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Can Video Interviewing Help Car Dealerships Reach College Grads?

Car dealerships often employ people with a variety of different backgrounds, educational and otherwise - the only quality that needs to unite them is an ability to work in sales. Yet many dealerships are increasingly becoming more competitive in hiring practices, with even smaller dealerships seeking out college graduates.

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Virtual recruitment helps Minnesota State Patrol

With the competition for top talent among employers these days, workplaces have been forced to adopt a variety of new tools that were unimaginable years ago. From social media to online video interviewing, virtual recruitment is becoming a reality for those in charge of hiring.

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4 Ways Video Interviewing Promotes High-Level Hiring

When WANTED Analytics examined high level hiring in honor of President’s Day, they found nearly 775 open president jobs online in the U.S. That represents a huge amount of work for those in talent acquisition – after all, finding the next leader of your organization is not avideo interviewing simple task.  At Montage, we talk a lot about the benefits and efficiencies of video interviewing for high volume hiring, but it’s also well-suited for making high-profile hires.

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eBook: 10 Free Ways to Boost Your Hiring Success

If number of downloads is any measure of success, Montage’s new eBook 10 Free Ways to Boost Your Hiring Success is on its way to the bestseller’s list. Written for budget-conscious talent acquisition professionals, the recently released eBook offers simple, inexpensive ways to improveMontage video interviewing ebook the hiring process and candidate experience.

3 Reasons to Read It

  1. You’re being asked to do more with less. Recruiting budgets have leveled off or decreased, yet you still have big goals to meet this year. You need some new, economical ideas to hire top talent.

  2. No project plan, no committee, no budget, no RFP necessary. Any talent acquisition department can implement these ideas immediately to provide a better candidate experience, today!

  3. It’s full of primary research with active job seekers. 10 Free Ways is a chance to hear directly from your target audience. Get their perspective on traditional and video interviews, and what influences their decision to accept a job offer.

Click the button below to read the whole paper.


Boost Your Hiring Success
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3 Ways Video Interviewing is like the Sochi Olympics

The eyes of the world are on Russia today as the long-awaited, much-anticipated Sochi Olympic Games gets underway. You too may feel like you’re under the spotlight if you’ve introduced video interviewing into your organization and face pressure to deliver better hiring results.  In fact, you may have more in common with the 2014 Olympics than you think. 

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10 Tips to Revolutionize Your Recruiting

Sometimes the little things in life make the greatest impact. When you’re crazy-busy with sourcing, screening and interviewing the top candidates, it’s easy to forget how important these little things are.

Small Change - Big Impact

We’ve created our list of 10 Tips based on thousands of online interviews over the last few years. Is it rocket science?

10 Tips Video Interviewing 

No, but with this information you have potential to revolutionize your recruiting and breathe new life into your candidate experience.

Take a look at the full list of 10 here. We invite you to read it, tweet it, share it, save it to your smartphone, or print it out and post it at your desk. Now is always a good time to make a change for the better.  Enjoy!

Michele Ellner is the Director of Marketing for Montage, the most mature video interviewing solution available, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time. She’s focused her career on the talent acquisition technology, staffing, HR services and outsourcing space for over 20 years. Contact Michele at

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Could Video Interviewing Help Ford Hire Engineering Talent?

American auto manufacturers went through difficult times during the economic struggles of the late 2000s, but have recovered impressively in the time since. Now, as the economy grows stronger and companies improve their performance, many are looking to hire, especially Ford. When looking to fill such important positions, the task is never easy, but virtual recruitment can help to fill these jobs the right way.

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Compete for Talent with Online Video Interviewing

If you’re on the hunt for sales, management or marketing talent, it’s time to step up your game. The top 10 companies on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list are currently trying to fill nearly 12,000 positions. According to WANTED Analytics!, the occupations most
 in-demand at these firms include sales managers, management analysts and marketing managers, as well as software developers and financial advisors.

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