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Small Things That Hurt Your Hiring Process in a Big Way

At a lot of companies these days, substantial amounts of time, energy and dollars go into making the hiring process the best it can be.  And it’s no wonder – our talent is our greatest competitive advantage. Today’s hiring process is as much about selling an employment experience to candidates as it is about evaluating candidates for best fit. That reality makes some research Montage recently commissioned with 200 active job seekers very interesting.

Insight from the Video Interviewing World

The genesis for this research was something we’ve noticed in countless video interviews over the last year. Job candidates typically arrive in our Montage live video interviewing link about 10 minutes early.  Our support representative welcomes the candidate and keeps him engaged while the candidate is waiting for the interviewer(s) to arrive. What’s interesting is that interviewers often arrive late, sometimes by a few minutes, and sometimes by a lot.  In thejob candidate research physical world, that candidate may be sitting alone waiting.  In the virtual world, our support rep keeps a conversation going to help mask the late arrival.  We wondered, “When an interviewer is late, what impact does it make on candidate engagement?”  The answer is a wake-up call to everyone with responsibility for the interviewing process.

I’ve detailed the findings of this job candidate research plus a related survey in a new article on I urge you to take a few minutes to read it – you’ll find that small things like being a few minutes late to an interview can really diminish the work you’re doing to secure the best of the talent pool for your organization.

What is Purpose-Built?

Michele Ellner tracks trends in talent acquisition as Director of Marketing for Montage. An 18-year veteran of global recruiting, she sees digital interviewing as the next practice for advancing recruiting performance. She can be reached at

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This Holiday Season, Hire the Best with Video Interviewing

When red bows, faux snow and ‘door-buster’ sales start making their appearance, it’s a strong sign that hiring for the holidays is well underway. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers are expected to hire between 720,000 and 780,000 seasonal workers this holidayvideo interviewing solution season. For many retailers, seasonal hiring is no easy feat, despite the current unemployment rate. If you’re looking to expand your workforce in Q4, give yourself a gift this year by using video interviewing as a competitive advantage.   

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