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Video Interviewing and Discrimination: What TA Leaders Need to Know

Scene from any HR department circa 2005: Recruiter in a panicky voice, “Whoa, there’s a picture on this resume! And this one started auto-playing a video cover letter as soon as I opened it.” Recruiting manager replies in alarm, “Shoot, now what do we do with this? I cannot un-see what I’ve seen. We better go talk to Legal so we don’t get into trouble.” Thankfully the introduction of video interviewing within HR hiring workflows has moved into a phase of being the “new normal.” But, these stress-inducing questions still sometimes emerge.

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Streamline Your Internal Mobility Strategy with Video Interviewing

Although our video interviewing technology is largely used for new hires, and screening and interviewing people from outside the organization, we have seen many of our clients build great success and ROI by using our technology to power their internal mobility programs. When current employees raise their hand for consideration for open jobs, I believe that talent acquisition and recruiting leadership sets a higher level of expectation, in two ways. First, there is a higher level of expectation for recruiters to treat these existing employees to a great experience. There is also a heightened expectation for these internal employees, and their ability to express themselves and their skill and qualifications for the internal posting. Video interviewing has significant potential for getting to know these internal job candidates as efficiently and fairly as possible.

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Oscar-Worthy Tips for Gold Video Interviews

Like millions of others, I watched the Oscars this past Sunday. I always do - I love the spectacle of it. And though every year’s ceremony is different, there are still those moments that happen again and again, year after year. If you’re getting ready for your first experience with video interviewing, there are lessons to be learned from these moments. You might be going for a new job and not a gold trophy, but here are some Oscar-worthy tips to make your video interview performance shine.

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Recruiting Right to Millennials with Video Interviewing

Millennials, or Generation Y, are entering the workforce in record numbers. By the year 2020, just five years away, Millennials will make up 46% of the workforce. As with all generations, Millennials come with different motivations and desires for their careers, and what they are looking for from their employers. Many forward-thinking companies today use video interviewing to its full advantage to help attract and retain these employees who will be so key to their future growth.

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Video Interviewing: The Right Solution for Quicker Hires

Can you afford to have key positions open for three months – or more?

A recent report from the popular jobs website included a couple of surprising statistics. Along with the fact that jobs in the U.S. are taking slightly longer to fill on average, positions still open after 30 days have a 57% chance of remaining open for three months or more.

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Yoga Pants: Approved for Video Interviewing

With all of the hype nowadays about dress code and the prevalence of yoga pants in today's schools and workplaces, it's a perfect time to revisit one of the virtues of video interviewing: It really doesn't matter what you're wearing from the waist down. Professional attire is a must when creating an on-demand video interview or participating in a live video interview. However, the reality is your shoes, your pants, your skirt, miniskirt, yoga pants, cut-off jeans - all of these items of apparel are perfectly fine. Video interviewing is an amazingly flexible and convenient technology that allows the hiring team and job seekers to communicate anytime, from anywhere, and be both professional and comfortable while doing it.

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Working in Sync with Hiring Managers

Recruiters have one of the most challenging jobs in corporate America today, in my opinion, because they are torn in two different directions. Every day, they balance the two sides of the hiring coin. Catering to the candidate means providing a great candidate experience filled with communication and insight about the employing company. Catering to the hiring manager means keeping him apprised on progress toward a stellar slate of candidates, and, way before that, truly understanding what he is looking for in ideal candidates. Most recruiters I know enjoy working with a hiring manager they “get.” They communicate back and forth with ease. The hiring manager can articulate what he’s looking for and what he’s not looking for. Chances are your best – and fastest - fills happen with hiring managers you know well. What if you could be that in sync with all of your hiring managers?

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Be An Employer of Choice: How Video Interviewing Elevates Your Employment Brand

Proactive organizations pay attention to their employer brand and the candidate experience to escalate their wins in the war for talent. It’s not enough anymore to simply have a strong brand name or attractive offer – a less-than-ideal experience can turn off top candidates. Can you afford to have an employer brand that doesn’t differentiate you from the pack?

WilsonHCG recently published an infographic on 6 Key Employer Branding Strategies, which was tied to its Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands Report. Two of the top strategies that companies should be employing - Candidate Experience and Recruitment Marketing – can be directly and positively affected with a purpose-built video interviewing solution.  

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Personal Experiences Fuel Video Interviewing Success

Just like the Grammys that happened this past week, pulling from one's personal experience is a surefire way to create success when video interviewing. Those pop stars all pull from their break ups, their relationship mess-ups, the early-stage relationship highs, and turn those stories into multi-million dollar hits. When it comes to success through video interviewing, it similarly takes the ability to capture your experiences and stories and communicate them effectively - that's your multi-million dollar pay off.

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Video Interviewing Eases Hiring of Nurses in Healthcare

Just one year after major healthcare reform went into effect, Fortune magazine reported that “registered nurse” is the most in-demand job for 2015. For healthcare organizations already facing a critical shortage of nurses, the news is not good. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare industry projections call for an additional 300,000 to 1.2 million registered nurses ready to work by 2020. Nurses also have a broader, even more important role in patient care with reform. For this essential talent need, many healthcare organizations now rely on video interviewing to meet their hiring goals.  Here are three reasons why:

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Chronically Late? Danger Ahead Unless You Are Video Interviewing

Call me high-strung but punctuality is a virtue that I demonstrate often and value highly in others. Within our own video interviewing technology and our support model, we have staff who exist to cover up for the chronically late or delayed. Believe me, there are plenty who need our help!

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Be Remarkable When Video Interviewing: Beyond a Resume

If you’ve ever been invited to participate in a video interview, you know it’s a golden opportunity to make a much stronger impression than your resume ever could on its own. In fact, a video interview should be one of your best chances to win the job. At Montage, we’re helping candidates go from regular to remarkable in their video interviews with a set of best practices developed through analysis of thousands of interviews performed online. Follow these best practices to ensure you’re making the most of your video presentation.

Embrace the Opportunity.  There are all kinds of features and tools built into Montage’ video interviewing solution to help candidates get comfortable using the technology. Take advantage of these opportunities so you can use video interviewing to your best advantage:

  • Use the tech check. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early to the live interview room for a technical check. Our support team is there to assist you with any webcam or audio issues and to make sure the interview runs smoothly. You can also use the optional setup wizard in the email invitation to get the webcam ready.    
  • Use the practice page. For on-demand interviews, take advantage of this chance to work with the technology. The few extra minutes it requires are a worthwhile investment that ensures your recorded submission is exactly as you want it to be
  • Use the re-record.  Most employers offer candidates the chance to re-record their answers to most if not all of the questions. What you see on the screen is what the recruiter or hiring manager will see, so re-record until you are happy with your answer.
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Nervous About Video Interviewing? Take Our Simple Advice

Making sure candidates have a positive experience with our video interviewing solution is a primary driver for everything we do at Montage, from product development through to our training and participant support. With tens of thousands of video and voice interviews under our belt, we’ve developed a full understanding of the ways candidates can ease any anxiety and leverage our solution to their best advantage. In this two-part blog series, I’ll share some of the best-kept secrets for working with the technology and how candidates can go from regular to remarkable in order to land that dream job.

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Recruiters, Be Both Lucky and Good, with Video Interviewing

There’s an old saying out there that it’s better to be lucky than good. Personally, I’d rather shoot for both, and in the case of my work at Montage, I think I’ve hit the jackpot. As Human Resources Manager at Montage for nearly a year now, I have dedicated a significant amount of time and energy into finding extraordinary talent. Like our clients, I have at my disposal the full Montage video interviewing solution, and I’ve become so used to using this innovative technology that I can’t imagine doing my job without it.  I’m fortunate to have it, and with it I can optimize my job performance. That’s both lucky and good, and any recruiter who has Montage’s purpose-built video interviewing solution on board can be the same.

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The Making of a Video Interviewing Success Story

Everybody needs a few fans -- people who positively reinforce and support. Well, companies need those fans too. Working with Montage, I’ve been fortunate that our video interviewing software engenders lots of fans. Both at the client level and at the user level, people get passionate about video interviewing. They like the technology and what it does, and they like the people of Montage and how we support and serve our clients.

I had the great fortune of working with two of our clients to create a video that spoke not only about their success with video interviewing, but their success with Montage. We know that the buying process today is so incredibly different than 5 or 10 years ago. The goal of this video is to show that while the technology matters, it is all incredibly important to work with a vendor who supports your purchase throughout the client relationship. We know that video interviewing is pretty new. We know that talent acquisition people may or may not have the power to push through the purchase. For some companies, adding video interviewing into the workflow might just be too progressive. They might not be early adopters by nature or by culture. So we wanted to hear from two client of Montage not only about how the technology aided their hiring but how working to bring video interviewing technology into their company aided them personally and professionally.

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My Video Interviewing Story: A New Hire Reports

When you’re in a job search, you get used to certain things, like the seemingly inevitable long delay between submitting your resume and hearing something – anything – from the company to which you applied. And I’m not talking about the automatic “thanks for submitting” reply, that doesn’t count. I’m talking about an actual response that tells you if you’re in or out. A video interviewing invitation? That never crossed my mind.

So imagine my surprise when, the day after submitting my resume to Montage for a Client Advocacy Marketing Manager role, I got an email asking me to complete an on-demand video interview. My first response was excitement – I was intrigued by the job and the company, and was thrilled to be moving on. My second response was disbelief at how fast I had heard from them. Then came my third response, which was a bit of confusion. An on-demand video interview?  What does that mean?

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