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Video Interviewing Could Redefine "Remote" for Techies

WANTED Analytics recently came out with an interesting nugget on growth in the demand for technical skills beyond traditional IT jobs. According to the article, some of the most sought-after tech skills in jobs outside of the IT field include User experience design (UX), Structured query language (SQL) and Microsoft Office Visio. For those experienced with these skills, it seems the opportunities to work remotely could become nearly unlimited.  Become an independent contractor with these skills, and you could even work from some warm tropical island, pursuing new projects and clients through video interviewing. Here’s how the technology could help you land assignments:

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Hats Off to Healthcare Recruiters

Recruiting for a hospital environment must be one of the most daunting jobs in talent acquisition. As the recruiter you choose the next wave of top talent, meeting the next neurosurgeon or head of oncology. You need in-depth knowledge in many areas of the medical profession in order to screen properly and bring forth the top candidates. In a recent survey, healthcare professionals agreed they face the most difficulty hiring physicians and surgeons.

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Job Candidates Unite: Video Interviewing is Better for You!

Job candidates get rejected every day. Though it varies by position and company, the average job applicant is up against 117 others who have applied for the same job. A scant 20% get the nod to move forward in the selection process, leaving a large majority of candidates to receive the reject notice. Many of them walk away feeling that they were hardly heard and not given the chance to shine. We write often about the benefits of video interviewing to the recruiter, but in this blog we'll explore the benefits of video interviewing for the job candidate.

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Take the Time-Kill Out of Hourly Hiring with Video Interviewing

There’s a saying in talent acquisition, “Time kills all hires in hourly recruiting,” and it’s true. I saw this happen many times when I was a recruiter myself: Candidates looking for an hourly position apply to several companies at once, they accept the first job offered, and essentially, the fastest recruiter wins. Now that I work for Montage, I see the same phenomenon on a much larger scale: Organizations that have adopted video interviewing are beating those that haven’t for the best talent for hourly and salaried positions.

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Creating a Video Interviewing Company Around the Experience

One of the brand tenets here at Montage is Experience Matters. In the past few weeks I’ve been reminded of the importance of that tenet repeatedly as I have been out in the marketplace, shopping for services for our marketing department. The way I was treated during the sales process by some of the vendors reinforced the importance of the client experience when buying a product and getting started with a new vendor. I cannot tell you how many poor sales encounters I had when reaching out to potential new vendors, and at times, no response at all. Or, a response that was completely unresponsive to what I needed.  I was unpleasantly surprised to be dealing with companies that do not put the same emphasis on the client experience that we do here at Montage with video interviewing.

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A Healthcare Hiring Story That Cries Out for Video Interviewing

Usually I share hiring success stories in this blog, but this is one is a little different – it hasn’t taken place yet.  Here’s the scenario: A friend of mine in HR was recently hired by a company that manages long-term care facilities regionally.  Now we all know that businesses are in a hiring mode, and healthcare hiring is tougher than most.  My friend - let’s call her Gina - has taken on a big challenge with this job, and I (of course) let her know right away about ways she can solve some of the biggest issues with video interviewing:

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Will Video Soon Lead All Things HCM?

LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of online learning company sparked a blog by an analyst I love to follow, Madeline Laurano at Brandon Hall Group. In Raising the Stakes, she highlights the trend toward adoption of video learning – a technique we use here at Montage to help participants prepare for video interviewing.  I can’t help but wonder if video will soon lead all things HCM?

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Put Away the Orange Cones, You've Got Video Interviewing

Walking back from lunch today, I had a little laugh. We have brick walkways around our office, and some of the stairs are in need of repair. The current method of fixing this seems to be placing orange cones on the stairs, warning people not to walk on them. And while this might stop me from tripping on those stairs for now, it’s not actually fixing the problem.

Do you have orange cones in your hiring process? There might be issues in a hiring process that need fixing, but continue to get ignored or dealt with because “that’s the way it is.” It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a video interviewing solution, you can solve many of the most common concerns in the hiring process today, and put the orange cones away for good.

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Video Interviewing Done Right Makes a Job Choice Clear

I have been on both sides of the hiring table. I have been a hiring manager, and a job seeker. I've had some average interviews, I've had awful experiences, but the best interview I ever had was a video interview at Montage. At the time, I was also considering another job, and the contrast between the hiring processes at the two companies could not have been greater.  Let me share my story with you…

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Maintain Your Hiring Momentum during Spring Break with Video Interviewing

The months of March and April are peppered with the Spring Break tradition. Whether it's the week before or after Easter, or a random week chosen by your school district, we know here in the U.S. it's always more difficult to reach people during these two spring months. Yet when recruiting for hard-to-find skill sets or mission-critical positions, taking a week-long break is hardly an option. This time of year really emphasizes the importance of virtual or remote ways to keep in touch, like video interviewing.

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Video Interviewing Becomes Critical as Mobile Recruiting Goes Mainstream

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that mobile recruiting has evolved into a new phase in talent acquisition. According to a new article, Mobile Recruiting’s New Wave, “…mobile recruiting today is seen less as a stand-alone category and more a part of the talent acquisition mainstream.” At Montage, we’ve prepared for the mobile explosion with apps that enhance the user experience when participating in a Montage video interview via smart phone.

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Optimize Video Interviewing for Rookies and Pros Alike

For today’s talent acquisition teams, video interviewing can provide any number of advantages. Decreased travel costs, increased efficiency, improved time to hire, higher quality of candidates, and the list goes on. But what about the people on the other side of the camera – the job candidates? What do they think of video interviewing? And how you can make sure it works for them?

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The Future of the In-Person Interview

Whenever talent acquisition professionals get together to talk shop, I find it’s always an excellent opportunity to listen and learn. The two exploratory discussions recently hosted by the organizers of the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) were no different, as TA professionals from Australia’s leading companies gathered to share their experiences with an emerging best practice: Video interviewing. Under lively debate was the (potential) death of the in-person interview – will virtual interviews soon replace all other hiring interactions? Some of the key takeaways from the discussion are revealing:

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What You Don’t Want to Hear from Job Candidates Right Now

The U.S. continues to make gains in job growth, while the unemployment rate is the lowest in years. This upward employment trend is keeping talent acquisition teams busy, especially in the professional and business services, retail trade, food services and drinking places, and health care sectors. Many are using video interviewing to secure the top candidates.

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First-Day-on-the-Job Jitters? Solved, with Video Interviewing

The hard work is done! You have a great new hire who is starting next week Monday. The truth is, the work is just beginning. Onboarding new hires and making them feel welcome, and starting their education toward becoming a productive employee, is just as important as getting that accepted job offer. Come Monday, you’re likely to have a nervous new hire on your hands. You can help him or her acclimate to the new workplace by using your video interviewing solution creatively.

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Video Interviewing’s Candidate Organization Makes It Easy to Spot the Real Deal

Stick with me for a moment as I begin by thanking BuzzFeed staffer Dave Stopera for compiling “26 Pictures That Will Give You Some Peace For Once In Your Life.” There’s something about the symmetry and sense of order in these images that is remarkably effective at calming the mind. After just a few moments gazing at these photos, I felt refreshed. And, ready to share with you the similar feeling recruiters get when they use Montage’s video interviewing solution to line up candidates precisely in the same orderly fashion.

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How to Make Video Interviewing as Simple as the ABCs

As they say, some things are as simple as ABC. Video interviewing may be new to you as a job candidate or a hiring manager. We hope you’ll agree though, when it’s spelled out as follows, that the learning curve for this new best practice is “S” for small and straight.

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