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The Candidate Experience: Do You Have a Two-Interview Rule?

Whenever a new hire joins the Montage team, I’m always interested to hear their fresh perspectives on our video interviewing solution. We just hired a new quality assurance leader who's very experienced in hiring, so I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions:


We recently did some research that found 41% of candidates are left with a negative impression of the company if they are asked to come back for more than two interviews. What is your experience in this area as a recent job seeker?

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3 Ways to Win at Holiday Hiring This Year with Video Interviewing

Though the holidays are still weeks away, large employers in the retail sector have started their seasonal recruiting. WANTED Analytics reports that monthly hiring in retail was already trending upward in August, while a CareerBuilder survey indicates a 3% increase in the percentage of retailers who plan to hire holiday help this year. And this is no small feat: For large retailers like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target and Wal-Mart, the number of seasonal positions to be filled often tops 50,000. 

If you’re a TA professional tasked with high volume recruiting in a large organization, video interviewing may be just the solution you need to get the job done. Here are three of the ways purpose-built video interviewing can help smooth seasonal hiring:

  1. Pre-screen in less time. On-demand video interviewing with Montage View can significantly reduce the time you spend screening while increasing your ability to identify best-fit candidates.  Invite all applicants for a particular position to respond to your custom question set via video. When they respond, you’ve created a nearly-instant bank of data that you and others on the hiring team can easily consume. You can quickly identify the most qualified supervisors and salespeople who should continue on with your recruiting process.  Montage View makes it easy to save a second tier of candidates to call up later, and to forward those who may be a better fit for other positions in the organization. The efficiency of reviewing, evaluating, scoring and sharing completed on-demand interviews can’t be outdone. 

  2. Recruit for the top new seasonal skills.  The growing popularity of online shopping is creating a shift in seasonal skills needed. While applicants with in-store sales experience are still in high demand, retailers also need more candidates with the skills for call center, shipping and warehouse roles. Montage’s Question Configuration enables recruiters to tailor the way questions are asked and answered – via video, audio or text – in order to get the most from the interview for each type of position.  Your TA team may present a hypothetical sales issue for candidates to solve via video for in-store sales roles, or audio for call center positions. You can also decide to offer a re-record option, and set question think time from none to unlimited depending on the kinds of skills you need.   

  3. Attract more referrals and passive candidates. Major retailers and other large employers rely heavily on referrals for seasonal hiring.  Montage’s Open Invite makes it easy to take advantage of social networking sites like LinkedIn to encourage referrals and also boost your passive candidate traffic.  Montage creates a link that can be integrated with any social media outlet, and directs interested applicants straight into a Montage on-demand interview. You can socialize job openings directly to the outlets you chose, and limit candidate numbers to stay in control of candidate volume. It’s an effective solution for high volume, repeat hiring needs.

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Skeptics, What Are You Missing Without Video Interviewing?

So I bought this sophisticated new coffeemaker based on a friend’s recommendation. She has one too, and she’s been raving about it since she got it. The first time I used it, the coffee was watery and weak. The next time, you guessed it – it was so strong I couldn’t drink it.  Being a marketing manager I thought to myself, yet another product that over-promises and under-delivers. When I razzed my friend a bit about this great coffeemaker, she sweetly suggested that I judge it (and her) after I programmed it the right way.  It was then I realized that my bad first impression, in tandem with a little user error, had almost stopped me from using my new, fantastic gadget entirely.

As video interviewing grows in popularity and adoption, we are encountering a similar phenomenon with a few potential clients. It comes down to a simple phrase, “We tried it and it just didn’t work.” Feedback from our own clientele and their candidates is so overwhelmingly positive that when we hear this phrase, we always delve deeper. We sometimes hear this: 

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