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January job figures reveal positive outlook for the hiring sector

Two reports are confirming what many economic experts view as a surprise - even though the United States economy has dipped slightly during the first quarter of the 2012-2013 fiscal year, more employers are hiring for open positions than ever before.

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New tools for recruiters searching for top talent

It doesn't matter if recruiters focus on the tech and IT industries or the liberal arts spectrum - to have success in the hiring sector, professionals must rely on new tools to help them discover, evaluate and sign top talent. The internet offers a wide range of options to help with virtual recruitment, but social media websites and surveying methods are not always enough. 

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Employee retention is as important as new hiring

While employee retention and attracting top talent may not seem too similar from a professional strategy standpoint, the two processes are actually quite related. The salary, benefits and responsibility initiatives you offer to your current workers will need to be matched in any offer to a prospective candidate, and if you do not cater to applicants, you will be hard-pressed to convert a potential lead into a loyal worker.

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Stories from the Front:Transition to Video Interviewing Technology

Tradeshows are the classic grind. Trying to engage in instant conversation in a contrived business setting. Been there. Done that. When you’re the one working the booth, you get into a groove asking the same opening question over and over again to try to engage someone in having a conversation with you.

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Unemployment rates affecting hiring outlook for 2013

Though a certain percentage of the United States working class will always be unemployed, an abnormally high rate of joblessness causes a host of major domestic issues. Currency inflation, low consumer confidence and struggling niche industries are just a few examples of what can happen, but the sector that is always hit the hardest by unemployment is the hiring field.

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Recruiting former consultants/entrepreneurs? Think video interviewing

According to Small Business Trends, the self-employed percentage of the employment market is on the decline, and will drop from 6.3% to 5.9% over the next decade. True, that's a small slice of the workforce, but it's a segment worth pursuing.  As former entrepreneurs and consultants, these individuals are bright, motivated, resourceful and performance-oriented - in short, potentially great candidates.  Their skills, experience and entrepreneurial attitude make them top talent prospects. What will it take to turn them into your employees?

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Careerbuilder released study results on hiring and employee retention, one of the largest online job boards in the United States, recently conducted industry research on the hiring sector, and the company discovered some interesting trends and information when it came to attracting top talent to the workplace. In addition, the surveys evaluated what workplace perks current employees sought when it came to staying with a company.

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Hiring increases in many states

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the job market today - even if people receive offers for qualified positions, they still try to command the top salary and benefits and they often pit one competitor against another. In addition, even applicants who are firmly employed find it difficult to choose between leaving a company in search of greener pastures. Recruiters and negotiators must work with employers to adhere to excellent candidate engagement guidelines, and internal human resources departments must also follow suit in order to attract the top talent.

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Employers should reveal their corporate culture through digital practices

All successful businesses feature a similar characteristic that helps foster a cooperative and profitable professional environment - transparency. The employees at a "clear" company understand projects and executive orders because they can view an operational infrastructure from the top down. However, an opaque model with limited communication will end up alienating hard workers and confusing even the top talent.

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Hiring, growth and spending all expected to increase in 2013

January optimism is beginning to wane as companies turn toward the grind of the new year, and the positive outlook for 2013 has come into question. Many pundits are uncertain if predicted gains will be seen in the near future, as January has not been as explosive as expected. However, recent research by international firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed that despite the negative press, hiring, growth and spending will continue to increase as 2013 rolls on.

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4 questions recruiters should ask in the new year

The first two weeks of the new year have shown that the hiring industry is headed for a boost in 2013. Recruiting numbers are up, and the number of qualified applicants looking for a new job is beginning to decline as more of the top talent is snatched up by savvy headhunters and employers. Therefore, there are a few questions that human resources executives need to ask themselves as January hits the half-way mark.

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Transform your interviewing practices before it's too late

Generally speaking, a company operating in any industry must reinvent itself every decade or so. However, for businesses that rely on technology, this period is shortened to only a few years, or even a few months if an organization is teetering on the cutting-edge of certain innovations.

