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When Job Interviews Become Painful.....

I used to consider myself pretty lucky.  About a year ago, I found myself in the role of job candidate – again – after back-to-back layoffs. My employers? Two large technology companies that were reorganizing themselves, again. This time, I thought to myself, I will take my time and find a company where I can be part of the team and feel like I’m contributing to the bottom line.  After some pretty painful interview experiences, I did find the right company. Even better, they made me a job offer. Here’s the best part: I thought this role and this company would be a good fit for me, and it’s proving to be true.  I know that for many job candidates, the ending is not so happy, so I do feel lucky. It’s been an interesting journey….

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Can You Spot the Fake?

In this day and age, you can get to know a person pretty well just by looking at their Facebook page. You’d think it would dramatically cut down on the tall tales people tell, but there are still those out there willing to, shall we say, bend the truth? As a recruiter or hiring manager, that’s a red flag at the very least. Take this little quiz to see how good you are at spotting the fake:

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HCI Webinar Learning: The Strategic Value of Video Interviewing Continues to Evolve

If I had to pick just one theme from yesterday’s HCI webinar on video interviewing by Kyle Lagunas, principal analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, it would be this: Don’t get left behind. Video interviewing solutions continue to evolve as early-adopter companies find new uses for the technology. The strategic value of video interviewing continues to grow while the operational benefits maintain. As a result, there is a widening gap: Companies that have integrated video interviewing technology into their hiring process have an increasing advantage over those who have not. If you’re in the exploratory stages with video interviewing, there may be more urgency around this technology than you’ve realized.

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Confessions of a Hiring Manager-Turned-Job Candidate

Just the other day, I had coffee with a friend of mine who’s in the midst of a job search. He’s been in software sales for as long as I can remember, and was let go during a company re-org late last fall. Because Mike’s served as a hiring manager for many years, I couldn’t resist quizzing him on his recent experiences as a job candidate. And, knowing he’s an observant and witty individual, I expected juicy stuff. What I heard were some smart insights any talent acquisition team might be interested to learn:

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Video Interviewing Meets Recruiters’ Dream: No More Scheduling

A lot of recruiters today are thanking their lucky stars that their company chose Montage’s video interviewing solution, as our engineering team has developed some cutting-edge features to make their lives easier. Always striving to understand the recruiter’s world, our product innovation and development team focused on one of the most burdensome parts of the recruiter’s day: scheduling. Leaving messages, playing phone tag, shuffling and reshuffling interview times as they try to squeeze every possible minute out of every day – could scheduling interviews get any more time-consuming?

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Quick Video Interviewing Download: 4 of Our Most Popular Articles

We understand recruiters and other talent acquisition professionals rarely have a minute to spare. In case you’ve missed out on our blog series recently, here’s a quick round-up of our most popular articles. We hope you’ll find information you can use!

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Montage's New Approach to Training Makes the News

Montage’s new approach to training made the news recently in an online story at Small Business Trends.  We introduced our new training format at the end of February, shifting from 90-minute sessions to shorter, more digestible sessions. The new format makes it easier for recruiters to retain the knowledge learned and to see ways they can utilize our video and voice interviewing technology to solve their specific, every-day challenges. 

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Why Your Healthcare Candidate's Verbal Skills Have Never Been More Important

In this digital age, when texts and emails often replace a phone call, employers now value verbal communication as the most important skill in job candidates. NACE's latest Job Outlook reports that employers rated verbal communication skills above teamwork and the ability to make decisions and solve problems, the two skills that tied for the top spot in 2015. In healthcare settings, employers make verbal communication skills a priority since increased communication by nurses has been linked to more positive patient outcomes and reduction in medical errors. To better evaluate job candidates’ verbal skills, many healthcare recruiters now rely on video interviewing technology as part of their hiring process.

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Smile: Living the Brand. Supporting the Promise

One of my responsibilities here at Montage is to orient every new employee with our messaging certification process. That's right: every new employee. Not just the sales or client-facing parts of the team, but everyone, and we have not wavered on this commitment as we have grown.

At Montage, we believe that no matter what role you have – whether you are building a new feature for video interviewing or voice interviewing, helping a candidate at 2 a.m., selling the technology solution to a Fortune 500 buyer – we all need to be anchored in the same core content and messaging. I begin by sharing the history and evolution of our messaging and why we take it so seriously. It solidifies who we wish to be to the outside world and constantly reinforces to ourselves the Montage mission: to forever transform the hiring experience. Being consistent about our messaging and core value proposition is important as we differentiate ourselves in this living, growing business segment called purpose-built video and voice interviewing.

A good brand promise solidifies a company's external image and reinforces its mission with employees.

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Another Good Reason to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day: Resilience

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day in the U.S., and many companies will be taking the opportunity to thank their hard-working staff. If your organization is not one of them, maybe this is the year to re-consider your strategy.  Research and statistics abound on the strong link between employee recognition and better business performance. There’s a great infographic which sums up the stats, including Gallup’s finding that higher employee engagement leads to 50% higher productivity, and the SHRM/Globoforce survey, which found when companies spend 1% or more of payroll on recognition, 85% see a positive impact on engagement.

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