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Recognize these 4 Candidate Types? Win Them All with Video Interviewing

Recruit for long enough and you begin to see similarities in the candidates pushing through your pipeline. We all have our differences, but there may really be only a few types of people (specifically 5 or 7 or 16 depending on which personality test you like).  Working in the HCM space, I’ve noticed job candidates often fall into one of four broad categories. As a hiring manager, I’ve found that video interviewing is appealing to each of these candidate types, for different reasons.

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Should You Hire a Former Independent Worker?

What’s growing 5X faster than the overall workforce? If you said the percentage of independent workers in the U.S. labor market, you’re spot on. New research by MBO Partners shows that in the last five years, the number of independent workers in the U.S. has risen to 30.2 million. By 2020, the firm expects the number of full- and part-time “independents” to grow to 30% of the private, non-farm workforce in the U.S.  It’s clear more people are choosing this path, but not everybody is happy with the arrangement. What happens when you get a candidate who’s been self-employed for the last five years?

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Get More from Your College Recruiting with Video Interviewing

It’s that time of year again: HCM departments are in college recruitment mode. 2016 graduates will be looking for work very shortly, and TA is ramping up efforts to recruit these young, fresh graduates. College hiring last year was up 9.6% over the previous year, according to NACE’s most recent college hiring survey. And, nearly 2,000 HCM leaders met in Anaheim last summer at NACE’s 2015 conference and expo on innovation in college recruiting. Montage was there, helping employers learn how video interviewing can elevate their college recruiting program and hiring results.

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Video Interviewing: What Does the EEOC Say?

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of one of the fastest growing HR technologies today:

True or false: Video interviewing reduces hiring costs.

  • True.  Employers save on travel costs and gain time efficiencies for the hiring team.

True or false: Video interviewing is a good way to find right-fit candidates.

  • True. Candidates can showcase their interpersonal skills, and potential employers can evaluate their fit with the position and organizational culture.

True or false: Video interviewing increases the potential for discrimination.

  • False!  In fact, that’s actually a common misperception.
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Warning Signs Healthcare Candidates Watch for in Hiring

Here’s a healthcare staffing trend that’s often overlooked: Turnover rates in hospitals have risen steadily for the past several years, climbing to 16.5% at the end of 2014.  Survey sponsor NSI Nursing Solutions Inc. also reports that hospitals lose an average of $4.21 to $6.02 million when a bedside RN leaves. Take this in tandem with the extreme healthcare talent shortage, especially in nursing, and it becomes clear that job candidates hold most of the cards in hiring. How can hospital recruiters respond most effectively? By looking at the hiring process through their candidates’ eyes, and watching for potential red flags that could turn candidates away.

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From Your Heart to their Minds: Sharing the Passion

It’s been nearly 53 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his momentous “I Have a Dream Speech” to more than one quarter of a million supporters. Though we haven’t achieved an end to racism in this country, we have made progress on equality in the workplace.  For many industry-leading organizations, the human capital management focus is on inclusivity, and attracting and nurturing creative, motivated candidates regardless of background.  “Right-fit” has come to be about sharing a passion for a vision and mission.

 “Right-fit” is about sharing a passion for your company’s vision and mission. 

That passion is something effective recruiters have, and they’re very good at engaging candidates with that heartfelt enthusiasm and positive energy. If you’re a champion of your company too, why not take the message in your heart to the minds of your candidates? You’ll build positive feelings and an emotional connection that may mean the difference between winning or losing the talented candidates your company needs.

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Stop the War: Is Sharing Talent with your Competitors on the Horizon?

Our friends at ManpowerGroup Solutions recently posed an intriguing alternative to the ongoing war for talent: collaboration between competitors on shared talent pools.  This concept has the potential to lessen, if not solve, critical workforce challenges companies deal with every day, including skilled talent shortages and new expectations younger workers have of employers. This is not a remake of temporary staffing.  Rather, it is business collaboration on a grand scale, and it bears a closer look.

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Purpose-Built: Choose the Right Solution for the Problem

As video interviewing gains more traction in hiring and talent acquisition, there is an increasingly-definitive line between video conference chat tools (like Skype, Zoom, etc.) and a purpose-built video interviewing solution for hiring (like Montage).  This line can often be blurred since some of the technologies are relatively new.  I want to give you a clear definition of "purpose-built," and why it is paramount when it comes to choosing your direction for video interviewing.

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Right Fit Tech Candidates, Right Now

Here’s a frequent scenario at Montage: Clients implement video interviewing in a business unit or for a particular job family, and when they see the enormous positive impact on their hiring results, their use of our tech quickly spreads to other departments and roles.  IT hiring is a prime example of this ripple effect and it’s a great match-up since video interviewing can solve some unique IT hiring challenges.

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Shouldn't Hiring Be About People?

There’s disappointing news on the employee engagement front. As reported in a recent blog, Gallup research shows no increase in employee engagement last year, and only a two-point increase over the past 2.5 years. You’d think with just 32% of U.S. employees fully engaged in their jobs, more companies would sit up and take notice. Blog author Mark Crowley makes a good point: To raise employee engagement, companies can’t simply measure it. We have to go further by making changes in traditional leadership practices. HR should be leading the charge with an innovative hiring process capable of sparking engagement at first candidate contact and efficiently securing the right leaders.

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Communicate More, Move Less: Hiring for 2016's Hot Jobs

CareerBuilder’s 2016 list of hottest jobs is out, and perennials like registered nurse, software developer and truck driver top the list for another year.  What’s new is the way recruiters approach hiring for roles like these in which demand for employees greatly outpaces the supply of candidates.  TA teams continue to turn to video interviewing technology for improved hiring. The software enables recruiters to spend less time in transit and more time talking with candidates – a strategic change that puts the focus on relationship-building with potential new hires.   Here’s a look at ways video interviewing is being used for 2016’s hardest to fill roles.

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