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Candidates Preview High-Tech Hospital Roles with Video Interviewing

When it comes to hiring the right people for hospital and long-term care environments, there is that special quality that every recruiter needs to identify in a potential new hire. Call it bedside manner, or empathy, or simply the ability to be a people person. Whatever it is, all recruiters in a healthcare environment desperately need to find job candidates who have it. Here at Montage we work with many clients who put thousands of people into a public-facing role through video interviewing. However, our hospital clients have a unique need for candidates who can provide competent care and inspire confidence in patients and their families despite the high-stress environment.

College Hiring in the Extreme

This past holiday weekend, amidst Memorial Day parades, picnics and graduation parties, I had the good fortune to sit and chat with some of my college-age cousins who are spending their summers in college internships.

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Don't Hire the 4th Candidate - Hire the Best Fit!

If you thought the first candidate in line had the best chances of being hired, think again. New research indicates that the 4th candidate interviewed in the hiring process is the one who gets the most attention from hiring managers. Knowing how hiring works, it follows that this individual is also the one most likely to get the job.  Seems like this research has uncovered a hidden, human bias that really has nothing to do with candidate quality! It drives a hole right through TA professionals’ best efforts to create a consistent hiring process and to identify   the best candidate for the job.

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Improve Your Onboarding Process With Video Interviewing

Imagine taking the time to find the perfect gift for someone. You know it's something she needs to make life easier. You give the gift and while she is appreciative, she simply sets the gift aside and goes about her day. She's missing out on a great opportunity!

A similar situation happens every day in recruitment. As a recruiter, you take the time to make the perfect match between job candidates and job openings. Without an effective onboarding process though, your new hires can't take full advantage of the great career opportunity before them. An engaging onboarding program can ensure your new hires are set up for success. By integrating your video interviewing solution into your onboarding process, you can take it to the next level.

Good Onboarding is Good Business

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5 Things Video Interviewing and Netflix Have in Common

Confession – I love watching TV. I know it can be cool to say you don’t, but there you have it. I enjoy a good TV show, and Netflix is a big part of that. And while I wouldn’t say that Netflix belongs in a business case for video interviewing, I was struck the other day by some of the attributes they have in common.

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It's Okay If You're Lazy - You Can Still Be a Great Recruiter with Video Interviewing

When I think of great recruiters and their personality traits, I think of traits that are much the same as great sales people. The description that comes to mind is "hustle." To me that means somebody who is in constant motion. Someone who talks a lot, works a lot, emails a lot, texts a lot, and basically just does a lot. A high level of "hustle" is really a trademark quality of somebody who puts in a lot of time communicating with other people for a living. I believe the best recruiters only get better when they have video interviewing in their back pocket. I also believe that video interviewing gives these constantly hustling recruiters a tremendous advantage in terms of time. In this two-part blog, I'll share just how.

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The Secret to Faster, Easier, Better Collaboration: Video Interviewing

Collaboration is an awesome word. It is the ideal combination of teamwork and communication, one of those Holy Grail states-of-being that businesses want to reach all the time. Specifically in HR and talent acquisition, collaboration is one of those things we know video interviewing helps to promote not just between two parties but between all the parties involved in the hiring process. In fact, video interviewing makes collaboration in hiring easier, faster and more effective.

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How Video Interviewing Promotes Consistency in Evaluation

Last week I faced a milestone with my son as he took his driver's exam. Of course, we asked for input from kids who have been through the test recently. Their advice was important for my son to feel as comfortable as possible with the unknown. One young man who failed his road test three times said it was really important for the DMV test administrator to like you. Others said very different things.Seemingly, people walk out of this process believing that politeness, cleanliness of the car, the weather, and the local sports team’s recent success or failure all impact the mood of the DMV administrator, which apparently plays just as important a role in the pass/fail as the teen's driving abilities. How many job candidates walk out of an interview with that exact same feeling?

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Shift the Budget: Making Room for Video Interviewing

As the marketing leader here at Montage, one of my jobs is to manage the marketing budget. As you can imagine, there are nearly unlimited places and things that we want to spend our money on to reach out to our talent acquisition audience. But the budget only goes so far. I become a chess master, moving pieces around to make room for the things that my team wants and needs to do, especially as new opportunities present themselves. It’s very similar to what our talent acquisition buyers need to do so often after they learn about video interviewing. If you’re facing this challenge, read on for some ideas on how to make room in your budget.

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Employer Brand Takes on Critical Role in Healthcare Recruiting

The concept of employer branding – promoting your organization as THE employer to work for – has been on HR’s radar screen for many years.  After all, what better way to attract and hire the talented candidates who best fit your culture than by communicating that culture during recruiting? What’s fresh, however, is the growing influence of the employer brand. Recent analysis by LinkedIn indicates that organizations with a strong talent brand see a 43% decrease in cost per hire, and they're able to grow 20% faster. That’s interesting news for healthcare recruiters, who face increasing challenges in talent acquisition.

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Video Interviewing Fixes Flaws of Traditional Hiring Process

Let’s face it: The traditional way that companies hire is rich with flaws. I’m not usually one to focus on the negative, but as a professional who’s worked in the HR space for more than 20 years, I have a strong interest in improving the hiring process. Like any human process, hiring has its imperfections, but it’s worth the time to fix: It touches nearly everybody at least once in their lives, and it’s intensely human – we risk our personal and professional self-confidence every time we go through it.  Fortunately, video interviewing technology goes a long way toward fixing many of the common broken pieces of the traditional hiring work flow.

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Futurestep Identifies Video Interviewing as Key Practice in College Recruitment

A new executive survey released by global recruitment leader Futurestep has some interesting things to say about the new priorities in college recruitment. The results are based on more than 800 responses to the executive survey, though as a high-impact company that uses video interviewing for college recruiting for its clients, Futurestep has some great insights to share as well.  Futurestep reports that for one client that hires 500 college graduates a year, Montage video interviewing has increased to 69% its interview-to-offer recommendation success rate.

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The Hidden Costs of Using a Free Chat Tool for Video Interviewing

You know that old saying, there’s no such thing as a free lunch? I've come to believe it's true. Sure, you can attend a free event, take a free test drive, or get your tap water analyzed for free, but there's a hidden cost in listening to a sales pitch. A huge cost even, when you can't get the guy to leave your house or he hounds you on social media for weeks afterward. As a consumer, I’ve become savvy to the point of asking myself, "It's free, yes, but do I really want it? What is the cost that's not immediately recognized?"

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Hiring for Healthcare Support Roles with Video and Voice Interviewing

So much is being written right now about the skilled workforce shortage in healthcare practitioner jobs that we sometimes overlook a key area of hiring within healthcare: The all-important support positions. About four million people work in healthcare support roles in the U.S., distributed across nursing facilities, hospitals, home health, doctors’ and dentists’ offices. For most healthcare organizations, this is high volume hiring. Recruiters face a challenge in balancing the large number of applications with their need to get to know these candidates well and provide a positive candidate experience.

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May the Force of Video Interviewing Be With You

If you are any kind of Star Wars fan, then like me you’ve often wished you could use The Force in your day-to-day activities. Who wouldn’t want to be able to control their life more and make things turn out for the good at any time just by putting their mental power to work? For Luke Skywalker, mastering the power of The Force was a life-changer that in fact had global and intergalactic implications…but I digress.  Back to the real business world of today, where video interviewing can also have a powerful ripple effect throughout the organizations that use it.

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