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Video Interviewing Delivers Powerful Payoffs for RPO

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is poised to take off in 2015. Just two years ago, the industry generated nearly $2.25 billion in revenue in North America alone, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. More than a third of North American organizations are partnering with a RPO vendor already, and another 28% have plans to explore an investment in RPO over the next two years. RPO firms are gearing up to handle increasing demand, and are looking for ways to generate candidate engagement. Firms that create a positive, branded experience by integrating voice and video interviewing into their hiring process are seeing powerful payoffs:

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HCI's STA Conference: WOW!

Wow. Really wow! That about sums it up for me after the last two days in Boston at HCI's strategic talent acquisition conference. We had a band of clients and partners in close proximity throughout the event, and it was a great opportunity to build on some strong relationships, and enjoy spending time with these folks. The theme was Reinventing Talent Acquisition for Business Alignment, and it was a valuable experience for all who attended.

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3 Hiring Mistakes Most Companies Can't Afford to Make

Here’s a hiring story that sounds unlikely, but I assure you it’s true. It’s a tale of luck - how one local company managed to make a great hire despite some serious missteps by its talent acquisition team. When I first heard it, I thought to myself, “How does this company manage to keep its good name and stay in business with this kind of hiring experience? This can’t be a sustainable practice."

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Like Attracts Like - Is That a Good Thing?

Our friends at Allegis Global Solutions have been talking lately about symbiotic mentoring as a way to attract and keep top talent.  Simon Townsend, Chief Innovation Officer, Asia Pacific at Allegis recently described the concept like this, “…the best mentoring relationships I’ve had were those where knowledge passed back and forth, each of us learning and growing from the other. In a symbiotic relationship both sides gain directly, and when we do that with knowledge, ideas flourish.”   How smart is this?  I mean, who wouldn’t want to work for a company that a) that values your knowledge and creativity so much they ask you to share it, and b) builds ongoing learning into the job? And what better way to engage employees than by creating, as Simon puts it, a culture of participation.

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Three Ways Video Interviewing Helps Fight Talent Shortages

The results are in from Manpower Group’s recently released 10th Annual Talent Shortage Survey.  Thirty-eight percent of global employers report that talent shortages are a real concern, a seven-year high. As in years past, there are a few areas that continue to have the most shortages – Skilled Trades, Sales Representatives, Engineers and Technicians.

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6 Cities That Could Fill the Tech Skills Gap with Video Interviewing

WANTED Analytics recently published its take on recruiting difficulty in six U.S. cities identified by CIO as “hidden gems” for tech talent.  Cities that made CIO’s list like Raleigh, NC; Miami, FL; and Austin, TX may not surprise you as tech magnets. However, some of these lesser-known tech scenes are interesting: Baltimore, MD; Omaha, NE; and Salt Lake City, UT.  According to CIO, all of these cities are the place to be for techies who want to grow their careers.  Unfortunately for recruiters, they are also identified as having difficult recruiting conditions by WANTEDVideo interviewing is a viable solution for recruiters interested in filling that tech skills gap.

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Montage Named As Finalist In The American Business Awards

I could write any number of blog articles every week extolling the virtues of our video interviewing technology, but you would expect me to do that. I work here, of course I think it’s fantastic! So when we get recognition from outside our four walls, it’s reinforcement of what we believe about our work. Most recently, we were thrilled when Montage was named a finalist for the American Business Awards in the New Product or Service – Human Capital Management Solution

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New Research: Employer Branding Shifts into High Gear

Harvard Business Review recently reported on a shift in organizational responsibility for the employer brand. In the analysis of a survey of more than 2,000 senior executives, HBR concludes, “One of our main findings was that many leaders now place primary responsibility for the employer brand with the CEO or marketing, rather than with recruiters and HR. In fact, 60% of the CEOs we surveyed said this responsibility lies with the CEO (40% of marketing leaders agreed) — which is a strong indication that employer branding is expected to gain greater strategic importance.”

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20/20 Line of Sight: Cater to Candidates and Hiring Managers with Equal Vision

Defining who you are and how you wish to be perceived is critical to talent acquisition. Without it, candidates are confused and hiring managers are left to their own devices. We know that a solidly defined and executed corporate employer brand serves as the anchor for external communication to potential job candidates. And, it serves as a launching point for hiring managers to define their working unit’s particular team brand as they search for right-fit candidates to join an existing team. Video interviewing technology plays    an essential role with both groups of stakeholders in the hiring process.

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Will Video Interviewing Be the Tipping Point for RPO?

