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Your Best Defense Against Talent Shortages: Video Interviewing

The most recent Glassdoor Recruiting Outlook Survey revealed that for today’s hiring managers, the talent shortage isn’t going anywhere. With passive recruiting becoming more difficult and an improving economy putting job seekers increasingly in the driver’s seat, 48% of the survey respondents say they don’t see enough qualified candidates for open positions – and 29% don’t see enough candidates at all, regardless of qualifications. Twenty-six percent of respondents see the situation as only getting more challenging in the future. By empowering talent acquisition teams to quickly and effectively extend their candidates reach, a video interviewing solution can be key to combating these challenges.

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Video Interviewing: Healthcare Recruiters Share Their First Stories

It’s no secret that today’s healthcare recruiters are facing unique challenges to fill their open positions, and that to meet these challenges, many organizations are turning to video interviewing. When the technology is first introduced to an organization, it’s natural to see some hesitation on the part of recruiters. Their days and schedules are already hectic enough. Though they may realize it’ll be good for them long-term, the short-terms pain of incorporating a new technology into their hiring work flow creates groans. But recruiters quickly find that the learning curve is really a mild bump. In no time at all, video interviewing improves their time to hire, increases the quality of candidates they see and increases their efficiency. I spent time with three healthcare recruiters to hear their story of their first foray into video interviewing to find out more about how it has given them a hiring advantage. 

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Hibernating? Thank Goodness for Video Interviewing

My 2015 New Year's resolution? If it's not below 0°F, I don't complain about the weather. I should be used to it by now. But whether you are dealing with the cold, the wind, the snow, or the heat, I think we can all agree, it's awesome when you can hibernate and just ignore whatever is going on outdoors. With video interviewing technology, we are spoiled, because that's exactly what we can do.

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I Tell My Boss, “We Screen While We Sleep” with Video Interviewing

Just yesterday I posted a blog about how recruiters can slow down a bit and still produce the great hiring results they’re known for.  With video interviewing, they can enjoy a little bit of lazy, and I don't mean that in a bad way at all. One of the many advantages of video interviewing is that it offers recruiters the ability to reclaim hours in their work week. A client captured this perfectly when he said on an industry conference panel, "I tell my boss, we screen while we sleep." Sound unlikely? It’s really not when you think of video interviewing as a way for recruiters to re-organize the way they spend their time.  Here are three ways video interviewing can help you spend less time doing more value-driven tasks:

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Talent Acquisition Leaders: What Are You Worried About?

There are tons of things worth worrying about when you are in charge of hiring people. But video interviewing is not one of those worries.

Last Thursday, Les Rosen, a noted employment attorney and expert on pre-hire employment practices, as well as founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources, spoke during an HCI webcast underwritten by Montage. The topic: Video Interviewing and Discrimination - What all Talent Acquisition Leaders Need to Know. The recording of this content-filled webcast is available below, should this summary of key points trigger your interest.

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Hiring Managers, There's A Better Way: Video Interviewing

Have you ever seen that H&R Block commercial with the man who shouts, "Get your billions back, America!"?  Working in quality assurance in video interviewing at Montage, sometimes I feel just like that. I see the exciting hiring process improvements and outcomes our clients achieve with our video interviewing solution, and I want to shout from the mountaintops, "There's a better way, Hiring Managers!" I guess I’m a problem-solver to the core.

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Too Overwhelmed for Another Project? Video Interviewing Can Be 1-2-3

I spend my day on the phone speaking with talent acquisition professionals, and I constantly get the gist that their work life is just spinning too fast. They are all so busy, it’s crazy. Most want to learn more about video interviewing, but between this project just starting and that initiative just ending, they have no time to slow down, take a deep breath, and understand how easy this purchase can be. I can make it as easy as 1-2-3 for them to get started, get going and get their time back on track.

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Make Employee Referrals a Stronger Sourcing Channel, with Video Interviewing

What is the most effective sourcing channel for your organization? If you say employee referrals you’re in good company. A recent benchmarking report by HCM consulting firm Brandon Hall Group indicates that 51% of companies surveyed rated employee referrals as a highly effective source of quality candidates. Perhaps even more interesting is that employee referrals generated the only widespread agreement on what sourcing channels are effective. According to Brandon Hall Group’s Key Practices to Excel in Talent Sourcing, “Major job boards and company career sites, which were ranked as the second and third most effective sourcing channels, were ranked less than effective almost as often as they were rated highly effective.” This finding speaks volumes about the power of employee referrals. Video interviewing can help you leverage the potential of this priceless in-house resource simply and cost-effectively.

