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Secrets from a Hiring Manager Using Video Interviewing

Once again I am a hiring manager using my own company's technology, and I have to say I love it but I feel a little guilty. It's an amazing privilege to have the Montage technology at my disposal for day-to-day business. Every time I meet with a vendor or work on something with a colleague in another state, we are looking at each other, sharing a document and collaborating as if we shared a table and a white board.

Now, we are growing again at Montage and I get to add staff to the marketing function. Working alongside my HR manager, we drink our own Kool-Aid, so to speak, and we get going with Montage's video interviewing solution. Here are my secrets to getting the most from video interviewing:

  • Take part in the prescreening question design. Our technology features hundreds of expertly written interview questions to choose from if you don't want to write your own. We know from examining the hiring workflow and from training 
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Montage: Enterprise-Strength Technology with a Craft-Beer Twist

Montage is proud to be based in the great state of Wisconsin. The first thing that people mention when they hear Wisconsin is: beer. However, people generally only consider MillerCoors (headquartered in Milwaukee, WI) and overlook the many fine craft breweries rooted in Wisconsin. While a mass produced product can satisfy many beer drinkers, a craft brew is able to hone in on individual tastes and preferences. In fact, that is what many beer connoisseurs love about the craft beer market.

What do Wisconsin’s Beer Market and Video Interviewing Have in Common?

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing

Get More from Your Recruitment Advertising with Video Interviewing

There’s some interesting research out by Software Advice that reveals the average cost of advertising per hire. While nearly a third (31%) of survey respondents spend less than $50 on advertising per hire, 41% spend more than $250 to make each hire. According to the report, job boards are still the most popular advertising channel, followed by social networks, company career pages and newspaper ads.

With the constant pressure HR teams face to reduce total cost-per-hire, recruiters and TA professionals need to explore cost-saving options in every stage of the hiring process. Here are 3 ways you can use video interviewing to make the best use of your recruitment advertising dollars:

  1. Optimize Your Social Networking Spend.  You’re building your employer brand on the social networking sites; now springboard off those efforts. With Montage Open Invite, you can gather potential candidates efficiently into your screening process. Use it to integrate a link with any social media outlet to direct interested applicants straight into a Montage on-demand interview. You can also use it to limit candidates flowing into the interview to help control your candidate volume.

  2. Elevate Your Screening Capabilities.  You’ve spent your dollars to develop a candidate pool; now pluck the best talent from that pool by screening with on-demand video interviewing. With email efficiency, invite any number of candidates to answer general and job-specific questions via Montage View.  Use Montage’s question configurability to present a typical on-the-job challenge by video, audio or text, and ask candidates how they would handle the situation. With Montage View, you quickly get a sense for the most qualified candidates, and can easily share those with the most potential with the rest of the hiring team.  The efficiency of reviewing, evaluating, scoring and sharing completed on-demand interviews is second-to-none.   

  3. Make an Impression, Build Your Pipeline. Even in high-volume hiring situations, the percentage of candidates NOT hired usually dwarfs the percentage who get your job offer. Don’t let this larger slice of the pie go to waste: All of these non-hired candidates have shown interest in your organization, and some may be great candidates for future open positions. Even though they’re not getting an offer now, if you treat them to a great candidate experience through video interviewing, you’ll still make a lasting positive impression and expand your pipeline.

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing