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Now is the time to reach out to potential job candidates

A lot of nitpicking surrounds which months are the best when it comes to reaching out to top talent. Some claim that the summer lull after college graduation is the best timeframe, while others cite the downtime between Christmas and New Year's Day. A successful employer will practice efficient virtual recruitment no matter what season it is, but recent data is suggesting that now might be a great time to begin implementing social media or video interviewing strategies.

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Beware the curse of the remote worker

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sparked a lot of controversy this week when a memo was leaked from her human resources department that mandated all remote workers come into the office.

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Tech-Check Gets Participants Comfortable with a Video Interview

No matter how easy a new technology is to use, adopting it into an established process can create feelings of uncertainty, even when a team is excited to begin using it.  That’s why we love hearing comments like these from our clients:

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Beat the competition with innovative thinking and compelling content

An employer or job recruiter should always be prepared for a sudden shift in the hiring market. After all, the professional world is one of fluidity and change - positions that were popular just a few years ago might sink to the bottom of the barrel while previously unknown roles skyrocket to national attention. Without proper candidate engagement strategies, a company could end up targeting the wrong demographic group entirely and end up with under-qualified workers.

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Getting to the Offer Stage Quicker with Video Interviewing

A survey of National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) employer-members indicates that employers take an average of FIVE WEEKS (24 business days) to extend an offer once a candidate interviews.  If the average is 5 weeks, it takes even longer for many, many candidates. I can only imagine that this appears like a lifetime to new college grads, and I'm sure that many disengage.  What percent are lost to other employers who have the capability to move more quickly?

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How can you find qualified candidates in demanding industries?

As time progresses, certain industries are bound to rise and fall when it comes to both consumer and professional demand. The best current examples can be found in the modern world of technology - IT experts and network professionals are in high demand as more companies move their operations to the cloud, but as paper-and-print reliance declines, so too do the roles of traditional journalists and media employees. Essentially, the birth of the internet sparked the slow demise of newspapers and other print outlets.

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Responding with social media is critical to building a brand reputation

Imagine you are sitting down for a video interview with a potential employer. You dutifully answer the executives's questions and describe your past experience to the best of your ability. At the end of the evaluation, the person asks "Do you have any questions?" You respond yes and list your concerns, but you are only greeted with silence. After an awkward pause, the interviewer says "Thank you for your time" and terminates the link as you stare, dumbfounded, at the now-dark screen.

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The future of hiring is closer than one might think

A lot of effort goes into determining the future of applicant management and candidate management with regards to the hiring sector. Companies spend millions of dollars on enacting proper marketing strategies and reaching out to the most qualified professionals, and the bottom line shifts constantly as new facts and figures are discovered and published.

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And the Winner Is.................Employer Brand

If you plan to be glued to the TV for the 2013 Oscars like me, employer branding may not be top of mind for you this coming Sunday.  However, LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions research indicates that employer branding is the hot topic.  According to LinkedIn’s survey, “82% (of recruiting professionals) agree that employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent; over two-thirds say it’s an organizational priority. And 94% are either increasing or maintaining employer brand investment.”

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Healthcare positions on the rise despite a stagnant start of year

If you're still in the job market, it may be time to brush up on those phone and online interview skills. While the past several months have reportedly been a little brighter for job seekers, with the unemployment rate finally dipping below 8 percent, February has seen a leveling off of sorts, and job seekers will need to press any advantage they can find. According to U.S. News and World Report, the latest government job trends report shows unemployment holding out at 7.9 percent, threatening to once again breach the 8 percent mark and eradicate the hiring progress seen over the holidays.

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Make your recruits feel loved and wanted

It's Valentine's Day, and most people spend the day either basking in the love of their significant others or quietly holding back annoyance at all of the lovey-dovey going on. However, important lessons can be taken from this celebration that are readily applicable to the world of recruiting and hiring - everyone enjoys attention, and making your candidates feel wanted and appreciated should be at the forefront of your virtual recruitment blueprint.

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The problem with job descriptions

As the United States continues to rebound from the economic recession it suffered during the mid 2000s, many companies seeking to hire new workers are having trouble crafting effective and accurate job descriptions. The problem is that the traditional format - an outline of responsibilities, desired experience and specialized qualifications - has been turned on its head as social media continues to gain in popularity and momentum.

