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How Montage Stays Ahead of the Curve for Its Clients

If I had to pick the single question we hear most often at Montage, it would be this: “How do you come up with your new features and enhancements?” It’s on the minds of people at trade shows, it’s a consistent question in RFPs, and sometimes our clients ask it too. The question is really no surprise since we’ve built a solid reputation for innovation in the video interviewing space. And, twice we’ve earned a TekTonic Award for our disruptive technology.  Our strategy for keeping our clients ahead of the curve in hiring is not a secret – in fact our clients have an essential role in our ongoing innovation.

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TA Leaders' Quiz: Are You a Good Fit for Video Interviewing?

All kinds of statistics have starting appearing in the last year which indicate a growing use of video technology for hiring. However, the “everybody else is doing it” argument isn’t reason enough for TA professionals to put this innovative technology on their to-do list. As the leader of hiring in your organization, you’re most concerned with maximizing the value and performance of your own TA.  Still, if you’ve thought about video interviewing from time to time, take this short quiz. The insight you gain may help you decide if this tech is worth a more serious look. 

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What's Driving the Rise in Video Interviewing?

Five years ago, companies using video interviewing were the early adopters, those willing to try new technology in order to get a jump on their competitors. Today, video interviewing is mainstream - the data backs that up. In the most recent class of CandE Award winners, 75% use video interviewing. Nearly 80% of companies with more than 5,000 employees have conducted video interviews1. The number of organizations likely to buy a purpose-built video interviewing solution has increased by 30% over the last two years2. So what’s driving the rise in video interviewing? The core value proposition of purpose-built solutions has changed. What was once mainly time and cost savings has evolved into support for the strategic drivers of highly effective talent acquisition.

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The Right Job Creates Happiness. The Wrong One, Despair.

I always get ideas from great speakers. That’s why I love to attend industry conferences whenever I can. Being surrounded by people who are similarly steeped in talent acquisition, its pains and purpose, always sparks good ideas and concepts that reinforce why video interviewing technology like Montage’s exists. Here’s a great example. Christine Nichlos, the founder and CEO of PeopleScience, provided some opening remarks at the recent HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition conference. Among other key points, this one stuck with me: Talent acquisition serves an incredibly important purpose because it is in the driver's seat when tying together a person and a distinctly critical component of that person’s happiness – a job.

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