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Video Interviewing Saved the Candidate Experience

Talk to anyone who’s applied for a job recently and they will likely share similar stories of how they applied for jobs they felt like they were perfect for, only to never hear from anyone or receive rejection letters before talking with anyone.

Before we place all the blame on the employer’s side it’s important to understand the challenges Talent Acquisition professionals face. For many organizations, managing the volume of applicants they receive on a daily basis can be extremely difficult if not impossible. Most have moved towards technology to help with this process. However, even with technology it’s difficult to get beyond the resume to ensure you’re interviewing and ultimately hiring the best applicants. The time and money spent organizing and bringing candidates in to meet with multiple staff members forces organizations to limit the number of qualified applicants they interview and bring onsite.

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Do High-Earners Have More Respect for a Quality Interview Experience?

As a seasoned talent acquisition professional, you tailor your candidate experience to the kinds of positions you need to fill.  Certainly you understand that the way candidates are treated during the interview process influences their decision to work for you.  But, did you know that as income brackets rise, so does the importance of the experience? In research with 200 active job seekers commissioned by Montage, 100% of respondents earning over $75K said the experience when applying for a job matters. In contrast, about 25% of those earning less than $75K annually said their treatment during the interview process did NOT matter a lot or influence their employment decision.

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Montage Readies Employers for Holiday Hiring with Voice Technology

We took advantage of a unique opportunity at HR Executive’s recent Tech Conference in Las Vegas to officially unveil Montage VoiceTM.  This industry-leading voice technology solution rounds out our video interviewing platform and gives TA professionals even greater capabilities with their hiring strategies for permanent and seasonal hiring.

WANTED Analytics Shows 50% Increase in Holiday-Related Hiring

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Montage Makes Video Interviewing Favorites List at, a site that researches video interviewing software, recently picked Montage as one of its favorite video interviewing software user interfaces. Our Notepad feature for candidates caught author Brian Westfall’s eye, as he writes, “On the applicant side, check marks will tell respondents if their microphone, camera and Internet connection are good to go before recording—which is especially important if recruiters decide that candidates only get one shot to answer a certain question. We also love the drop-down yellow notepad that gives candidates a “cheat sheet” to glance at in order to organize their responses.”

Our candidate-centric features do tend to attract attention, and that is one of the aspects that sets Montage apart from other video interviewing providers.  Since the beginning, our philosophy has been a focus on providing a positive candidate experience, and that continues to guide our business and solution development to this day. Some of our competitors look at hiring only from the employer’s perspective, leaving the candidate with less than stellar treatment.  At Montage, we understand that the candidate’s interview experience is critical in building early engagement with talent who may eventually become one of the organization’s top-performing employees.

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