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Video Interviewing Beats Local Hiring Challenges

Recently I wrote a blog about my experience as a hiring manager using Montage View and Montage Interview. Working so closely with the technology, I found it really impactful to bevideo interviewing solution a consumer for the first time working alongside my recruiter here at Montage. I met a ton of people virtually through this process. 

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Get Ready for Hiring Competition in Q4 with Video Interviewing

U.S. employers expect to increase hiring in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to the recent employment outlook survey released by ManpowerGroup Inc. Is your company readyvideo interviewing solution for the increased hiring competition? When you integrate video interviewing into your talent acquisition process, you create a hiring advantage that helps your organization secure the best of the best active and passive candidates.

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What Video Interviewing Can Do for a Distributed Workforce

It’s kind of quaint nowadays to have a company headquartered in a single physical building with all employees located right there every day. It doesn’t happen all that much anymore in today’s decentralized, virtual work-embracing, telecommuting population. And the growing skilled workforce shortage will only contribute to a more distributed workforce as organizations locate and hire talent wherever they can across multiple locations and, in fact, multiple countries.

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