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Video Interviewing Saves College Hiring Process Mistakes

In any kind of process - including hiring - mistakes can happen. Back in college, I took full advantage of an error that still could happen today, and I ended up with a job offer at Macy's. Here's the story:  

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The Upsides of Video Interviewing for Candidates recently featured an interesting article that aptly points out some of the differences between video interviewing and traditional interviews. Kudos to the author for seeing it through the candidates’ eyes – that candidate experience is what guides design and ongoing development of the video interviewing platform here at Montage. She quotes candidates who tackled the video interview with a lot of anxiety, mentioning the freak-out factor as they watched the clock count down when trying to think of what to say. However, when video interviewing is done right, the causes of that anxiety just aren’t there.

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Digital Interviewing Hits the Spot for Oregon Employers

Around the country, the recovery from the recession of the last decade has been going strong, but there are still many people without jobs. A lot of them are pounding the pavement to look for a spot, but employers and employees cannot always seem to find the right match. A report out of Oregon speculates on the reasons for this.

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Will “Undercover Candidate” Premiere at Your Company?

If you’re a corporate executive with great acting skills or a TA leader interested in improving your hiring process, take note of a new reality series coming soon that’s sure to feature tears, promotions and firings.  Undercover Candidate melds the best of Undercover Boss and the Candidate Experience awards into an illuminating experience for all involved. Get the details of the show and find out how, in the end, the human perspective on the candidate experience takes even the most well-designed hiring process by surprise, at

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College Hiring: Handle the Flood with Video Interviewing

For most companies, developing a well-recognized employer brand is an ongoing objective. For those few who’ve achieved it, a popular employer brand presents a different kind of challenge: The flood of applicants at college graduation time. 

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