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Companies must identify their culture when hiring

Every company is looking for the best way to attract top talent, and it's difficult for any one employer to stand out above all the others. Every job offers a certain salary with certain benefits, promising a certain level of responsibility, and after looking through listings for a while, a job-seeker will inevitably begin to feel everything blur together. So what separates one company from the rest?

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Entrepreneurial managers bring adept leadership to hiring process

There are a million challenges facing hiring departments every day - from competing with other companies to win over top talent to the day-to-day logistics of scheduling interviews, recruiters face a multitude of difficulties. In order to stay on top of the workload, recruiters need leadership - and that doesn't just mean an executive in a big office wearing a nice suit. A successful entrepreneurial manager is someone with a bright vision for his or her company's future and the dedication to realize that vision.

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Recruiters must move beyond bland job descriptions to attract talent

The quest for a hiring department to attract top talent often begins with publishing job listings online, hoping to initiate candidate engagement by drawing in web traffic. But the internet is a vast ocean of potential employers, and it can be difficult for recruiters to make their companies' positions stand out from all the rest.

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Cloud technology has had dramatic impact on hiring process


Technology is changing the way the hiring industry operates, and for companies looking for fast and efficient means of candidate engagement, the future has never been brighter. Specifically, cloud computing has had a tremendous effect on the industry - because hiring managers are able to efficiently store data and share it easily with recruiters and other co-workers, the hiring process is easier than ever.

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Are temporary and low-paying jobs hurting the hiring industry?

Unemployment checked in at a new four-year low in February, an encouraging sign for both the hiring industry and the future of the United States economy at large. But is the country's job growth a real, sustainable sign of progress, or is it fool's gold? There's at least one economic expert who believes it's the latter.

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Many disabled Americans still looking for work

Companies have improved their candidate engagement practices by leaps and bounds in recent years, but there's still one area where they lag behind. Disabled Americans are struggling to find jobs, and there are millions still out there with the capability to contribute to the workforce if given the opportunity.

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LinkedIn, Twitter becoming pivotal in job recruiting

For small business owners looking to attract top talent using social media marketing, there's a growing trend that's become evident in the last year - it's not just about Facebook anymore. Business owners are broadening their horizons and using other online tools to help with candidate engagement. In particular, LinkedIn and Twitter have both made significant gains in popularity, according to the latest Constant Contact small business survey.

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Raising the Bar on Quality of Hire

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey released this month, “Hiring decision makers [in the U.S.] continue to take a measured but optimistic approach to hiring plans for Quarter 2 2013….Employers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia report positive hiring plans.”

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Several challenges face recruiters in today's economic climate

There's a lot of pressure facing job recruiters in today's economy - they hold people's livelihoods and their futures in their hands, making for high stakes with every decision. The margin for error is slim. But errors happen in such a fast-paced profession, and many people fail to appreciate the full scope of the difficulties facing those in the recruiting industry.

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American tech firms outsourcing positions in record numbers

In the technology sector, an alarming trend has become evident - faced with insurmountable candidate engagement difficulties, an increasingly large number of American firms have given up on the domestic market and turned to foreign markets to attract top talent.

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Dealing with the prospect of hiring remote workers to fill traditional positions

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer made waves in the hiring industry when she implemented a policy that eliminated telecommuting and required all workers to complete their assignments in the office. Although fears of an industry-wide change were sparked by a similar policy enacted by Best Buy, millions of people still work from home at least a few days of the week. However, Meyer's actions still highlighted the prevalence of remote employees in the professional world, and many companies are going to have to get used to the idea of interacting with a person through a computer or mobile device.

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Where are the top candidates going to find new jobs and open positions?

As many college graduates and the recently unemployed can attest, the current job market is incredibly different than the one that existed just a few decades ago. The rise of the internet and classified sites like Craigslist and Monster has brought newspaper ads into the digital world, and social media pages like LinkedIn have transformed the average job search from a one-dimensional path into a 3D landscape.

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The dreaded talent gap - what does it mean for your company?

Many industries are struggling with what the hiring industry has coined "the talent gap" - that is, the percentage of both employed and unemployed workers who are actually qualified for a position versus those who are not. While this gap is especially prevalent in niche industries like woodworking, it has become incredibly widespread over the past few years, ranging from IT infrastructure positions to two-way radio engineers.

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HR and Marketing Join Forces on Employer Branding

Like chocolate & peanut butter or Laurel & Hardy, when two worlds collide the result is sometimes a powerful new partnership. Such is the case with HR & Marketing as increasingly, they join forces to build a better employer brand for their organization. 

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Are you being too selective when it comes to attracting top talent?

Sometimes, when people complain about being single for too long of a time, their friends offer them a suggestion that at first seems offensive, but makes more sense as time goes on - stop looking so hard for the perfect fit and relax, because someone will come along that might seem unusual but will end up being a perfect match.

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How can you tell the difference between a "fan" and a potential job candidate?

When your company engages in a hiring campaign through a social media website like Facebook, there are two different types of people who will be drawn to posted content - candidates and fans. But the terms are interchangeable and fluid in their definitions - a candidate is someone who is actively searching for a job, while a fan is a person who either likes your company's products or services or simply enjoys the reputation and ideals of your brand. That being said, an individual can be both a candidate and a fan, but marketing managers and human resources professionals must extract the top talent from a massive fanbase.

