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Win Over Talented Candidates with these 3 Tips

For years we’ve known there’s a war for talent going on. There’s nothing like a few statistics to paint the real picture, though.  According to MRINetwork’s trending research, the war is heating up. In June of 2012, 56% of recruiters surveyed agreed it was a candidate-driven job market.  Now, just three years later, 90% of recruiters surveyed agree that candidates are in the driver’s seat, not employers. There’s been a big, fast power shift within the talent acquisition process. If your organization is slower than you’d like to respond, here are three tips you can use to win over the candidates you really want to hire.

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Nurturing Your Candidates from Sourcing to Onboarding

Ok, so I admit it.  I never get tired of talking about the candidate experience. It’s probably because after my 20+ years in the HCM space, the way we treat candidates still has the power to make or break talent acquisition for any company.  Sure, organizations are getting better at offering a good experience to talent, but as we know from Talent Board’s ongoing candidate research, we could still be doing more to humanize hiring. 

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What's Trending in HR Tech

I just got back from a very hectic and rewarding week in Vegas for the HR Technology event. It’s nice to get out from the little bubble we tend to live in when working in a corporate headquarters. Our team is plugging away building up name recognition for Montage throughout the year so it’s fun to see all the effort pay off. I also took away some key observations:

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The Engine that Drives Quality of Hire

Practices for improving quality of hire are always a really hot topic, and in fact ERE just featured a great article describing one company’s innovative approach to it.  This healthcare industry company created a process in which necessary skills and competencies identified up front are then rated by hiring managers on a scale during each interview. They go further by conducting interview training with hiring managers to ensure everyone knows how to use the process consistently. At Montage, this type of strategic scoring and evaluation is coming up more and more in our daily discussions with TA professionals. Companies using video interviewing are finding it’s the perfect engine to drive this kind of process.

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The Secret New Way to Drive Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Hiring manager satisfaction is a key metric for many organizations, but it can feel like a highly subjective, moving target. And as the old saying goes, “You’re not happy until your clients are happy.” If you’re tired of getting complaints or even just consistently lukewarm responses to your recruiting efforts, it may be time to try something new.  The benefits of video interviewing are often touted for recruiters, but this innovative technology can also help increase your internal customers’ satisfaction with candidate quality and the overall hiring process. A purpose-built video interviewing platform benefits hiring managers, too.

 Recruiters are using video interviewing to increase hiring manager satisfaction. 

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Social Selling Part 1: Today's Recruiters Blend the Old with the New

When you get to the heart of it, recruiting is essentially about building relationships. You need a solid connection with your hiring managers, and you need to be able to form ties with your candidates too. What’s new for recruiters today is the ability to take this skill online.  Social media’s been around long enough that there’s no longer a question about IF you should use it for recruitment.  What I find to be the most pressing question is the HOW – how do recruiters go about creating a strong social presence, and how do they use it as a strategy for building relationships? In this three-part blog series, I’ll outline the step-by-step process I’ve used with my own team to help them put social selling skills into their box of business tools.

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The Latest Pickle for Healthcare IT Recruiters

Nurses aren’t the only professionals on healthcare recruiters' Most Wanted list. Requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean many healthcare organizations must update various IT systems, and they need skilled IT professionals to do it.  According to WANTED Analytics, 80% of healthcare providers plan to hire IT staff in the next year.  And, 33% of the current healthcare IT job postings online are for “healthcare IT project manager,” a role rated 89 (with 100 being the hardest) on WANTED’s Hiring Difficulty Index. Recruiters will also have a hard time filling the 25% of healthcare IT job postings online that require SQL experience.

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Is Skype Killing Your Candidate Experience?

We've always been big believers in the experience delivered to candidates and recruiters through our video interviewing technology, which has only grown better over the years. We have our own 2015 survey results from candidates who've had a Montage Interview as evidence:

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Leaps Ahead Yet Miles to Go: Insights from the CandE Symposium

Last week, Talent Board brought hundreds of companies and sponsors together in Dallas to talk about the candidate experience. The key purposes were to learn from those making changes, collaborate on ideas, and honor those who have made an impression on their job candidates – win or lose the job. In my opinion, they succeeded wildly. Common themes heard throughout the 2-1/2 days:

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If You're Not Using Video for Remote Hiring, You're Not Hiring Smart

Kevin Sheridan’s recent blog, “Why Working from Home is a Win-Win for Companies and Employees,” is a solid update on this rising trend. Like many employees, I’m really appreciative of this policy at Montage since my daily commute can run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each way depending on traffic. The ability to work at home regularly makes my life not just easier but also more productive in terms of my work and family responsibilities. Many of our clients also have work-at-home policies as well as a virtual workforce. They’re using our video interviewing technology to hire their remote employees.  It’s a near-perfect use case for our platform. In fact, I can make the case that companies which don’t hire their virtual workforce via video interviewing are leaving money – and opportunity – on the table. 

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Make Your Healthcare Organization Irresistible to Job Candidates

In the tight healthcare talent market, every accepted offer is a win for your TA team. Sometimes getting to that “Yes!” is mainly a matter of matching your salary and benefits to market demand.  When there’s no flexibility with these essentials though, recruiters need to get creative to sell the job to top candidates. Here are three easy ways you can make your healthcare organization irresistible to job seekers without touching your compensation structure. 

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