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Lessons Learned from Strategic Talent Acquisition


Boston was overrun last week with talent acquisition leaders discussing the future of hiring. Common themes were the talent shortage, employer branding, the candidate experience, and -- thanks to Montage's panel of experts -- video interviewing excellence. We couldn't have put together a more diverse group on the Montage panel. While all panelists are major employers and leaders in their industry sectors, each is going through different challenges in their hiring activities. The one thing they have in common is Montage. And while each uses their video interviewing solution in different ways, they showed the audience the following:

  • Video interviewing technology is versatile
  • It is a huge enabler for hiring success
  • Montage is committed to service excellence


HRO Today Touts the Role of Video Interviewing in Hiring

The maturation of video interviewing technology and its growing role in hiring recently caught the attention of HRO Today magazine.  The June feature story highlights the benefits of video interviewing, from its appeal to candidates and promotion of employer branding to the way video interviewing can facilitate collaborative decision-making in hiring. It also features Montage’s research with active job seekers.

Expansion to Sourcing

Montage Video Interviewing Joins The Good Jobs

What do a pioneering video interview solutions company and an innovative new website have in common? Answer: Some core beliefs about hiring. The Good Jobs website is a culture directory and consulting services geared toward one goal -- helping clients turn their workplace culture and employer brand into competitive advantage.   Montage has directed the design and function of its video interviewing solutions with this same goal in mind.  

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