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Video Interviewing Is Up to The Conference Board’s CEO Challenge®

The 2013 results of annual survey The Conference Board CEO Challenge® have come out with some interesting insight for companies in the recruitment technology space like Montage.  Each year The Conference Board queries CEOs and presidents about their most critical challenges for the upcoming year.  This year’s Top 10 list of challenges, which includes human capital, innovation and corporate brand, makes it clear that business leadership is focusing internally on people-driven strategies to counter economic conditions and improve performance.  Global attention to these priorities is also fueling the growing use of video interviewing in talent acquisition.  

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Successful recruitment requires innovative tools and sustainable practices

Reliable, successful recruitment comes down to two separate entities - digital marketing tools that enable an employer to reach out through social media and the internet and an indefatigable attitude that results in sustainable, efficient interviewing and hiring. Without both of these, a company will be unable to practice proper candidate engagement to attract top talent.

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Apply proper virtual recruitment practices to ensure longevity

Monster Worldwide Inc, also known simply as "Monster," made a name for itself as the premier online job board during the dot-com boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Employers flocked to the website to post job descriptions and scrutinize resumes to find the most talented professionals, and many high-quality positions could be found if an applicant searched hard enough.

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Candidates in Tears? We Should be Ashamed of Ourselves!

I'm usually not an eavesdropper. But recently I lingered in an aisle at Target just to
hear more of a random shopper's mournful job-seeking story. It's an occupational requirement that I stay in tune with the job candidate so I can better advocate the benefits of video interviewing. So, please no judgement. This is her story as told to a sympathetic listener on the other end of her mobile phone. (Little did she know, she had a sympathetic listener lingering nearby.)

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Facebook's Graph Search ups the ante in the recruitment sector

The social media sector is a fluid, dynamic marketplace that continually evolves with the internet. Popular metrics and strategies that were central to the industry just a few years ago are now considered obsolete, and in terms of hiring, employers are often hard-pressed to keep up with all of the latest trends.

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Job advertisements must be tailored toward qualified candidates

Measuring the effectiveness of a job posting can be difficult. Even if your company receives hundreds of applications for an open position, there is a good chance that the majority of these candidates will be unqualified. Many people who are searching for jobs often shoot for the stars in the hopes that they can secure an advanced position, but on the hiring side of the business, an inundation of resumes can wreak havoc on a human resources department or recruiting agency.

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Establishing a corporate brand is critical for successful employment research

Professional advertising is all about creating an established brand image and reputation. For many companies, this involves using anything from promotional products and graphic images to SEO marketing and content delivery systems. However, when it comes to human resources and development, a business must also establish itself in the eyes of a potential applicant.

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Get More from Your Talent Pipeline with Video Interviewing

Like a huge machine cranking up, creating speed and forward progress, hiring in the U.S. is gaining momentum.  Recently, Bloomberg Business and The Conference Board both reported increases in hiring at the end of 2012.  These organizations, as well as ManpowerGroup and PricewaterhouseCoopers, all predict an upward trend line for hiring this year.  

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Keep users engaged with your social media content

In the digital world of modern media, it is much better to have short, concise content than longer, magazine-style pieces. This is something the journalism sector had to figure out the hard way, and many news outlets are still struggling to maintain their readership bases due to the prevalence of content on the web.

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Recruitment hitting a plateau? Go mobile

Despite the incredible gains the hiring sector experienced over the past few months, experts are predicting a leveling off of extreme hikes after new data was released that chronicled the job market in January 2013.  This is interesting news for employers looking to attract top talent - a narrowing recruitment market will drive up competition and make it very difficult to sort through unqualified candidates.

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When Right Fit Means Different Things to Different Departments

At Montage, we work with complex organizations. Most have multiple locations, multiple countries, multiple divisions. They're recruiting for headquarters, distribution centers, field locations, retail stores, call centers. It's no wonder that efforts to define "right fit" can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And small and mid-size companies can find it equally challenging as right fit means different things for Finance vs. Sales vs. Marketing.

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