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Why Video Chat Tools Don't Get the Job Done in Healthcare Hiring


Many of our healthcare clients have something remarkable in common: They’ve tested the waters of video interviewing with Skype (or a similar chat tool), and quickly moved to a purpose-built solution. Why is this? Simply put, a general video chat tool is not designed to solve the challenges of healthcare hiring.  The travel savings are there, but it’s missing what’s needed to impact healthcare recruiters’ priorities: Offering a brand-elevating, mind-blowing candidate experience, and getting to the offer stage with the best talent faster.   

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Handling the Unpredictability of Healthcare Hiring

Despite the best efforts at forecasting, when you’re a healthcare recruiter, you’re dealing with the volatile workforce needs of your hospital or organization. You may be tasked with hiring 200 nurses within a few weeks, or expanding your call center staff by 300 with little to no lead time. And, while these high-volume projects come with their own set of challenges, they are made even more so when they are not expected.  Many of our clients are in the healthcare industry, and they’ve found a purpose-built video and voice interviewing platform can help them rise to the challenge of unpredictable high-volume hiring.

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Video Enabled Talent Acquisition: A Recruiter Tells All

Dane Doty is staffing manager for Blue Bunny, the third largest ice cream producer in the U.S. and a fast-growing company of 2,500 employees.  Blue Bunny recruits nationwide, and over the last seven years, Dane and his staff have relocated more than 250 new hires and their families to the company’s headquarters in Le Mars, Iowa.  Dane and I recently talked about his experience with video interviewing technology in talent acquisition.

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