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Some high-paying jobs don't require college educations

For years, the assumption has been that if you want to find top talent, it's best to look at colleges and universities, which churn out millions of young people every year with the potential to be great members of the workforce. That may be true, but these days, the college campus isn't the only place to find qualified professionals. According to Forbes, some of the best jobs out there don't require a four-year degree.

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Many Americans hate their jobs, study shows

Companies are looking everywhere to find top talent, but the sad reality is this - keeping it might be even harder. Studies have shown that Americans these days are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their job situations.

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Career development helps with retention, business growth

For many companies, attracting talent and making good hiring decisions is the easy part. What's more difficult is the challenge that comes next - convincing strong employees to stay in the fold and continue being productive for the long haul. Anyone can bring in top talent, but how do they keep it?

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Close the Skills Gap with Video Interviewing

Recently a blog, “Skills Shortage Crisis – or Opportunity of the Century?” got me thinking about short-term vs. long-term in the world of recruitment. The blog cites a Grant Thornton International Business Report, which found that 39% of businesses around the world are struggling to recruit the right people, with a lack ofvideo interviewing technical skills cited as the primary problem (64%). According to Grant Thornton, the skills gap is threatening productivity and impacting the strength of the global economy. blog author Dan Hanyzewski makes the point that the recruitment community has both the means and the responsibility to contribute to solving the skills gap. I couldn’t agree more.

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Unemployment down in 25 U.S. states

If your business has stepped up its recruiting game of late and made a better effort to attract and hire top talent, it isn't alone. While unemployment nationwide remains fairly stagnant, it did decline in 25 states in May.

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How long are your interviews?

If you're looking to reexamine the methods you use to attract and retain top talent, here's one question you should ask yourself: How much time do you spend interviewing each candidate?

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Analytics can help companies make better hiring decisions

While every company is looking to perform its due diligence to attract the best talent possible, some firms are going about that endeavor more intelligently than others. In the years ahead, the companies that land the best employees will be the ones who use workforce analytics to weed out the unqualified applicants and ensure that only the best and brightest candidates are hired.

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Hiring unpaid interns? Proceed with caution

It's fairly common in these tight economic times for companies to have an insatiable hunger to attract top talent, but no budget to back up those ambitions. So what do they do? Often, they turn to elite colleges and universities, looking to recruit students they can employ as unpaid interns.

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After you hire, remember to train too

For companies who frequently bring in new employees, the challenge is twofold. Business leaders must make shrewd decisions in recruiting, taking care to bring in only the best and brightest talent. But furthermore, once new hires have been made, proper training processes become almost equally important.

As for that first part, video interviewing software can be a tremendous help with hiring itself. By interviewing as many potential candidates as quickly as possible, job recruiters can vet many, many applicants in a short period of time without needing to waste money on travel. This makes the interviewing process both efficient and cost-effective, increasing the likelihood that a hiring manager will eventually stumble into that perfect candidate.

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17,500 Candidates Weigh In on the Hiring Experience

These days the ‘candidate experience’ is top of mind for a lot of talent acquisition
professionals.  Understanding it and improving it is a challenge because it’s an intangible, and because every candidate reacts to the experience as a unique individual.  How do we get our arms around this thing?

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Greater emphasis on technology would improve employment landscape

The job market in 2013 is loaded with open positions and qualified applicants, but there's one problem - many of today's employment seekers lack the technology skills required to contribute to the corporate world at the highest level. Computers are rapidly changing the way the business world operates, as everything from cloud computing to Web publishing to mobile device technology is having an effect. Those who are adept with the changing ways of the modern world will succeed - but those who fail to adjust risk being left behind.

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Avoid making big mistakes in hiring

Making missteps in the hiring process can have devastating effects on an otherwise thriving company. Even if business is booming, everything can be derailed by bringing in one or two employees who bog down the rest of the workforce and inhibit corporate growth. The problems caused by hiring errors tend to snowball over time - poor hires develop bad habits on the job, and those habits often spread around the office, infecting other workers.

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Hire like a full-fledged company, not a small startup

Often when a company is still in its infancy, it has a tendency to make hiring decisions on a small scale. Recruiters fine-tune their searches to discover one perfect candidate, they pour their hearts and souls into landing that one person and even if the recruiting and hiring process takes weeks or months to complete, it's ultimately worth it. The smaller the company, the more important each individual hire should be. If you're running a tiny startup, one talented worker could make all the difference.