The RPO industry is poised for a breakthrough. Last year, industry research found that 73% of organizations surveyed planned to increase hiring, and more than 50% planned to increase their use of outsourced recruitment firms. It's likely those plans will continue in 2015 given current employment trends. However, 71% of companies also confirmed what RPO firms have already seen: The shortage of skilled candidates is a significant challenge. Given the increased hiring pressure, will outsourced recruitment firms be able to seize this opportunity to build client loyalty and sustained growth? Their adoption of video interviewing technology is likely to influence that answer.

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Get More from Your LinkedIn Social Recruiting with Video Interviewing

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive at least one message from a recruiter via my LinkedIn account. It’s not that I have extremely niche skills or that my connections number in the thousands. It’s just that LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful social networks for recruiting.  

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Video Interviewing: Your Key to Diffusing Candidate Resentment

As part of the annual CandE awards, tens of thousands of candidates complete a survey, rating their application and hiring experience on a scale of one to five. Results have shown that for companies with a poorly-rated candidate experience, candidate resentment can become a very real result.

First, the good news. For candidates who gave a company’s hiring process five stars, 78% said they would encourage others to apply for a job there, even if they didn’t get the job. However, if a candidate only gave their experience one star, not only will 41% of them actively discourage others from applying, but almost 50% will take their business elsewhere. You might not have wanted that candidate as an employee, but now you’ve lost them as a customer, too.

The Cost of Candidate Resentment

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Keep Candidates Engaged with Video Interviewing

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Candidate Experience workshop put on by The Talent Board, the group responsible for the CandE Awards. At the workshop, Talent Board chairman Elaine Orler shared a number of findings from the 2014 Candidate Experience surveys. It was eye-opening to see what matters to candidates, what makes them feel positive, and what completely turns them off to a company and job opportunity. Montage has done some candidate research as well. I'd like to share some of our key learning with you.  

We've found that with every job opening, there will always be candidates who voluntarily withdraw from the hiring process. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were unhappy with the experience. Their withdrawal might have been related to salary differences or another opportunity that was a better fit. However, when candidates withdraw because they feel disrespected or unheard, that’s another problem entirely.

More and more companies are turning to video interviewing as they look to enhance their candidate experience. When integrated into your hiring work flow, video interviewing can help to alleviate many of the common complaints about the traditional hiring process that cause candidates to withdraw.

Is Your Process Too Slow?

Once candidates submit their resume, how long is it before they hear from you? What’s the period of time between a completed interview and your candidate follow up? If your hiring team “goes dark” for extended periods of time, you are likely to lose candidates, either to new opportunities, or because they simply became tired of waiting.

Integrating on-demand video interviewing into your organization’s hiring work flow can speed up the process and minimize wait times. Scheduling and completing a phone screen can take days. You have to connect with the candidate, find a time that works for both of you, then complete the interview itself. Instead, ask candidates to complete an on-demand video interview. They can complete the interview when it’s convenient for them, without having to take time off from their current job. Completed interviews take only minutes to review, and promising candidates can be immediately forwarded to your hiring manager. With on-demand video interviewing, there's no need to wait for an entire round of interviews to be completed, or for schedules to align for a meeting.

Are There Too Many Rounds of Interviews?

Have you ever wondered how many rounds of interviews can take place before a candidate starts to lose interest in an opportunity? Montage asked 200 active job seekers this very question. Sixty-seven percent said more than three is too many, while 41% said if they are asked back for more than two rounds, they might start to lose interest. If your hiring process is long due to a large number of interviews, you will likely lose candidates along the way.

To alleviate this issue, make the most of your candidates' time. If you ask them on site for a series of interviews, and one member of your hiring team is traveling, don’t ask candidates to return for another interview. Instead, bring in the missing team member through live video interviewing. If you'd like to interview candidates located out of town, use live video interviewing instead of asking them to take time out of their schedule to travel.  

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How Does It Feel to Find Out Your Car is Smarter Than You?

I recently upgraded to a new car, so now I get to enjoy some of the latest accessories and technology that come standard in the newer models of automobiles. Like most people, I really didn't read that humongous book that comes along with the vehicle. As a result, I only recently dicovered that my car is smarter than I am. It would not allow me to lock the door when it knew the keys were still inside. When I figured out what was going on, I literally thanked my car as I grabbed my purse from the passenger seat and locked the door successfully.  And I thought, “Thank goodness this technology has me covered!”

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Keep Your Hiring Process Moving with Video Interviewing

Bersin by Deloitte recently released its Talent Acquisition Factbook for 2015, and it includes information that should be of interest to today’s top talent acquisition professionals: Hiring is taking longer and becoming more expensive. In 2014, the average cost to fill an open position was $4,000, up from $3,500 in 2011. On average, it took 52 days to fill an open position, up from 48 days just three years ago. If the open position is higher up the career ladder, it can take even longer. 

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