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Video Interviewing Reduces Time to Hire for Large Employers

Despite the economic upturn, time to hire for U.S. companies has reached a 13-year high, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.  At companies with 5,000 or more workers, it takes an average of 58 working days to fill open positions. And that’s bad for business: That gap often translates into increased costs for hiring as well as lost revenue. Fortunately, Montage’s video interviewing solution is proven to shrink time to hire by two weeks or more for large employers.

Montage Reduces Interview Cycle Time for Large Health Insurer

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Attention Large Employers, If You Are Hiring Read This

Forbes recently compiled a list of the top 15 companies who are currently hiring the most. As you might expect, that list is topped by names like JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, Apple and Target. With all of the resources these companies can devote to talent acquisition -and their immense brand equity – it seems like hiring would come easy. Not true.

Here are some of the unusual hiring challenges you face if you’re a large employer, and ways around these blockades to high-quality TA:

  • You reject thousands of candidates each year. Because your TA process touches thousands, maybe tens of thousands of candidates – most of whom are not hired – your hiring experience becomes uber-important. If your hiring process is lousy, it impacts your brand and employer brand on a very large scope. Montage research shows that when the hiring process is poor, just 28% of candidates would recommend your company to others.   In contrast, when the hiring process is positive, 89% of candidates would recommend the hiring company.  As a large employer, you need to treat your hiring experience just as the product you make or the service you provide. Your process should deliver value and a great experience to all of your candidates.
  • 82% of the time, companies hire the wrong talent as managers.  Gallup research reveals that 4 out of 5 candidates hired for managerial roles don’t have the talent to manage. Bad managers are costly in terms of lost productivity, disengaged employees and poor organizational performance. For large employers trying to fill lots of managerial roles, this issue becomes magnified. Gallup cites conventional hiring practices as the culprit, so look for innovative ways to identify external and internal candidates that can make decisions, motivate employees and create a culture of accountability. Live video interviewing is an effective way for hiring decision-makers to evaluate candidates’ personal characteristics and leadership capabilities.
  • 80% of current job seekers are looking for work in a new field.  This eye-opening trend revealed on poses both challenge and opportunity for large employers. The challenge is a large number of applicants unqualified for your open positions, causing a clog in your hiring funnel and hours of screening work that yield few potential hires. The opportunity may be candidates who could bring a fresh perspective to your open roles.  In either case, on-demand video interviewing is an effective solution for quickly screening a high volume of candidates to identify those with potential for your organization.       
Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

What Separates Good Recruiting From Bad?

Last week’s LinkedIn article by well-known recruiting consultant Kevin Wheeler got me thinking about what makes a good recruiter, well, good.  Sure it’s about the ability to fill positions and the ability to make great hires, but Kevin makes a good point when he describes highly successful recruiters as those who “have forged a function that competes effectively against other organizations…”  A good recruiter is one who transforms recruitment from a reactive task into a proactive strategy that contributes to the organization’s profitability.  If you think this is easier said than done, keeping reading…

Video Interviewing Makes a Difference

A video interviewing solution purpose-built for hiring supports recruiters in taking hiring from the reactive to the proactive. Here are three ways you can use it to transform your recruitment:

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Secrets to Selecting a Video Interviewing Partner

With the constant evolution of HR technologies, the decision-making process for technology adoption can seem overwhelming. Video interviewing technology is still relatively new, so how do you even know what to ask?  How should you evaluate the different vendors in the marketplace? Fortunately, there’s much to be gained from other members of the talent acquisition community who’ve already become educated buyers.

Montage asked 300 Talent Acquisition leaders about the most important criteria in selecting a video interviewing partner. Here are some of their must-haves:  

  1. Ease of Use/Simplicity. Tthere are three main parties who interact with the hiring technology – the candidate, the recruiter, and the hiring manager. Among them, familiarity with technology can run the gamut, so it’s no wonder that buyers are looking for Research: Criteria for Selecting Video Interviewing Partnertechnology that is straightforward and easy to use. Recruiters don’t have the time to navigate a complex, over-engineered user interface. Nor do they have the bandwidth to hand-hold their hiring managers or their candidates through the technology. If it’s going to stand the test of time, the technology must be effortless and fool-proof so that all parties can focus on the interview. When your main focus is talent acquisition, the interview needs to take center stage. The technology must simply work.
  2. Superior Customer Service.  Customer service is a close second to ease of use. While it comes as no surprise that access to 24/7 service-oriented support staff ranks high among the surveyed talent acquisition decision makers, it’s instructive to remember why customer service is so important and what is at stake, specifically:
  • Budgets have shrunk and recruiters and coordination staff already hold a larger workload than in past years, so taking on an added “help desk” role is not an option. Any video interviewing solution must come with its own comprehensive customer service support offering.
  • In today’s environment the skilled candidate sits in the catbird seat and an organization’s hiring experience is critical to attracting them and influencing their decision-making process. Without great customer service, the entire candidate experience is put at risk, and with it, the employer brand and ability to attract top talent. Underscoring this point, 97.7% of TA decision makers agreed it’s important that candidates exit the hiring process feeling positive about the company.
  • The needs of the company hiring managers can’t be overlooked. While supporting a great candidate experience is job #1, company leaders are hiring managers and must be satisfied with the technology and its support or the acceptance and use of video interviewing could be in jeopardy.
Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring Best Practices