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Are you using LinkedIn to network with top talent and qualified professionals?

A social media campaign is an essential part of a successful hiring strategy in the modern, digital-driven world - infographics are posted and linked through Twitter, accompanying videos are uploaded to YouTube and specialized content and job descriptions are broadcast through LinkedIn. However, a recent shift in virtual recruitment has caused LinkedIn to spring to the forefront of many employers' hiring practices, and new reports are proving that this social media outlet is becoming one of the most popular websites in the world.

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Lowering unemployment rates spark competition in the hiring sector

The unemployment rate in the United States offers plenty of insight into the current state of the national economy, and recently, this number decreased to near-record levels. While those in the business sector are rejoicing as consumer confidence, private spending and investments rise, those in the hiring sector are taking a deep breath in response to the shrinking applicant pool. The lower the unemployment rate, the harder it is to find top talent and attract them to open positions.

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Montage joins leading HR thinkers, practitioners, technologists and partners this week toHRO Today Forum share best practices at the 2013 HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia.  There’s still time to drop in on the 3-day event, or connect with conference learning on Twitter or videos on HRO Today’s website.

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Don't limit your hiring strategy with specific experience requirements and rigid language

A successful virtual recruitment strategy is about more than just linking job descriptions across social media channels - it is about describing the nuances of an open position and communicating the skill requirements as efficiently and clearly as possible. Ambiguity is a common trap that employers fall into when writing the language of a classified ad, but the opposite is also true. A job requirement that is too specific or rigid will repel top talent instead of drawing in qualified professionals.

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Have you considered using a mobile application to boost your hiring metrics?

Mobile devices are very prevalent in the hiring sector today. As the popularity of smartphones continues to skyrocket, companies are beginning to come up with mobile applications to reach the millions of candidates who use their devices to research open positions. These programs include video games and media sharing apps that are being snatched up by the masses.

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Doing the "Dry Run Drive" Before Your Video Interview Pays Off

I've done it. I bet you have too. You have an interview at 8563 N. 91st Street, and you drive a dry run ahead of time to make sure you know where you're going. Where you're going to find parking. How long it will take you to get there. Everyone's done it before. Why? Comfort and control are key to creating a successful candidate experience.candidate experience improves with control and comfort

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The right questions mean the difference between a great hire and an employment bust

Interviews can be some of the most difficult sessions the professional world has to offer, and these evaluations are stressful for the candidate and employer alike. On the business side, executives are concerned with finding top talent for open positions, and without the right questions, each applicant will be a carbon-copy of a paper resume. It is imperative to ask creative questions to draw out nuanced personality traits and hidden problem-solving skills, but many times, this is easier said than done.

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Start-ups should take a proactive approach to hiring to attract top talent

Start-up corporations have it tough - they have to compete against the best of the best, but these companies have to do so with limited funds and staggering investor expectations. The business environment at a start-up is all about performance, and most employees find themselves with hectic deadlines and unrealistic goals. However, executives are always hungry to find qualified professionals to help build their brands, and virtual recruitment should be a top priority in 2013.

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Screen that Talent Pool: Here come the 2013 College Grads

The job market will be tough for this year’s college graduates, according to new research
detailed in a CNN Money article earlier this month.   The Economic Policy Institute report predicts high unemployment and lower earnings for the nearly 1.8 million college students graduating in the coming weeks.  This forecast has a downside for employers, too: Those that are hiring will likely receive an overload of applicants as the new grads scramble to find a position.   Hiring process efficiency and speed-to-hire will suffer as a result. 

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Are you doing enough to ensure your hiring strategies have the maximum effect?

Complacency is a quality that is heavily frowned upon in the professional world, yet many employers and workers find themselves tempted by a constant schedule and reliable performance. The most successful companies take a proactive approach to filling open positions, but executives at these organizations often wonder if they are doing enough. They are right to worry - sometimes, even the best candidate engagement plans can be unfruitful when implemented alone, and concurrent marketing blueprints are always a better choice.

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Video Resume or Video Interview? The Differences May Surprise You

On the surface, video resumes and video interviews don’t seem all that different. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video must be worth millions.  Both of these technologies are gaining in popularity and use. However, when you consider the two within the context of the hiring process, their differences become much more distinct.   One accelerates talent acquisition, the other can hinder it, for a couple of key reasons:

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Virtual tour guide for employers using video interviewing software

Everyone has heard about the famed Google headquarters in Mountain View, California - the indoor bowling alley is just one of dozens of perks that employees get to experience every day. In the hiring sector, an office environment is a crucial aspect of the evaluation process, and if you are hoping to attract top talent, you must inform them of your building's conditions beforehand.

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What does the future hold for the recruiting sector?

The first decade of the new millennium was fraught with many significant changes in the hiring sector. For example, the rise of social media corporations like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn created a whole new industry that employs thousands of workers today. In addition, job boards and posting websites like began to pop up across the internet, changing the idea of a classified ad and the format of written content. Digital content delivery became the new normal, but virtual recruitment strategies are continuing to shift as the year winds on.

