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How to Improve Your Hiring (and Have Fun Doing It)

A short while ago Inside HR Tech columnist Steve Boese asked a great question: Would your employees use your HR technology systems if they were not forced to? The answer, of course, is usually no, but video interviewing is a great exception.  In addition to delivering cost efficiencies and high quality hires, Montage’s video interviewing solution is actually fun tovideo interviewing use. 

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Is Your Technology Hurting Your Reputation?

Allegis Group Services, in conjunction with Corporate Responsibility magazine, recently released a survey that found 69% of Americans would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed. This finding really speaks to the power of a company’s brand.  It also got me thinking about the opposite situation, and what companies can do to build a good reputation.  Interestingly, the use of purpose-built video interviewing technology is one of those things that can elevate your reputation.  A recent CIO article discusses the influence of technology on reputation at length, and our own candidate research confirms the connection. Our clients confirm it too.

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Video Interviewing Comes Into Its Own at HR Tech

Any doubts about the maturing nature of the video interviewing market were effectively erased last week at the world’s biggest HR technology conference, HR Tech.  In the five years that Montage has attended HR Tech, our industry’s presence there has changed significantly, and not just in the square footage of video interviewing providers in the Expo Hall.

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3 Ways Consumer-Level Video Creates Negative ROI in Hiring

I’ve blogged a fair amount about the disadvantages of using consumer-level video like Skype
in the hiring process. True, my perspective is influenced by the amazing, purpose-built video interviewing solution we have here at Montage. However, I’d like to share 3 real-life anecdotes about video chat that may be eye-openers for you: 

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Video Interviewing Changes the Game in High-Volume Hiring

When the leaves start to fall, the spirit of competition runs high. While hiring is never a game to us here at Montage, I figure some sports lingo might spice up this talent acquisition story:

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Don’t Lose Candidates Through Interview Mistakes

How many ways can an employer drive away top talent during an interview? Glassdoor.comvideo interviewing solution recently came up with a list of seven big interview no-nos. “Employers may think they hold all the cards when it comes to interviewing job candidates, but they too can do things that will scare off would-be workers,” says the blog’s author Donna Fuscaldo.  I couldn’t agree more.  An interview is as much an opportunity for candidates to size up potential employers as it is for employers to audition candidates.  Fuscaldo’s noteworthy list ranges from obvious mistakes such as being unprepared, to more subtle issues like making the interview process too complex. Each of these acts will surely leave a candidate less than impressed. 

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At Mid-Size Companies, Every Hire Counts

In the grand scheme of things, Montage is a pretty small employer. Every hire matters. We are pretty good at using our own technology to maximize efficiency and involve all the key stakeholders in the hiring process. But, like many of our clients, we are very particularvideo interviewing solution when adding new talent into our close-knit work community. We know that every new employee has the potential to rock the boat or propel the boat forward even faster. We know he or she can add unnecessary drama and commotion or add to our forward-thinking can-do, disciplined execution mantra.

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