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Current employees can also be evaluated with a video interview

When a position opens up at a company, hiring executives immediately choose to engage in a virtual recruitment strategy to attract and retain top talent. However, in many cases these managers are blind to the fact that the best possible fit for a role is right in front of them - a qualified, tenured employee who is looking for a new challenge and an investment in success.

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Boring video interviews are the bane of every recruiter

No one likes to be bored by a presentation or lengthy meeting, and the same idea holds true for virtual recruitment and video interviewing. If a question and answer session is dreadfully dull, top talent might be driven directly to the competition, and a brand reputation can be damaged irreparably.

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Quick tips for video interviews

Video interviews are becoming very common in the workplace, and even major conferences use the technology to reach out to presenters and other speakers who are located in remote areas.

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Best advice for a video exit interview

Most recruiters assume that video interviewing can only be used for hiring, but in reality, many employers use the technology to say goodbye to tenured employees who have decided to move on to greener pastures.

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Video Interviewing Down Under

For a few short days, I’m fortunate to be waking up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Sydney, Australia.  The 2013 Australasian Talent Conference is happening now, and this year it’s sparking some stimulating conversations around emerging best practices for agile talent management.

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Quick tip: What questions to ask top talent during a video interview

Video interviews can sometimes be a bit tricky for recruiters, but with the right approach, these sessions can help a company match top talent with open positions.

However, the actual inquiries can be the toughest part of a recruiter's strategy, and if you are stuck, consider some of the following starting points.

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Why do candidates walk away from a great offer?

An excellent candidate engagement strategy can attract top talent to an open position, but recruiters sometimes find themselves struggling to convert promising applicants into tenured employees. Without the proper tools, it can be difficult to determine where the fault lies, but there are a few mistakes that are very common in interviewing.

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Use Video Interviewing to Combat “Bad Hires”

Global research with thousands of hiring managers has turned up a surprising result: Hiring managers say that 1 in 5 hires was a “bad” or “regretted decision.” According to CEB Recruiting’s 2013 research into high quality hires, “Hiring managers are admitting that 20% of their team shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.”  The costs all along the lifecyclevideo interviewing of these bad hires, from underperformance to wasted training to new hire turnover, are significant.   Too significant, in fact, to ignore.

3 Ways to Use Video Interviewing to Combat “Bad Hires”

“Bad hires” happen for any number of reasons.  When it’s an ongoing issue, fixing it requires a look into the hiring process.  When you use a purpose-built video interviewing solution like Montage, you can change the hiring process to proactively decrease the chances of making a bad hire:   

  • It Takes a Village. Getting the right people involved in a specific hiring decision is vital, and video interviewing facilitates this consensus-driven hiring style. It makes it both possible and practical for the right stakeholders to participate in interviews from different locations and time zones, on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, without slowing down the process.  Leverage the input and expertise of the people most qualified to make the hiring decision.   
  • Engage in the Candidate Relationship.  Hiring stakeholders can get to know a candidate more in-depth and sooner in the hiring process with a video interview.  Check a candidate’s eye contact and presentation skills, use visual cues and body language to develop that gut-instinct about talent’s fit with the role and the company. When the hiring team develops a deeper relationship with a candidate, they’re more likely to spot the red flags.
  • Involve Your Employer Brand.  Communicate your employer brand more effectively to help candidates decide if your organization suits their wants, needs and career goals. Montage video interviewing promotes bi-directional communication and a branded candidate experience. Some candidates may drop out of the process, but it’s better to know if the fit isn’t right before you get to the job offer.
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Video Interviewing's Small Learning Curve, Big Impact

With new HR technology appearing in all areas of prescreening, hiring and onboarding in talent acquisition, it's easy for recruiters to get technology overload. Sure, the ‘early adopters’ make all the latest technologies look easy, but what if you’re a ‘later adopter’? What if you’d like more assurance about a technology’s real benefits and the skills requiredvideo interviewing before you jump in?  Montage video interviewing’s small learning curve and big impact may be just the thing for you.

3 Reasons It's Easy to Become a Video Interviewing Expert

  1. If you have a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone, you have the tools you need. Montage is a browser-based, Software-as-Service (SaaS) interviewing solution, which means all you really need is an Internet browser and Internet connection.  There’s no software installation, no downloads, and minimal involvement needed by your IT team.  Read more about our near-immediate implementation.