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Allstate Uses Video Interviewing to Humanize Its Hiring Process

Allstate Insurance has been on a journey – a journey to humanize its hiring process and ensure a superior candidate experience for everyone that applies for a job, whether they are ultimately hired or not. As part of this journey, they’ve turned to technology to help recruiters stay engaged with candidates, streamline the process and give them the support they need to identify and bring in the best candidates to Allstate. One of the technologies Allstate implemented with its talent acquisition team was video interviewing. Grace Lee, Director of Talent Acquisition, spoke about this journey at the HCI Talent Acquisition Innovation Forum.

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Forget Job Titles: How to Be Happy in Every Job You Take

I was recently asked to provide some career advice by a family member. He was working to earn a bachelor’s degree and was concerned that he perhaps had started too late or was selecting a career path that would be difficult to find work in or lucrative enough to pay the bills, let alone repay the student loans.

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Read This, Become a Video Interviewing Expert

If you’ve ever watched the long-running science series MythBusters on Discovery, you know every show contains the usual “Don’t try this at home” warning followed by the phrase “We’re what you call experts.” With Montage’s video interviewing solution, it doesn’t take long for you and others in your organization to become experts at video interviewing.  In fact, you can authoritatively debunk some of the myths out there about video interviewing with just a little learning. Back that learning with your own expertise as a TA professional, and you’re ready to introduce this innovative technology’s multitude of benefits to your organization.

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Video Interviewing 101: Recruiter Efficiency

"It saved me 25 minutes per prescreen." "I reach 30% more candidates than I did before." "I work more collaboratively with my hiring managers." "This shaved 10 hours off of my week."

These are the typical statements coming across my desk as quotes from our end users, the recruiters who enjoy the benefits of Montage each day as part of their recruiting job. Recruiters who begin to use video interviewing technology for the first time quickly discover that it can add to the quality of their work week.

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Video Interviewing Myths, Busted (with no flaming explosions)

Despite new research which indicates video interviewing has gone mainstream, there are still quite a few myths around floating out there about the use of this game-changing technology for hiring.  As a leader in the video interviewing space, we hear it all, and like the co-hosts of the popular Discovery Channel show MythBusters, we’re ready to set the record straight. Unlike Adam and Jamie though, I think we can accomplish it without any giant explosions, balls of flame shooting into the air, cars being crushed, or, duct tape. (Sorry, science fans – I’ll still make this interesting, I promise.) So, onto these tales.

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Express Your Individuality: Creating a Video Interview That Shows the True You

Here's the question of the day from my husband: Aren't eggs white? An interesting question from a grown man, caused no doubt by the dozen eggs fresh from one of my co-workers and her backyard chickens. It turns out chickens lay eggs that are all sorts of colors. Who knew? Like people, those eggs are unique in shape and color - personality, so to speak. They are a product of the environment, the animal's experiences, and genetics - just like people. Expressing yourself and being your unique you is also what we coach here at Montage to help people make the most of their video interviewing experience when they are invited into the process by one of our clients.

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Video Interviewing: The Key to High-Volume Hiring Success

In February, Home Depot announced that it planned on hiring 80,000 workers for the spring selling months. With a continually strengthening U.S. economy, these announcements will become more common as companies continue to add numerous employees to their workforce. When hiring a large number of employees in a short amount of time, companies face unique challenges to ensure they fill the positions quickly, but with quality candidates that fit their culture. Enter video interviewing. 

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The Hidden Link Between Video Interviewing and Temperature

Forget about culture fit. Let's talk about temperature fit.

Anybody in the talent acquisition space will tell you one of the hardest things to do is find an individual who will mesh well with a company or department culture. One of the advantages that we have sold for many years at Montage is that our video interviewing technology assists in getting to know an individual better much sooner in the process. And, similarly, video interviewing provides candidates with a unique glimpse into the hiring manager and entire hiring team as well as the company and its culture. But, as I have come to experience in the last few years, everybody seems to be ignoring one of the key facets that contribute to employee happiness: Temperature compatibility. From personal experience I can vouch that my job satisfaction relates to the temperature of my workplace.

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Why Video Interviewing is a Victory for Healthcare Recruiters

Healthcare recruiters are a special breed. They have to be in order to survive what has become one of the toughest jobs in the world. True, they’re not in danger of death or dismemberment like Alaskan king crab fishermen. However, the job stress they face each day is a genuine health hazard. It’s caused by the fact that typical challenges faced by recruiters every day become magnified in healthcare.  Can you imagine having to identify qualified, close-fit candidates for the position of vascular surgeon? Or trying to get on the calendars of the vascular surgery committee to set up an interview?  Fortunately, with video interviewing, healthcare recruiters now have a solution that will help turn some of these challenges into wins.

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