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The Candidate Experience Starts WHEN??

New research from Montage indicates that for 75% of active job seekers, the experience they have when applying or interviewing for a job influences their decision to work at that company. That sentiment affirms talent acquisition professionals’ close attention to the candidate experience during hiring.  But what if this experience is just one piece of the puzzle?  What if the candidate experience actually starts long before the application or interview?

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Webcast on Budget and Video Interviewing is Rich with Q&A

Last week, we hosted Rockwell Automation and Penn Medicine for a webcast entitled,"Budget Obstacles? Five Simple Steps to Make a Strong Business Case for Video Interviewing." If you'd like to catch the replay and grab a free HRCI credit, simply click here. Our panelists were both very educated practitioners with many years of experience in talent acquisition. They freely shared their own experiences with bringing video interviewing into their organizations. People who logged in to join us for the hour session came up with great questions during the final 15 minutes.

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Does Your Video Interviewing Solution Lack Maturity?

In just 10 years, the technology in the video interviewing space has gone from basic to sophisticated, yet many organizations are unaware of the differences in the solutions available.  In many cases, companies are under the impression they are operating at full implementation when they are using a consumer tool such as Skype. They have no idea how much more value they could attain with a solution that is purpose-built for hiring, or how much damage they may be doing to their employer brand by relying on a less mature technology.

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5 Indicators Your Video Interviewing Needs Have Outgrown Skype

How many of Skype’s 250 million monthly users are HR professionals giving the concept of video
interviewing a try?  I’m not really sure, but I do know that most of them will find that consumer-grade video chat tools have their limitations when it comes to business purposes.

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Recruiters: Video Interviewing Can Make Your Day

WANTED Analytics just came out with its list of the skills most in-demand for the role of recruiter.  Proficiency with applicant tracking software (ATS) tops the list. It also includes full lifecycle recruiting, legal compliance, bilingual capabilities and ability to use both social networking sites and online databases. What strikes me about this data is the enormous range of skill sets expected in a recruiter nowadays. With all that they have to master, recruiters must be thirsting for anything that can ease their day.

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Is HR Leading or Lagging Behind the Mobile Apps Curve?

Recently HR Magazine featured a smart article that begs the question: Are we where we should be in the use of mobile applications for HR?

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Sound the Alarm! Hire the Fire Chief for Less with Video Interviewing

Every village or town needs a fire chief, right? So when I read this article, I felt like sending an auto-voice message to all municipalities as a heads-up. Here's what's happening: 43 applicants are interested in the open fire chief position in a small Midwest town, and of those, 27 live out-of-state. The local police and fire commission actually made a $10,000 request to the village board to fly in candidates for interviews. What in the blazes are they thinking?

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