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In the Gig Economy, Drive No-Fail Engagement with Video Interviews

Traditional hiring is changing – it has to.  The growth of the “Gig” economy makes a slow, clunky hiring process both costly and ineffective at securing talent.

in the media these days.  If you’re skeptical about this statement though, read on. Jobvite’s 2016 Jobseeker Nation Study paints a clear picture of the job seeker’s perspective. You may find your talent acquisition needs to change in order to meet the job market head-on.

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Montage Wins Top Workplaces Award

Every day we help clients parlay their strong organizational culture into a competitive advantage using video interviewing technology. This past week though, we also celebrated our own strong and unique culture here at Montage. We’re proud to announce Montage has been selected as a 2016 Top Workplace by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Workplace Dynamics. The award confirms our employees find what they’re looking for when they join our video interviewing technology company.

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Want More Boomerang Employees? Engage Them with Video Interviewing

If you’ve ever desperately wished for the skills and experience of a former employee, take heart – that wish could eventually come true. New research indicates 70% of U.S. employees surveyed have either returned to work for a previous employer or are open to being a “boomerang” employee by making that kind of return. This type of move opens the door to attractive benefits for both employees and their former employers. However, getting on the boomerang bandwagon requires organizations to extend employee engagement through to the exit interview. Video interviewing can play a major role in cultivating employee engagement from first contact through exit interviews.

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Job Candidates Prefer In-Person Interviews

Recent research from ManpowerGroup Solutions gets to the root of engaging job seekers with the overarching message "one size does not fit all." Hey, that's great reinforcement for why we exist! Here are a few of the research findings:

  • Candidates would rather be interviewed in person alone with the hiring manager than any other interview construct (phone, video, group).
  • Employers must tailor their interviewing methods and style to the talent profile they wish to reach.
  • >35% of candidates want more frequent interaction and more information from the employer during the hiring process
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5 Interviewing Mistakes and How to Recover from Them

We’ve all said or done something we wished we hadn’t at some point in our lives. When you’re among family or friends, there’s usually a fix, but that’s not always the case with a job interview. Unfortunately, you may be prone to more mistakes during an interview because of nerves or pressure when you feel the stakes are high.  Sometimes you can recover; other times you just have to learn and move on.  Here are five of the most common mistakes made during interviews, and some tips to get yourself out of these sticky situations.

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Video Interviewing Helps Create Candidate Engagement

The latest job seeker research out by ERE Media about, the website that lets people share their job experiences and salary information to help others make better job decisions, should highlight the importance of companies' online presence and branding. According to the report, 48% of job seekers use, and nearly all of these candidates are in income brackets between $25K and $74,999K.

48% of job seekers use

One of the most interesting revelations is how job seekers use the site’s information: Nearly 50% visit before they start looking for top employers, and about 22% use it after they’ve viewed an employer’s job posting. That means a good majority of your candidates already have some ideas in mind about your company before they even apply. Getting and keeping them engaged right from the start is critical. Easier said than done? Not when you have purpose-built video interviewing technology available to power up your talent acquisition.

Nearly 50% of job seekers visit before they view top employers. 

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