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Enact a mobile strategy to drive top talent to your company

Anyone over the age of 20 can remember a time when cell phones were a privilege, not a social norm. For those who grew up in the 1980s, mobile devices were the size of a brick and could only be used in conjunction with satellites or specialized carriers. As for the 1990s and 2000s, cell phones in these decades couldn't even send picture messages - the best a person could do was play a game of "Snake" on their flip-top Nokia.

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Is It Really You? Identity Verification through Video Interviewing

The USCIS recently released a new I-9 form for employment eligibility verification that employers must start using right away. SHRM writes about the details here. It reminds me of one benefit of video interviewing that I found really surprising. When I first started here at Montage and learned the technology, most of the advantages fit with what I knew from my prior experience in staffing and outsourcing. But one of the benefits that struck me as a big Ah-Ha was identity verification of candidates. 

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"We need to hire FUN people"

If one of the perks of the job is free ice cream, I have to imagine that hiring at Blue Bunny – a leading US ice cream producer and a Montage client – must be part serious business, part fun.  Talent acquisition lead Dane Doty is looking for candidates who can deliver on Blue Bunny’s promise of uncontained delight, which he says, “We define as ‘Blue Bunny transforms everyday moments into smiles, hugs and laughter.’” 

Not everyone can deliver on that brand promise! For Dane, being able to read a candidate’s body language through a video interview is critical. As he explains, “We want to see candidates’ passion for the job opportunity before flying them in for an interview.  For our company to grow, we need people who are passionate about what we do.  Video interviewing lets us see a smile on their face and their excitement about the opportunity.”

Use the Power of Body Language in the Hiring Process

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Can infographics be used as effective tools for virtual recruitment?

Infographics are very prevalent in the current world of digital marketing. These visual aides contain simplified statistics and data that are presented in an appealing way, usually accompanied by a few lines of text, a relevant chart or numerical graph. Advertisers use them to appeal to a general audience, especially readers who may not be familiar with expert subject matter - in the SEO sector, easily understandable specific content is what drives page viewership and ROI, and this same mantra can be applied to the hiring sector.

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It's important to look past the paper resume to find the true applicant

Many people believe that the educational sector in the United States has exploded exponentially over the past two decades. A master's program now holds the same sway as a bachelor's degree did in the middle of the 20th century, and some industries now require candidates to have doctorates to even consider applying.

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New Research: Are Candidates Talking About Your Hiring Experience?

The much-anticipated Candidate Experience 2012 Report (CandE 2012) is out from The Talent Board, and the research reveals that candidates are telling others about their experiences with the hiring process.  

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February jobs report from the BLS highlights the importance of virtual recruitment in today's market

Over the past few years, the job market in the United States has fluctuated greatly, but over the past few months, it has plateaued. Many experts claim that flat movement is beneficial for potential employees, and this sentiment has been proven true in the recent BLS release of market information.

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So-called background checks now extend to the world of social media

Background checks are a necessary part of hiring in many industries. Government and military agencies often have zero-tolerance policies regarding prior criminal records, and even less-sensitive organizations still check to ensure the accuracy of candidates' claims. However, in the current world of digital media, the question remains: how can any employer be sure that the information an applicant puts up on LinkedIn, Facebook or any number of other social media sites is truthful?

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Video chat or video interview: Which do you choose?

Those of us in the video interviewing software business love seeing stats that show the tremendous growth and acceptance of video interviewing. OfficeTeam's survey late last year revealed that 63% of HR managers said their company often uses video technology for interviews. This is up from 14% just a year before.  But, we have to wonder: Are they using video chat tools or a video interviewing solution? 

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Lowering unemployment figures causing employers to scramble during the second quarter

Hiring typically picks up during the first fiscal quarter of a year because companies have just created a yearly budget and have a certain amount of funds to allocate to different positions. However, this enthusiasm usually dries up as money is disbursed and jobs are filled by top talent. The current state of the U.S. hiring market has recently hit a balancing point - businesses are still hiring in droves, but the demand for work is slowly tapering as the unemployment rate decreases.
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How to target the optimal candidate as the job market continues to improve

While the outlook for the future is still somewhat questionable, there can be no doubt that the job market in the United States has been on the rise over the past few months. In fact, according to payroll services company ADP, companies operating in the private sector in the U.S. added 198,000 new jobs in February 2013. While this is slightly lower than the 215,000 jobs that were added in January 2013, any upward movement can be considered positive, especially when it regards hundreds of thousands of new positions.

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Turning a passive candidate into an active applicant

While the outlook for the future is still somewhat questionable, there can be no doubt that the job market in the United States has been on the rise over comes to finding the best available positions. This is especially true of the younger generation of Millennials and tail-end Generation X'ers, most of whom grew up expecting people to come to them rather than the other way around.

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The Game of Hiring Excellence

Everyone has a customer service story - both a great one and a lousy one. The people I know relish in the re-telling as most can immediately relate. My organization shares and really cherishes the comments from our clients and candidates about their video interviewing experience and our support.  I recently had to dig deep into the webpages of some large service companies for help, and it triggered an idea for a new game show.

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Optimize your Twitter strategy to attract qualified applicants to open positions

Many corporations overlook Twitter's ability to attract top talent in the hiring sector. LinkedIn is portrayed as the king of all things regarding professional employment, while Facebook is the social queen that bridges the personality gap between its husband and the general masses. Somewhere in between this is the neglected child called Twitter, but in reality, the potential this 140-word social network has trumps many other popular websites.

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