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Recently, I overheard a marketing professional groan as he was starting some small talk with a group of people. He was reacting to the usual polite question, “So what does your company do?” He actually said, “I hate when I get that question. It’s so hard to explain what my company does, and no one ever gets it.” So, of course I perked up and wanted to hear the rest of the conversation. What could this company do that is so confusing? If this marketing professional can’t articulate his own company’s value proposition, then how in the world do they sell? I listened in to his explanation, and I have to say the guy was right: I didn’t understand what his company did at all. Was he selling a service? Consultation? Technology? It was really unclear to me.

Clarity in the Marketplace

The experience makes me think of Montage and how we have taken great care, time and investment to make sure we - every single employee - all understand our offering and can articulate it clearly to anyone who asks. We are comfortable with the content, and confident in the delivery.

Here’s how we say it: Montage offers the most mature video and voice interviewing solution available. We are purpose-built to transform the hiring process one smile at a time. We want everyone to understand very quickly that we are a video and voice interviewing technology company and that our area of focus and expertise is transforming the hiring experience for large enterprise clients. There are really three key parts to this statement: purpose-built (defined in this past blog post), maturity, and the notion of ‘smile.’ Let me dig into the maturity part now and cover smile in a future blog.

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Video Interviewing Helps Office Depot Connect with Candidates

When you are recruiting for everyone from retail store associates to e-commerce experts to finance professionals, figuring how to attract and engage each candidate pool can be a challenge. The Senior Director of Talent Acquisition for Office Depot shared her team’s approach to these challenges at two industry events this year. For the Office Depot team, video interviewing technology has provided a unique point of differentiation to help them attract and engage external candidates, as well as retain and promote their current employees. 


 Video interviewing technology helps the @OfficeDepot TA team attract and engage candidates. 

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Can Internal Hiring Help Healthcare Cope with Boomer Retirement?

Baby Boomers are retiring from the U.S. workforce in record numbers as about 10,000 hit age 65 each day. For healthcare organizations, the impact of this wave of withdrawal is particularly grim. Survey results released by AMN Healthcare Services Inc. indicate nearly two-thirds of registered nurses over age 54 are now considering retirement, and of that group, 62% plan to retire within the next three years.  Healthcare organizations are looking at every possible response for this critical workforce issue. Internal hiring, facilitated by video interviewing, is one approach with strategic value.

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Gain an Unfair Advantage from Sourcing through Onboarding

With the proliferation of smartphones and innovations in video technology, video is everywhere you look today. YouTube gets billions of views daily, 50% through a mobile device. People spend 88% more time on a web page that features video. The use of video is exploding in talent acquisition too, and not just for video interviewing.  In fact, research by Aberdeen Group links best-in-class companies with aggressive use of HCM video tools1 Montage’s own Tom Boyle recently presented a webinar on the far-reaching impact of video in TA, and the advantages it helps TA teams gain at every stage of the hiring process.  I’d like to share his take on this growing trend:

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Quick Answers for Job Seekers: The Difference Between Live and On-Demand Video Interviewing

If you’re like the average working American, your next job change is probably less than five years away. Average job tenure in the U.S. is just 4.6 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You may even be one of the three out of every four full-time employees who are actively looking for a new job right now1.  At some point soon, you’ll enter a company’s hiring process, and you may be asked to do an on-demand or live video interview.  Here’s a quick look at what you should expect.

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Video Interviewing Serves Veterans Entering the Civilian Workforce

This Veterans Day, if you can’t thank one of our country’s veterans in person, say thank you to Sprint, PNC Bank or Discover for their commitment to veteran hiring.  These companies join Montage clients Disney, Humana, WilsonHCG, and several others in being recognized on the top 25 list of most influential companies for veteran hiring. However, new data reveals that one out of two (53%) post-9/11 veterans will face a period of unemployment as they transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce.

Increasingly, industry leaders like those mentioned above are recognizing the high potential veterans have to offer. Many are using video interviewing technology to facilitate the connection between veterans and their talent acquisition teams.

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The Secret to Recruiting Success: Collaboration

So I was talking with a recruiter at a conference recently, and he described his relationship with his hiring managers as lukewarm at best. The conversation brought me back to my days as a large-enterprise hiring manager, and that crazy mixture of excitement and dread I would feel after getting the ok to add a new employee. Excitement about the possibilities of new talent on my team, dread about the hiring process itself. Would I get a recruiter I knew and trusted, or would I be starting from scratch with a recruiter new not only to me but our company as well?  

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Get a Sneak Peek at the 2015 CandE Awards Data

The experience job candidates have with a company’s hiring process may seem like a squishy thing to get your arms around, but Talent Board is doing it with its CandE Awards and Report.  The 2015 CandE Report is based on research with more than 130,000 candidates, and really, who in talent acquisition doesn’t want to hear what that many job seekers have to say? We in the video interviewing space at Montage sure do.

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Crunched for Time in Healthcare Hiring? Try Video Interviewing

At a time when healthcare organizations are counting every dollar spent, many must turn to external resources to fill nursing positions.  According to WANTED Technologies, staffing agencies recruited for 25% more registered nurses last year than in prior years,  and “registered nurse” was the top occupation for which employers are likely to outsource recruitment.  Meredith Amdur, President and CEO of WANTED Technologies, cited the “lack of internal recruiting time and resources” as a primary driver of this trend. Montage's video and voice interviewing platformpurpose-built for healthcare hiring, offers an alternative solution that can help TA teams bring nurse recruiting back inside their organizations.

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Social Selling Part II: Building Online Relationships for Better Recruiting

If you had a chance to read Part I of this blog, you may have spent the last few weeks honing your basic social selling skills. It’s time well spent: According to, nearly 80% of salespeople who practiced social selling outperformed those who didn’t have a social selling strategy.   And as we know, in talent acquisition these days, recruiting is about selling the position and the organization as an employer.  Now let’s get into the fun part – social interaction.  In my crawl-walk-run analogy, you’ve made it to the walking phase.

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