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How Will You Take Talent Acquisition to the Next Level in 2014?

Optimistic hiring reports recently released by ManpowerGroup and Robert Half Technology can only mean that competition for top job candidates will continue to be fierce in Q1 2014. Manpower's Employment Outlook Survey indicated that 17% of U.S. employers expect to add to their workforce in first quarter 2014; 16% of chief information officers plan to add staff tovideo interviewing their IT departments in the first six months of 2014, according to the Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report.  If your organization will be hiring this coming year, perhaps it’s time to ramp up your success in talent acquisition with video interviewing.

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Taking the Fear Out of Job Interviews with Video Interviewing

Here’s a little quiz to test your world-of-work savvy: What percentage of Americans have fears about interviewing for a job?

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"Skype In" to NOT Be There

I can't help but enjoy the pop culture "news" feed I often get on my drive into work. Today's update was unusually job-relevant for me because it was about Skyping in for a life-changing event. But instead of an endorsement of Skype, this reference was just the opposite.

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The Economics of Hiring

I’m a huge fan of Junior Achievement and how that organization can translate core business concepts into grade-appropriate content and exercises. They have the right formula for simplifying business and financial literacy so that each middle school kid can understand and appreciate it. Supply and demand is one of those universal concepts that really shows up everywhere in our daily lives. It definitely applies to our world of talent acquisition and hiring, and it influences Montage’s video interviewing software.Video Interviewing

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New Technology: The Problem with Parking Meters & Video Interviewing

Let’s set the stage. There is an important “something” coming up in the next few minutes or hours. This “something’s” success is dependent on a few items accessible only via your computer, which is not working. You have tried everything to resolve the issues but without success. The next stage that sets in, often, is panic.  At one time or another that emotional experience has happened to almost everyone. Technology evokes emotion and ease of use is paramount.

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Preparing Your College-Age Kid for Today’s Interview

Sitting around over Thanksgiving weekend catching up with family members was the last place I thought I would be talking about work topics. But with so many of my cousins now with college-age kids, the topic of their interviewing experiences came up. One young cousin, Mari, was complaining about the many rounds of interviews and these really tough questions she was being asked. “Let me guess,” I said. “They asked you to describe a time when you dealt with a difficult customer or about a time when you had to lead a team through a difficult project.” She was stunned, “How did you know?”

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