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Benefits of LinkedIn extend well beyond the basics

Using social media is a great way to find and attract top talent, and LinkedIn is understandably viewed as the gold standard in online professional networking. By reaching out to qualified applicants on LinkedIn and discovering their professional backgrounds, skills and interests, recruiters can get to know their candidates quickly and make important contacts that will ultimately help them strengthen their companies.

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Everyone's On Camera - And Not Just in Video Interviews

Just in the last two weeks - I'm not sure why I was even surprised by this - I interacted in new ways with service providers via video. One was simply at the drive-through of a newly built branch of my local bank. The fun pneumatic tube system was there (as always) to whisk away my deposit intoMontage custom webcam the building. But what I didn't expect was the screen interaction with the teller right there on the video screen next to my car window. It was just the same as standing in the lobby talking across the partition to my bank teller.

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Video Interviewing Highlights from #HCIevents

HCI's Strategic Talent Acquisition conference is going on this week with the core theme: the talent shortage and skills mis-match. What a great theme for Montage as our video interviewing solution addresses speed, surfacing top talent quickly and engaging in a high quality two-way interaction.

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Video Interviewing Hits the Big Screen in “The Internship”

We know summer has arrived in Wisconsin when the construction barrels come out and the summer movies hit the big screen.  One that’s given us a good laugh at Montage is “Thevideo interviewing Internship,” a comedy in which Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn try to land an internship through a video interview.  Don’t worry – I won’t be a spoiler, but I can’t let “the Google movie” go by without a few observations.

The Art of Making It Look Difficult

In the movie, Wilson and Vaughn play unemployed salesmen who video interview with Google’s hiring team.  It is a funny scene as they shout into the webcam and jostle for camera space. I have to give them big points for humor – they make something really easy look extremely difficult.  However, though we can all empathize with their discomfort, we rarely see it in real-life video interviewing. Montage View and Montage Interview are both designed to make video interviewing easy, so candidates and hiring managers can focus on the interview, not the technology.

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Video interviewing can have unique benefits in uncommon situations

Video interviews are a prevalent part of the modern professional world, and the technology can often help people who find themselves in emergency situations or unexpected scenarios.

For example, one need only look as far as the recent case of Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who revealed the existence of a classified government surveillance program. Snowden fled to Hong Kong before his revelations, and he is currently holed up in an unidentified hotel, although he could likely move in the near future.

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Proper communication is critical before, during and after a video interview

Communication is something that has been stressed in the workplace since the dawn of the modern era. Businesses must be able to manage their employees' expectations, and workers must be aware of their day-to-day responsibilities to ensure the minimum progress is made on a daily basis. However, one of the biggest mistakes companies make when using virtual recruitment is improper communication - video interviews are great, but without the right approach, they can end up confusing candidates rather than enlightening them.

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Video interviewing moves to college campuses across the country


College campuses offer a wealth of potential employees to both small companies and large corporations, and recruiters must be able to successfully reach out to this demographic if they wish to attract top talent. Recently, video interviews have become very popular with students, as the technology allows them to stay on campus and attend classes while searching for a job or internship. It also saves businesses a lot of time and effort when it comes to fitting in evaluation sessions within a busy workday.

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Is Your IT Dept. Focused on Video Interviewing?

When it comes to bringing new technology into a company, let's face it - sometime your ITvideo interviewing technology department is an ally, and sometimes it can be a roadblock. At Montage, we've found that many times, IT doesn't see the advantages of a video interviewing solution that's purpose-built for hiring.

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Video interviews beginning to catch on in many industries

Video interviewing technology is a fantastic tool for any recruiter looking to fill an open position, but recently, the software has caught on in other industries. In fact, this popularity is translating to a few sectors that have never used any sort of video interviews before - read on to learn about some of the varied uses of the technology and how you can incorporate these advantages into your virtual recruitment efforts.

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Make the Campus-Company Connection with Video Interviews

Montage is built to transform the hiring experience, and that includes hiring soon-to-be college grads.  Across the country, employers are connecting with collegiate career services departments in a win-win scenario that’s driven by video interviewing technology. 

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Candidate perspective - how to take advantage of a video interview

There are many reasons why people decide to search for a new job. Some employees are let go due to budget restraints, some look for a change of industry and still others are frustrated by a position that has grown stagnant and has little potential for upward growth.

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