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True Confessions of a Lousy Hiring Department

I heard a speaker boldly share an embarrassing story recently. In doing so, he basically admitted to a room full of his HR and talent acquisition colleagues that the hiring arm of his HR department needs an overhaul. Here's the story - let's call them Ace Motors and change their locations. So Ace Motors needed to interview a potential new engineer for their Charlotte plant. The candidate was flown into the HQ location in Tulsa and sat in a conference room waiting. For three hours. Why so long? Because the hiring manager who normally is in Tulsa was flown to Charlotte to meet with the candidate there. That's only part of the embarassing story. Here's the rest: For three hours the candidate sat and waited, not quite knowing what was going on. No one hosted him. No one stepped in to meet him, take him to lunch, or give him a tour.

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Content delivery guidelines for social media and news-oriented sites

Employers face a tricky temptation when delivering content during the 24-hour news cycle that permeates the internet today. When a large news story begins to be circulated among social media outlets, it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon to try and attract top talent. However, if you act too soon, the opposite will happen - candidates will be turned off by inaccurate content, or even worse, be driven to the competition.

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Measure the effectiveness of a social media hiring strategy with special tools

Anyone who is familiar with a social recruitment policy will tell you that online campaigns are all about candidate engagement and sustainability. If you cannot drive a conversation or open a dialogue with followers, your site traffic will likely taper off. However, by following a few simple steps and using some effective measurement tools, you can enjoy a superior hiring plan that will attract and retain top talent.

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Corporate networking is essential when hiring new employees

Despite the advent of the internet and the rise of mobile technology, the hiring sector still follows some of the same trends that it did half a century ago. This is especially true with the idea of networking - if you know someone who is established in a professional industry and that person has a high opinion of your skill set, it is likely that you will be able to find a job.

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Reaching out to candidates through personal messages and direct emails

Imagine you are searching for a new job, and after a long process, you reach out to a company for some information on an open position that seems perfect for you. However, despite your clear qualifications, you receive an automatic email that states "do not reply to this email address as it is not monitored." Would this message increase or decrease your level of commitment and excitement?

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New LinkedIn updates offer new possibilities for employers with open positions

LinkedIn made waves when it announced the launch of LinkedIn Recruiter, which is a talent solutions tool that scrutinizes candidates across the LinkedIn network. However, LinkedIn took the tool down after a little while to make some important changes, and recently, the social media giant revealed it is gearing up for a massive re-launch of the innovative option.

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Hidden information on candidates can prove invaluable to employers

Effective, targeted candidate engagement is critical when trying to find the best potential employee to fill an open position, but unfortunately, many companies do not take advantage of the wealth of information that is available online. In the hiring sector, some recent news is causing quite a stir - apparently, many prospective applicants search for jobs on specific days of the week, and employers will have a much higher success rate if they focus on providing content during these high-traffic times.

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The importance of references in the hiring process

When employers plan their virtual recruitment strategies, they often forget about the importance of references when scrutinizing potential candidates. Resumes might provide the nuts-and-bolts history of an applicant's experience, but references can reveal the nuanced characteristics of workers, everything from personal opinion on work ethic to his or her style of dress. A paper trail is useful from a recruiting standpoint, but this special viewpoint can assist you in constructing a complete picture of a potential employee.

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Making Montage An Even Better Experience

We posted a press release earlier today sharing some of the newest improvements to our suite of video interviewing offerings. Building upon a candidate-centric philosophy means keeping a constant watch on the candidate's experience. These latest Montage updates provide additional leaps in that direction:

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Job creation slows dramatically, sparking concern in the hiring sector

Over the past few months, the overall outlook for the job market in the United States was one of cautious optimism. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released their monthly job report, and the news is not very good.

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Private sector jobs require innovative thinking and specialized hiring strategies

The private sector is one of the trickiest job markets to navigate, and recent statistics from ADP point toward a less-than-optimistic picture for this area. According to the analytical company's most recent report, the private sector only added around 158,000 jobs in March 2013, a number much lower than what many experts predicted. In addition, this was nearly 80,000 fewer jobs than the final statistics recorded in February 2013.

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Recruiting & Video Interviewing: Is the EEOC a Roadblock?

If you’re in the market for some concrete data to support investment in your recruiting program, take a read through The Boston Consulting Group’s report From Capability to Profitability: Realizing the Value of People Management. BCG compared the practices of high-performing companies against those of lower-performing ones in 22 key people-management areas, and found that companies that are highly skilled in core HR practices experience up to 3.5 times the revenue growth and as much as 2.1 times the profit margins of less capable companies.  The core practice with the highest impact was recruiting. 

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It's that time of year again - how are you reaching out to recent college graduates?

As the snow slowly melts and the sun begins to shine across the United States, thousands of young men and women are beginning to realize that there is indeed a life after graduation, and these soon-to-be graduates will begin scouring the job market for available positions. These young adults represent an incredible wealth of top talent, and it is never too early to reach out to these potential candidates.

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Are you asking the right questions during your online interviews?

All question-and-answer sessions, whether they are traditional or video interviews, require specialized inquiries that will be able to distinguish between average candidates and top talent. The problem with many open positions is not the amount of qualified applicants - rather, it is employers' inability to identify the people who would be the best fit for the job.

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