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Making Good on a 5-10X ROI Promise

For most of our clients, the decision to adopt a video and voice interviewing solution is made only after thorough research and much consideration. In many instances, they’ve built a business case that demonstrates the value of our technology and expected return on investment to their leadership. We may have even provided some resources they used for that business case. So once the partnership is inked, our role with our clients’ success is just beginning. In fact, helping clients maximize ROI is a never-ending process at Montage.

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NACE Conference Intel: Recruiting Generation Z

Just when you’ve tweaked your hiring process in response to the wants and needs of Millennials, it’s time to prepare and shift again for their successors, Gen Z.  That was one of the major themes at the NACE Conference I recently attended. From what I learned, recruiters will need to adjust if they want to continue their track record of performance with candidates just now entering the workforce. In this changed new world, video interviewing providers will meet the needs of Gen Z students as well as university career services departments and campus recruiters.

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CandE Data Gives Voice to Candidates

Last week Talent Board Co-Founder and Chairman Elaine Orler revealed some lessons learned from the most recent CandE research. This annual research and awards program aims to help employers improve the candidate experience by evaluating how companies and candidates engage during the hiring process. The data for North America is comprised of confidential survey responses from more than 200 companies and 130,000 candidates. Montage has been a program sponsor for several years now.

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Offered a Chance to Video Interview? Here's Why You Should Take It!

There’s some great data in ManpowerGroup Solutions’ new survey about what motivates candidates to change jobs. There’s also intel on candidate preferences during the job search process which I think could benefit from some context.  According to the report, 62% of candidates prefer an in-person interview with a hiring manager, and just 6% prefer to do the interview via “video conference technology.” As a video interviewing technology company, that 6% isn’t an appealing number, but in fact, it makes sense when you think about it further.

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Need New Campus Recruiting Ideas? See Us Next Week at NACE

Next Tuesday, 1,700 professionals will gather to share smart new ideas for strategic campus recruiting at NACE Chicago 2016. This year’s theme is Limitless Possibilities, something we can get behind 100% at Montage with our purpose-built video interviewing technology.  Many of our clients have engaged with us specifically to solve college recruiting challenges. They’ve found unlimited ways to use our video hiring software to elevate their talent acquisition.

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Recruiting Advice