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How to Exceed Expectations in a Video Interview

If you’re graduating this year or next, it’s only a matter of time before you’re invited to participate in a video interview. Many of the largest companies in the U.S. now use video interviewing as part of their standard hiring process, and it’s catching on with mid-market and small businesses as well. Your first invite could easily be to a Skype or WebEx interview.  Companies often test-drive video interviewing with these tools.  However, as the use of technology built specifically for the hiring process continues to grow, you may be interviewing with this type of platform, which has several advantages for you as a job candidate. Here are some hints to help you do your best whether it’s a live or on-demand (recorded) video interview.

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New Montage Research: 74% Expect Video Interviewing Use to Grow

New findings by Montage reveal video interviewing is mainstream, especially with large employers. Montage commissioned third-party research over the span of 18 months with talent acquisition professionals, which shows nearly 75% believe use of video interviewing will increase in the next 12 months. Their intent to purchase video interviewing is driven by a desire to speed up the hiring process and the limitations of generic tools like Skype.

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Handle Seasonal High-Volume Hiring without Breaking

It’s crunch-time for Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, Kohl’s, UPS, FedEx and other organizations that count their hires by the thousands in preparation for the holiday season. Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas predicts retailers will add nearly 755,000 seasonal employees, including 280,000 by the big five mentioned above. If you’re UPS looking to expand your payroll by 95,000, how many candidates will you need in your pipeline to reach your hiring goal? With a 3:1 hiring ratio, you’ll screen at least 285,000 people. If 5:1 is more realistic, that candidate pool jumps to 475,000. Fortunately, Montage’s latest addition to its platform - voice interviewing - is designed to help TA professionals handle high-volume hiring scenarios like these without breaking.

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

Nervous about Video Interviewing and Discrimination Risk?

The topic of video interviewing and discrimination risk comes up every so often, and though I’ve blogged about it several times, we still hear concerns from time to time. The gist of our past articles is this: A video interview used correctly presents no greater legal challenge or risk than the traditional in-person interview.

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Montage Clients Featured in HealthLeaders Sept. Issue

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Penn Medicine-University of Pennsylvania Health System, and University of Texas, Medical Branch have starring roles this month in top industry publication HealthLeaders. The three Montage clients are profiled for their innovative talent acquisition strategies in Powering Up: How HR’s Superheroes are Attracting a New Workforce. We congratulate our partners on well-deserved recognition for their advancement of healthcare hiring.

 Montage clients are profiled for innovative talent acquisition strategies in HealthLeaders this month.

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Understand Candidates' Core Values with Video Interviewing

Fast Company published an exceptional article on workplace race relations in light of the Trayvon Martin verdict earlier this year. I particularly liked two of the author’s main points: 1) Companies with high levels of diversity are also industry leaders, and 2) there is a cost to subconscious discrimination. At Montage, we know diversity and inclusion are important to clients like Disney, Allstate, Manpower, Humana and many others. We’ve partnered with our clients to give them a permanent hiring advantage with video interviewing, and that includes supporting diversity andinclusion in their places of work.

Topics: EEOC Compliance and Video Interviewing Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

Take Your "Non-Negotiable List" Up a Level with Video Interviewing

Over the summer The Staffing Stream posted a fantastic blog about a “non-negotiable list” for interviewing job candidates.  Written by best-selling author Kevin Sheridan, the blog was about making the typical red flags in interviews into an organizational advantage during the hiring process, essentially by capturing and using recruiters’ experience and gut instincts to improve on candidate selection.

 A Non-Negotiable List uses recruiters’ experience and gut instincts to improve on candidate selection.

I love this concept! It’s an innovative idea that uses resources companies already have in-house to improve hiring.  And, anyone can take this concept up a level toward a competitive advantage for their company with video interviewing technology.

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When It's Personal, Make Experience a Priority

Last week I finally gathered up and organized all of my old home videos to ship them off to an online company that is so well in tune with its customers, it is refreshing to see. Clearly they understand the images and audio on those tapes are precious to me and my family. If I ship them off to no-man's land and never hear again about it, I am devastated and ready to go loud and mad on social media. Instead, this firm works to alleviate my anxiety through a series of well-planned emails. We can learn from the customer experience this company has created and apply it to the hiring process.

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Four Reasons Live Voice Interviewing with Montage Rocks

With our latest product release, Montage now has live and on-demand options for both voice and video interviewing. Live voice interviewing takes what is usually a lengthy, ineffective process, and uses technology to streamline it. The result is a more efficient process that improves collaboration and increases speed to hire – and I think it rocks. Here are four reasons why:

Is Healthcare Recruiting a Factor in Hospital Readmission Rates?

According to a recent Modern Healthcare article, about 75% of U.S. hospitals will see a reduction in their Medicare payments in fiscal 2016 because too many patients return within 30 days of discharge. The Hospital Readmission Reduction Program created under the Affordable Care Act is used by CMS as a metric for Medicare reimbursement, but health policy researchers and industry groups representing U.S. hospitals argue that many factors in patient readmission are beyond a hospital's control. I have to agree: Is it reasonable to think hospital staff can control everything? Probably not. However, healthcare recruiters can put themselves in better control over talent acquisition, which ultimately impacts quality in hospitals and healthcare facilities, with voice and video interviewing.

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An Old Classic Improves with New Tech

This past weekend I took my family to visit the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.  My teenage son couldn't get over the fact that there were experimental electric cars dating back to the early 1900s. He said to me, “Why did it take so long for people to figure out how to put those cars on the road?”. Good question! We spent a lot of that afternoon talking about how sometimes a great idea is already there, but it takes innovation and persistence to bring it forward for mainstream use. Like electric cars, video interviewing falls into the category of an idea whose time has come.

How Krin Buran Eliminates Your Learning Curve

If you use a Montage video or voice interviewing application, you’ve probably met Krin Buran, at least via video. As Training Lead at Montage, Krin helps clients get up and running on the Montage platform. She virtually eliminates the learning curve with the world-class training included with our product. Since our technology is designed for ease of use, most clients only see Krin for a few hours. To offer up a behind-the-scenes look at Montage’s training capabilities, we recently did a Q&A: 

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