  2. You can become proficient in less than 90 minutes.  Montage’s video interviewing solution includes training by our world-class client support team.  After about an hour and a half of hands-on, step-by-step instruction with a (live) product specialist, you will know the ins and outs of our solution, and how to use it most efficiently for your own talent acquisition purposes. You’ll also have access to the Montage Learning Center’s on-demand training and best practices. 

  3. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to get your recruiters and hiring managers up and running.  We take care of webcam shipping services, walk your staff through webcam installation, and provide hands-on training.  And, everyone – you, your staff and your candidates - has 24x7 support via with the communication channel you prefer: toll-free support line, instant chat or email.

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Quick tip - are you dressed properly for a video interview?

Every candidate should dress up in formal clothes for a video interview, but if you are the one in charge of the evaluation, what should you wear?

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Should startups worry about finding and retaining top talent?

A start-up environment can be exceptionally challenging for the executives who are in charge of growing and maintaining the business. Most burgeoning companies have limited funds to allocate toward a virtual recruitment strategy, as most available money will be diverted for advertising, client relations and savings. Therefore, some officials are left scratching their heads when they try to figure out how to attract top talent?

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Cater to Candidates of All Ages with Video Interviewing

So much has been written about generational differences in the workplace that when Randstad’s Employment Engagement Study came out recently, I found it extremely refreshing. The study found that matures (born before 1960) and millennials (1982-1994) have some surprisingly similar views.

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Use video interviewing to reach out to recent college graduates

The end of May is a turbulent time for college seniors around the country. Students pack up their apartments, say goodbye to lifelong friends and head to their graduation ceremonies with a mixture of emotions, including a fair bit of uncertainty about the future and what everyone calls "the real world."

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Can you interview too much?

Many sayings start off with the phrase "You can never have too much of 'blank,'" but this idea does not translate to the hiring sector. In the professional world, employers with open positions need to find a delicate balance when reaching out to top talent because too heavy of a recruiting strategy can backfire by turning off qualified candidates.

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Batter Up: What Recruitment Can Learn From Sports Statistics

Guest Blog courtesy of Cory Hansen, Allegis Group Services: What kinds of numbers do you use to measure new candidates? How much do you tend to rely on these types of metrics? If there's one area where people in business like to draw on endlessly for comparison, it’s the hyper-competitive world of sports.

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Are you using the best tools to contact talented individuals after trade shows and hiring events?

A job fair is the perfect opportunity for both employers and potential job applicants. Companies have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of talented professionals, and these recruits have the opportunity to hand their paper resumes to human representatives instead of blindly applying on a job board. In addition, specific questions can be answered by corporate officials, and by signing up for a mailing list, a candidate can learn about future opportunities.

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Are you prepared for the popular trends in the hiring sector?

The global world created by the rise of the internet is an odd place at times. For example, the silly YouTube video "Gangnam Style" has been viewed by over a billion people - the current population of the world, according to World Bank data, is around seven billion. This means that a seventh of the Earth's population has seen South Korean musician Psy dance surrounded by horses.

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Oh, I Wish I Were a Petroleum Engineer

There was no better lesson in all of school as the lesson of supply and demand. I think we all got our first lesson in kindergarten with the playground equipment, the number of swings on the swing set or the number of bouncy red rubber balls with air in them. Supply and demand is a lesson for all ages and all industries.

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Immediate satisfaction does not exist in the hiring sector

Americans are well-known for their penchant for instant gratification. The rise of the fast food industry alone proves that many U.S. citizens prefer to have products and services delivered to them at a moment's notice, but unfortunately, this is a trait that cannot transfer to the hiring sector.

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Global Hiring Just Got Easier with Video Interviewing

According to a recent survey by consulting firm BDO USA, 63% of American tech companies plan to outsource jobs or manufacture products outside the country in 2013, a figure nearly double the 35% level of 2011.   The survey found outsourcing is on the rise in sectors such as manufacturing, research and development, and distribution as well.   We’re seeing this trend manifest at Montage as an increase in cross-ocean interviews by our talent acquisition

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April job growth creating multiple challenges for recruiters and employers

The fluctuating job market can create all sorts of headaches for professional recruiters and employers with open positions, and the current state of affairs is causing plenty of drama in the hiring sector.

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Candidate engagement begins with proving vested interest in personal aspects of applicants

A problem that many employers experience is viewing their candidates as paper resumes instead of actual people. Recruiters believe they can simply reach out to a person and jump right into business, forgetting that just like every other relationship, the hiring process must be consummated gradually.

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