more

3 Ways to Prepare for Campus Recruiting Right Now

campus recruiting college grad

With spring college graduation events just a few months away, now is the time for recruiters to prepare for campus recruiting. According to a study by Collegefeed, 92% of companies agreed they had a “brand problem” and therefore had a difficult time recruiting high quality college talent. This “brand problem” may be a result of expectations from... read more