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Report's Big "A-Ha"is a Video Interviewing "No-Duh"

Yesterday a study from the DeGroote School of Business surfaced proclaiming that video interviewing disadvantages both employers and candidates. The study revealed that employers were evaluated as less attractive and trustworthy, and candidates were less likely to bePurpose-built for hiring, Montage recommended for hire. The final recommendation? Video conferencing should be used only during the preliminary stages and never for replacing face-to-face.

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Consensus Slowing You Down? Speed Hiring with Video Interviewing

There’s a real debate going on these days about the value of consensus-building in organizations. Is consensus a way to build engagement and support for an idea?  Or is itconsensus building mainly a means for spreading responsibility for tough decisions?  Either way, consensus-building slows business processes down, including talent acquisition. The impacts of slow hiring run the gamut from missed opportunities to attract top talent to missed opportunities in business performance.  If consensus-building is creating a lengthier hiring process in your organization, consider video interviewing an important part of the solution.

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Montage Talks Up Video Interviewing at NAHCR 2013

I experienced the National Association of Health Care Recruiters (NAHCR) 2013 IMAGE Conference from a different perspective this year, and I have to say, I like this new view.   As a former healthcare recruiter now working for Montage, I thoroughly enjoyed my new assignment: Helping recruiters explore ways to develop a hiring advantage in health carehealthcare recruiting via video interviewing. Instead of looking for answers at NAHCR, I got to provide the solution – how refreshing!

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3 “Must-Have” Questions for Any Video Interviewing RFP

When Montage was established in 2007, we were one of the first companies to offer a video interviewing solution purpose-built for hiring.  Clients had only a few choices in their selection of a true video interviewing technology vendor. Since then, video interviewing as a practice has grown tremendously. Today’s marketplace is jam-packed with vendors.  Many companies are turning to an RFP process to make their selection, and I don’t blame them – mistakes are costly in the hiring arena.

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Physician Recruiting: Why SPEED-to-hire Matters

When it comes to hiring physicians, recruiting speed should be marked with the big red “URGENT” sign.  According to a recent survey by Merritt Hawkins, physicians each generate an average of more than $2M annually for their affiliated hospital or accountable care organization (ACO).  That means it costs a hospital more than $100K in lost opportunityphysician recruiting each month a physician role goes unfilled. The phrase ‘time is money’ is especially true with this niche in talent acquisition.

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Ready to Change Jobs? Then Get Ready for a Video Interview

Considering finding a new job? You’re not alone. More than half of working adults – 55% - are interested in changing careers, according to a recent University of Phoenix survey. Of those, 24% are ‘extremely” or “very interested” in a career change.

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My Experience as a Video Interviewing Client

Over the past 3 weeks I have been in the role of hiring manager here at Montage, seeking 1-2 excellent individuals to add their talents to the marketing department. Until now, I washiring manager experience a huge fan of the Montage technology of course, but not as a hands-on client. Trying my best not to be too biased, I am summarizing below my impression of the Montage technology as a hiring manager:

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Tackling Quality of Hire from a New Angle

According to a new global benchmarking report from Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute, 69% of companies surveyed are not measuring quality of hire. Manuel Marquez,improve quality of hire chairman and CEO of Hudson Global Inc., articulates the urgency behind this finding when he says in the article on the report, “Quality of hire remains the most elusive talent metric for many organizations…Yet it is also the most important metric for driving sustained business success. Today’s leaders must not leave quality hiring to chance if they want to create competitive advantage for themselves well into the future.”

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Video interview software can help fill growing healthcare jobs

The Brookings Institute, one of the nation's oldest and most prominent think tanks, released a report on the state of the healthcare sector recently, and there is some interesting news on the jobs front. As the nation prepares for the institution of some new sections of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare jobs continue to grow and the boom could continue in coming years.

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