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Bring Some Disney Magic Into Your Hiring Process

Next Tuesday you and I both have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who represents one of the most powerful brands in the world.  HCI hosts as Montage President & CEO Kurt Heikkinen talks with Ben Wise, Manager of Recruitment and Research at the Walt Disney Studios.  The free webinar topic is "Balancing the Consumer and Employer Brand," which is one of Disney's strengths as an organization, and also a top-of-mind topic at Montage.  

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Montage Wins Additional Funding, New Investors

Today Montage announced a nice win - an additional round of funding from existing investors and two new investors. The press release provides all the detail but here are a few of the highlights:

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New tools for referrals and endorsements

Professional references are a critical aspect of the hiring process. After all, the most accurate appraisal of a candidate's skills and experience comes from the people who know him or her the best, especially those who have worked with the individual in the past. The rise of social media and virtual recruitment has changed the focus of the hiring sector, and now there are some interesting new tools that can be used to garner referrals and recommendations. However, the benefits of such options are not limited to applicants - employers and candidates alike may use these strategies to their advantage.

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Recruitment mistakes to avoid in the new year

Everyone makes mistakes - they are simply a fact of life, and without a few mishaps along the way, we would never be able to grow as individuals.

However, this does not necessarily apply to the corporate world and the hiring sector - a single mistake can cause an entire virtual recruitment strategy to fail, and potential candidates may be driven to seek employment with a competing company or staffing agency. It is especially easy to make critical errors in the beginning of the new year, but luckily, some of the most common oversights are outlined below.

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Capitalize on popular trends to boost targeted content

The current world is one of instant change, a place where digital, fluid dynamics can propel a person from zero to hero within a moment's notice. One only has to look at the success of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and South Korean rapper PSY (behind the hit "Gangnam Style") for evidence of this trend.

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Make candidate engagement a priority in 2013

Engaging potential customers is a vital aspect of many different businesses. Brand advertisers seek to convert leads into loyal patrons through extensive media campaigns, for example, and even small, membership-based businesses like gyms try to reach potential fits before anyone else.

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What can Mobile Video Interviewing do for the Candidate Experience?

An interesting string of comments gained momentum at the end of last year in one of the many LinkedIn groups devoted to hiring. The question was posed, "Do the mobile capabilities of video interviewing benefit the candidate?" After all, would a candidate really hold their smart phone unsteadily in front of their face for a 40-minute interview? 

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Employment predicted to increase in 2013

Many pundits are predicting exciting new trends for 2013. Since the fiscal cliff has been surpassed (for the time being), consumer confidence and the overall economy are expected to increase, while the debt ceiling and government spending should be lowered as the months drag on.

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Looking back on the hiring market in 2012

As the new year moves into full swing, December statistics are starting to be published and many industries are beginning to get a glimpse of the full picture of the 2012 fiscal year.

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New surveys predict steady course for recruitment in the next six months

While a steady path is not necessarily the most attractive course for a respective industry, an unwavering line can be indicative of positive things to come. One only needs to look at the housing market as an example - since the housing bust of the mid-2000s, a period of sharp decline was followed by modest gains that leveled out for a few years. Now, home prices are shooting up and inventory is beginning to decline - but only after years of no ups or downs.

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Top tips for successful recruitment in 2013

While the new year is a time for reflection and positive thinking, there are many uncertainties floating about the recruitment market as the hiring industry moves into 2013. The dreaded fiscal cliff is just one of many problems being tossed around, and long-term solutions must be implemented immediately to reduce overall cost of operations and improve the quality of virtual recruitment practices.

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Top Talent Management Trends Point to Video Interviewing

'Tis the time of year for the top 10 lists which overtake our various media channels within every industry geared to every audience and age group. Did you know the top baby names of 2012 were Liam and Emily followed closely by Ethan and Olivia? At least in the HR industry, the top 10 trends lists are a little more useful.

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