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Hit All 3 Cs to Captivate Millennial Job Candidates

There’s so much out there these days on millennials in the workforce it’s hard to know what is real and what is just plain conjecture! As a parent of two millennials and a frequent teammate with younger employees, I’ve seen these guys in action. In my experience, they are earnest, well-meaning and capable of incredible things. So why do companies find it hard to “get” them? It could be because traditional hiring processes don’t address their perspective and priorities. In the ongoing time crunch in TA, it’s easy to forget the hiring process itself sends a message just by the way it makes candidates feel.  Organizations could create better relationships with their millennial candidates right from the start by addressing what I call the 3 Cs – Credibility, Contribution, Connection.

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Real Users. Real Quotes.

As part of every live or on-demand Montage video or voice interview, job candidates are asked to take a brief, anonymous survey about their experience using our technology. The survey is a critical source of data and insight into the candidate experience, and you can be sure that data feeds our product development process. We’ve been fortunate to have a great response rate over the years.video_interviewing_engaged_employees.jpg And, not surprisingly, many candidates take the time to provide feedback above and beyond the close-ended questions. Now, here’s your chance to see what real Montage users have to say about….

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Handling the Double Standard in Healthcare Hiring

Many of our clients are in healthcare here at Montage – it turns out video interviewing is extremely well suited to the healthcare industry. We know they’re celebrating the important role nurses play during National Nurses Week, which runs through this Thursday. We’d like to shine the spotlight on some of these clients by sharing ways they are solving a primary challenge in healthcare talent acquisition: The double standard in healthcare hiring.

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Reflections from the Strategic Talent Acquisition Event

I look forward to the HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition conference each year. It truly is the perfect storm of event elements. First, there's the Montage client panel up on stage with four very different companies with different brand identity challenges that tie nicely to video interviewing. Second, there's the exhibit hall with the Montage team and other "A" players from within HCM and HR Technology.

Montage clients shared their branding stories at HCI's recent STA event.

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Montage Wins 2016 TekTonic Award for SMS Text Messaging

At Montage, we’re continually looking to help recruiters balance efficiency with a superior candidate experience. The challenges of high-volume hiring sparked a Montage innovation that’s proven popular with recruiters and candidates alike – our SMS text messaging. It also earned us our second TekTonic Award. At this week’s HRO Today Forum in Chicago, Montage received the 2016 TekTonic
 Award for Talent Management in recognition of innovative product development which embodies disruptive technology. We were also a finalist for our live voice interviewing application. 

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