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Why HR Buyers (and Magazines) Choose Montage

Montage is proud to be featured this month in two major HR industry publications. We’ve been included in SHRM’s online tool for selecting a video interviewing vendor.  It’s a useful tool for comparing different features across video interviewing providers.  In addition, the digital version of Human Resource Executive includes a mention of Montage’s live voice interviewing as part of our video interviewing software.  This application not only streamlines the scheduling process, it transforms how recruiters engage candidates before, during and after phone interviews. Live and on-demand voice interviewing enables TA teams to extend reach into the talent pool while reducing costs.  The editors at these pubs chose Montage for good reasons – some of the same reasons, I’m sure, why so many HR buyers choose Montage as their video interviewing partner, too.

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Hotel Chain Wins Top College Talent with Video Interviewing

How does a Missouri-based hotel chain expand candidate reach and company growth? By integrating video interviewing into its talent acquisition strategy. This company’s business challenges aligned so well with our technology solution that it’s truly a use case which fires on all cylinders.  Since nearly two million bachelor’s degree students are preparing to flood the talent market in a few short months, now seems like the perfect time to share our client’s college recruiting success story with you.

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The Piece of Advice You SHOULDN'T Follow in a Video Interview

As the trend in video interviewing adoption grows, there is no end to the suggestions for candidates on how to prepare for the technology aspect of the video interview. Many publish great recommendations similar to the points I've summarized below, but one article in particular gave a very bad piece of advice: Don't arrive early to video interviews. The author's logic: "There is no waiting area for video conference interviewees; if you attempt to dial in early and your recruiter has a scheduled meeting prior to yours, there’s a good chance that you’ll be intruding — an awkward situation for both you and the interviewer." 

Recruiters, expect candidates to enter a video interview early.

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Kill that 4th Interview? Yes!

I couldn’t agree more with Kris Dunn’s post, Please Kill the Fourth Round of Interviews. From his perspective as a CHRO, multiple rounds of interviews do not lead to an improved hiring outcome. Here at Montage, we tackled the multiple-interviews question from the candidate’s perspective. Our research found that more than two-thirds (67%) of candidates will adopt a negative impression of a company if you bring them back for more than three rounds of interviews1. It’s a little scary to see how easily hiring can creep off-track despite our best intentions.

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Does Your College Hiring Look Like This?

Spring is just around the corner, and in many organizations, college recruiting is ramping up.  According to NACE's Job Outlook 2016 survey, more than two-thirds of employers in several industries reported firm or tentative plans for spring 2016 on-campus recruiting. With the employment rate for recent college grads at an all-time low since 2010, recruitment teams will find themselves in a struggle to sign on the top young stars. How can you expend less energy on college hiring and still deliver results? By harnessing the powerStudent_Video_Interviewing of video interviewing technology.

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Hiring in Healthcare? Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Hit the Target

Mention the word “healthcare” in the context of recruiting and talent acquisition, and the conversation immediately turns to the nursing shortage. True, hiring nurses is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare recruiters: In February of last year, WANTED Analytics found more than 324,000 online job openings for registered nurses alone, a 34% year-over-year increase. However, healthcare recruiters have more than just nursing on their plate, and the skills they’re searching for are not always easy to evaluate. When recruiters need to identify candidates with specific, complex, non-clinical skills, video interviewing is an effective practice for reaching their hiring objectives.

Healthcare recruiters use video interviews to identify candidates with complex non-clinical skills.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience without Spending Money

You and your hiring team have been working to improve your candidate experience for some time now. What your candidates see, hear and feel during your hiring process is almost where you want it, but not quite. Like a good recipe, it just needs an extra pinch of something to take it from every-day to outstanding.  We’ve compiled a list of smart, yet simple changes you can make to ensure a positive, memorable experience for potential new hires.  You don’t have to implement them all to see a difference, just the ones that resonate with you. Perhaps best of all, if you already have a purpose-built video interviewing solution in place, these process improvements won’t cost you a penny.

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Be the Recruiter Who Stands Tallest in the Silicon Prairie

I’ve been in the Midwest most of my life, and I have to say, I was tickled to find out that we’re now living in the “Silicon Prairie.” It turns out we even have our own newspaper,  WANTED Analytics wasn’t the first to coin this phrase, but they did come out with a noteworthy bit of recruiting data analysis for the region, “…Savvy IT recruiters have discovered that the cities of the Silicon Prairie tend to have lower average salaries, lower posting periods, lower rankings on WANTED Analytics’ hiring difficulty index, and larger numbers of more qualified IT candidates for each job posting than perennial tech recruiting hotspots like California.”  Interesting, yes? If I were a tech recruiter, I’d be looking for ways to jump on this hay wagon as soon as possible. With video interviewing technology, recruiters can do that and more, like making an impression that will have talented IT candidates eager and ready for a job offer.

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Recognize Your Team Players with Video Interviewing

According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2015 survey, employers want candidates who can solve problems, organize their work and communicate effectively. These findings may come as no surprise to people with experience in the world of work, and the same trend continues today. However, here is some news from this research: Employers said that the most important skill for candidates to have is the ability to work in a team structure. Work groups, project teams and cross-functional units are business-as-usual these days, creating a challenge for recruiters in finding the right team player for the job.  

Employers rate the ability to work in a team as a top priority for candidates. 

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Why Add On-Demand Video Interviewing to your Hiring Process?

As video interviewing technology gains traction with talent acquisition professionals, the benefits of live video interviews have become well-known. Less understood is on-demand video interviewing, and the reasons for integrating it into your hiring process. At its core, the value proposition of on-demand video interviewing is time savings and speed to hire. Companies that use it as a prescreening step find they’re able to transform their hiring process and elevate their hiring results.

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Pushing Boundaries and Borders with Global Reach

When you get the word that your organization is exploring business options outside the U.S., the news may seem like a double-edged sword. Global expansion often signals enterprise strength, but the day-to-day details of hiring across borders can be daunting. For many of Montage’s global clients, a purpose-built video interviewing solution is an essential. It stretches the reach of talent acquisition teams while saving the time and expense of international travel. Despite being in different time zones, you can meet with candidates to assess fit before asking the most promising candidates to jump on a plane. You can also meet with hiring managers in face-to-face conversations that cement good working relationships across the miles.

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Is the Deadliest Threat to Your Company a Poor Hire?

If you happened to unwind in front of your TV last Friday night, you may have seen the premiere of Discovery Channel’s new series, Deadliest Job Interview. It’s an entertaining show to be sure: Viewers learn what some of the most dangerous jobs in the world are all about as rookie candidates do their best to earn a permanent, hazardous position. As the show’s media team says, The stakes are higher than ever because it's not just their job on the line - but also their lives!  Fortunately, for most of us picking the wrong candidate isn’t likely to kill someone. However, making a poor hire is more threatening to our organizations than we realize.

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